How much can it cost you to back out of a contract

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Are you planning a move to Hollywood, Florida? If this is the case, you will need to plan and organize your relocation carefully. As you probably know, moving includes many tasks and activities. Some of them include finding good moving companies Hollywood FL, packing your belongings, transporting them, unpacking the moving boxes, etc. Also, you need to prepare all the necessary documentation and read your moving contract carefully. It is important to understand what can happen in case you back out of a contract.

Finding the right moving company is your priority

The most important part of the relocation is finding reliable movers. Research the best moving companies in Miami and check what services they provide. Find movers that can meet all your needs and fit your moving budget. Make sure to request an in-house moving estimate. Reliable and experienced movers will be able to give you an accurate estimate of all your moving charges.

Find reliable movers to handle your relocation
Experienced movers will facilitate and accelerate your move

Read the moving contract carefully

There are important questions to ask movers before hiring a particular moving company. Check whether they are properly licensed and offer moving insurance. Also, ask them whether they can provide a binding estimate. Once you determine these important factors, read the moving contract carefully. Before you sign, it’s important that you understand everything. In this document, you will see the description of the service, information regarding payment, additional charges, valuation, etc. In addition, you should check your movers’ cancellation policy. Ask them what happens if you breach your moving contract.

What can you expect in case you back out of a contract?

Every moving company, whether it provides local or long-distance moving services, has its cancellation policy. It can be stated on the company’s website or you can check it with the company’s representatives. They can explain what you can expect if you decide to back out of a contract. Usually, you pay a deposit when hiring movers. The deposit is a portion of the total charges for moving services. If you cancel your relocation or change the pick-up date well in advance, you are likely to receive a full refund. However, most companies state in their cancellation policy that you are not entitled to a refund of your deposit in case you cancel the move less than 5 business days prior to the scheduled date.

Check the cancellation policy of your movers
Ask your movers what charges to expect if you back out of a contract

Additional moving paperwork

Aside from the moving contract, there are other moving documents you need to understand. We will mention some of them:

  • Bill of lading. Your movers will give you this document on a moving day. It contains the terms you agreed to earlier. The bill of lading will state pick-up and delivery date. Also, it includes moving charges, insurance information, etc.
  • Inventory sheet. Your residential movers will prepare a list of everything they are responsible for moving.

Take a few minutes to learn about moving company paperwork. It will make your relocation easier and prevent possible issues.

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