How much to tip movers?

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Everyone who has ever moved knows that it is stressful and hard work. Paying attention to a vast number of details is a must if you want to end this adventure successfully. Most often, people look for assistance and help from movers whose experience and professionalism significantly decrease the stress level. If you know what moving services to expect from your movers, you realize that it is advisable to show some appreciation for what they do for you. Here we come to the question of how much to tip movers who make our relocation smooth and stress-free. Do all movers deserve tips? Read on and find out.

What kind of movers deserves tips?

It is important to say that you are not obliged to tip your movers. This is something that you do to show you are satisfied with the service provided. To recognize those movers who deserve tips here are some criteria to help you:

  • The movers have a professional attitude to their job. This means they are punctual and work according to the schedule. Furthermore, they don’t make frequent breaks which significantly prolong the completion of the move. Miami Movers For Less are an excellent example of what professional movers should be like.
  • The movers deal with your belongings carefully, paying attention not to cause any damages.
  • The movers are helpful, polite and friendly. Besides, they are always willing to answer any questions you might have or clear away any relocation related doubts.

If your movers meet these criteria, deciding how much to tip movers is another question. It is up to you to decide on the sum, but there are some general unwritten rules about this too. So, consider these rules and make a decision.

What kind of movers deserves tips?
There are specific criteria movers need to meet to get tips after the move.

Unwritten rules on how much to tip movers

When deciding on how much to tip movers, think about the quality of the service you get and the difficulty level of your move. Also, there is a difference in tipping local movers versus long distance or interstate movers.

Here are some unwritten rules on how much to tip movers:

  • When you hire short distance movers, the chances are the relocation will take for about 4 hours. This is what we refer to as a half-day move. In this case, $10 per person is the tip movers should be satisfied with.
  • With a full-day move, which takes for about 8 hours, $20 per person is just fine.
  • When movers have to deal with heavy furniture, lots of fragile items or lots of stairs, consider increasing the sum for their tips. These moves take at least 12 hours to complete and they require a high level of concentration. To show you understand how much trouble it has caused to your movers, a tip of $40-$50 per person will be enough.

As we have already said, these are just unwritten rules and you don’t have to obey them. Consider them as advice on how much to tip movers on the average. If you are willing to add some amount or take it away from what is stated here, feel free to do so. Finally, when you calculate the moving costs, remember to add tips to your list.

how much to tip movers is all up to you.
When deciding on how much to tip movers, think about the quality of the service you get and the difficulty level of your move.

Be a helpful client to your helpful movers

Although you hire movers to help you with the move, there are some things you can do as well to be helpful to your movers. This refers to doing your best to treat your movers properly. Here are some hints on the subject:

  • Even though you pay for their services, treat your movers kindly. Offer some refreshments to them from time to time. Prepare cold bottled water, some soda, coffee, hot chocolate. Be at their service when it comes to this.
  • Packing, loading and unloading your items is exhausting and extremely tiring. Anyone would get hungry after doing so much work. Offering some lunch to your movers would be a nice thing to do. However, don’t choose the food for them. Ask them what they would like to eat.
  • Get a bathroom ready for your movers. Provide enough soap and paper towels.
  • Since you expect from your movers to be polite and friendly, return the favor. Be kind, polite and friendly to them.
  • If you are satisfied with the service and want to recommend your movers to other people, writing a moving review is the right thing to do. Reading recommendations from satisfied clients is the best way to avoid moving scams and prepare for the upcoming move.

When is the right time to tip your movers?

When you decide how much to tip movers, another question emerges into your head. When is the right time to tip movers? Common sense says at the end of your move. When all your items are relocated, when you make sure that nothing is lost or damaged, tip your movers.

how much to tip movers and when to tip them?
Common sense says you should tip movers after they have completed the move successfully.

How to tip movers?

The best way is to tip each mover individually. This way you will avoid any misunderstandings. In addition, you’ll make sure that everyone gets their tip. It isn’t advisable to give the whole amount of money for tips to the supervisor or the foreman. You never know whether they are honest enough to share the money with the rest of the crew.

Summary of the tips on how much to tip movers

Tipping your movers is optional, not mandatory. However, it is common decency to show appreciation for the job well done. Understandably, you won’t tip those who provided poor service and were unprofessional. If you look for trustworthy movers at American Moving and Storage Association, you can avoid these inconveniences. The decision on how much to tip movers is all up to you. While considering the appropriate sum of money, think about the difficulty of your move and the service provided. Additionally, your budget is also among crucial factors. Always tip your movers individually when the relocation is over. When you are satisfied with relocation at the end of the day, deciding on how much to tip movers isn’t a big deal.


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