How to add value to your Miami crib

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Time has come to get rid of your current loft and find a new one! It’s exciting! Regardless of the reason for the change, change is always good. It refreshes things in your life, especially if its something like your house or apartment. But, before this change becomes possible you need to go through the obnoxious process of selling your place. It isn’t easy. If you hire an agent to do it, you need to pay this agent some hefty amount of money. But if you do it yourself you are getting yourself into a nightmarish task. Before you can call your residential movers Miami and move into a place of your dreams, this tiny task needs to be done. There will be a lot of people calling, and a lot of questions will be asked. Not to mention the number of people visiting the crib. But, we are not here to talk about that. We are here to talk about how you can add value to your Miami crib.

And there are plenty of ways to do so. Some are fun, some are just hard work, but all of these tricks will add value to your home. After all, you are trying to get the most money out of it so that your next purchase can be easy and clean. And we perfectly understand this sentiment. This is why we are going to be discussing some easy and cheap things that will increase the value of your home exponentially. Some will granted, take some time but we are in the money-saving business – and this routine will save you quite a bit of cash. It doesn’t matter if you are not your average handyman, with the help of some friends you will storm through these ideas with no issue whatsoever.

woman with cleaning equipment
Redoing the paint job is fast, easy and it increases the value of your crib. Apart from the work involved, it’s a win-win!

Refresh the aesthetics to add value to your Miami crib

What does it mean to refresh the aesthetics? It means that you need to polish your place slightly so that when the customers come in they are wowed by all the nifty bells and whistles otherwise not noticeable. The biggest impact that your apartment will have is if you redo the paint job. This means that all the walls can be refreshed with fresh paint. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself you can always hire someone to do it. Services like this are not that expensive. However, it is best if you do it on your own. Another thing you can do is simply refresh the floors and other woodwork.

This is done simply by purchasing the glossy spray paint that dries really quick. Make sure to get a wet cloth and cover all the wooden surfaces in your place. After all the dust is removed from everywhere, let the wood dry out a bit and just grab the spray can. Spray a layer or two of best wood paint over the woodwork and give it a full day to completely dry out. In doing so, your home will instantaneously become at least 10 years younger than it actually is. It will look new and well taken care of, and it took you only a full day to achieve this. And this look is something that will incredibly increase the value of your apartment. So, a small investment – large increase in price.

Work on the exterior to ad value to your Miami crib

This means that you need to make your place look nice inside. But additionally, you need to make your place look nice on the outside as well. This can be achieved in a number of ways. For instance, if you are selling a house the house must have some sort of a yard. Big or small, a yard is a yard. You have to make sure that the yard is neatly taken care of. Because even if the grass is not trimmed it will make the place look stale and old. But, if you invest a single day to make sure that everything around your home is neat, clean and well taken care of – you are in for a delightful surprise. Like movers Plantation FL already know, neat and clean are awesome. This will actually add value to your Miami crib before the selling.

outside of an apartment
If you create a pleasant exterior, the price of your crib will rise.

The best part is the fact that this is not too much work. Also, it can cost almost nothing. You can also purchase some cheap chairs and a table that looks nice and place it outside. It will give the potential buyers an image called ‘Hm, we could sit out here and have our morning coffee’. That might make them want to pack in an instant and move in! If there is nothing there it might be a bit more difficult for them to visualize certain situations. You want to organize things in a way where the buyers can picture themselves using certain bits of the crib. This way they will start to create subconscious sentimental bonds with the place, making them want to buy it even more, regardless of the price you set.

thumbs up
Always focus on the positives and keep mentioning them. That way you will get their full value.

Emphasize the qualities

Make sure that you continuously emphasize all the upsides of your place. If it is the location, stick to this value with all your might. Talk about how well it is positioned and how close they will be to locations X and Y. Also, if it is a safe neighborhood make sure that you emphasize how great it is for starting a family. Say that it is located in one of the most charming cities in Florida. If you have a parking spot, make sure to explain that it is very difficult to park your car. You mitigate this by having an actual parking space, which makes it the most perfect place in the entire neighborhood.

It is little perks like this that attract attention and that allow you to increase your price. Make sure to capitalize on it!

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