DIY vs. professional unpacking assistance

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So should what should you choose? DIY vs professional unpacking assistance? Well, we all know that moving takes time and effort. A relocation is a multi-faceted event. From planning, organizing, packing the belongings, transporting those items to the desired location and finally, unloading the items and unpacking. So as complex as an event it is, no wonder people usually procrastinate when they need to start unpacking. People go through a slugfest of activities when moving and when they come home they expect a somber and relaxing atmosphere. But no. There are piles of boxes waiting for them to be unpacked. So they decide they will do it tomorrow, and that tomorrow, turns into next week, and the next week into the next month. You get the drill. So what should you do? Well, it’s simple. Hire packing services Miami, and get your boxes unpacked now.

DIY vs professional unpacking assistance
You never know when you need a helping hand!

DIY vs professional unpacking assistance

So, in order to help you decide whether you should hire professional unpacking assistance we are going to give you a brief overview of what to expect if you do decide to hire professionals to do the job. So you can make your own decision on whether you want to do it yourself or hire someone else to do it.

Why should I hire professional unpacking assistance

The general idea when hiring professional packers is that you are delegating a task to someone else. Now the reason why you want to do this entirely depends upon you and your needs. Here are some general guidelines of why people decide to delegate this task:

DIY vs. professional unpacking assistance – unpacking is not the priority.

Most people fall into this category. Be that because of family obligations, work or something else, most people simply cannot carve out the time for the unpacking. Now a smart person once said that if you cannot do something because you do not have the time for it, it’s probably because it’s not the most important on your list of priorities. And this we think is true. That’s why most stay-at-home-mothers decide to hire professional packers because they find that taking good care of the kids is of the utmost priority and simply cannot be meddled with unpacking. Like-ways with people who decide they are too tired from the move. And decide to delegate this task to other people.

Some people do not have the time to unpack.

Limited time

Some people are simply in a hurry. There is a clock ticking because of some background events. For example, you want to make sure everything is ready in your new home once the summer holidays kick in. In that case, when weighing DIY vs professional unpacking assistance, the latter takes the victory. Simply put, no one can do it faster than the people who are highly trained for it. And who do it on a day-to-day basis.

Package deal

Sometimes moving companies throw in a few good deals to sweeten the pot, like for example, unpacking. In that case you have already paid the moving company for the unpacking by paying the moving quote so it would be ludicrous not to take it up with them.

DIY vs professional assistance – what do I get?

Most people do not use moving companies, rather they try and move by themselves. So normally when weighing your options, you want to know what are the perks of hiring professional unpackers to deal with your belongings. Now we cannot speak for all of the moving companies, but in general, these are the services provided:


The number one thing you will get is of course unpacking. All of the boxes and containers in which your belongings were transported. As well as for unwrapping all of your items. At this point in time, most unpackers check to see if anything was damaged during transport, and they take note of it. However, don’t just think they “throw” it all in one pile. They actually make sure they organize all the things unpacked. Clothes, kitchen and bathroom supplies, you name it.

  • wait, how do they know? So we have mentioned that these unpackers will also organize your items. Now naturally the question arises, how do they know where what goes where. Well, this is where the years of their experience come in to play. They can sometimes actually help you find a creative way to organize your things, that you have never thought of before.

They also make sure to assemble any of the furniture items transported. Beds, chairs and cupboard, you name it.

They will not only organize but assemble your belongings like you won’t believe!
Dealing with the rest of the supplies.

So what do they do with leftover packing supplies? Depending on whether you were the one who bought the supplies, or they supplied you with them, they will either package your supplies so you can use them on a later date. Or if they were the ones who gave you the supplies, make sure they clean up after them, so there are no more boxes looking at you when you wake up.

The cost

Of course, we would be amiss if we did not mention the price of the services. Some companies as we mentioned previously, actually include the cost of the unpacking in their move. However, some charge extra. Now, the best thing to do is to ask around and find a quote that is right for you. In other words, we recommend that you calculate the moving costs. Since the cost can vary drastically from moving company to moving company. Also, it depends a lot on your needs.

In conclusion

If you decide you want to hire moving companies Miami Beach to do the job for you there are several factors you need to take into consideration. Firstly, don’t hire unpackers if you have the time do it yourself. You are just wasting money that way. However, if you are in a time crunch, hiring a moving company should be at the top of your list. Secondly, keep in mind you are not hiring them just to unpack your things but also to organize them by cabinets. Since most of these unpackers are professional organizers. They can help you come up with creative solutions where to place your items. And lastly, the movers will clean up the supplies. So when you wake up in the morning there are no ugly cardboard boxes to look at. That way, you can start your day fresh.




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