How to avoid loss of business while moving

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To be candid with you, moving is a double-edged sword. You need to be very good at multitasking to make it work. Carrying out a running-like-clockwork relocation and keeping your job in spite of how much you occasionally dislike is anything but easy.  Moving does jeopardize making a living up to some extent. At the very least, it reduces your productivity and you are fully aware of it. After all, having your mind full of moving-oriented information such as going through and knowing what to look for in moving company reviews doesn’t leave much space for business-related matters, does it? However, you do need to take careful note of your job duties as you are making arrangements with moving companies. Can you plan relocation and do your very best at work at the same time? That can be tricky. Hence, here is how to avoid loss of business while moving.


How to avoid loss of business while moving is tricky.
How to avoid loss of business while moving is no picnic


Excel in organizing your time

The most efficient way to keep your job when you are moving is to organize your time. For example, if your working hours end at 4 PM, you should be in your office until then. Do not let your attention wander to the move lying in store. How to avoid packing and moving injuries is all-important, but don’t deal with it at work. A mistake like this might permanently harm your company reputation and your paycheck as well. In brief, once you are done working, switch to moving.

Taking a break is how to avoid loss of business while moving

Also, taking five every now and then goes a long way. The cornerstone of how to keep your job while moving is to relax. That’s why those breaks are of paramount importance. Unless you capable of being highly productive at work despite being otherwise preoccupied, odds are you will fail in doing both. And you may fail big time.

Do not call movers during working hours

OK, let us set things straight: professional life is called that way for a reason. It means you should deal with your personal life outside of work. In other words, you are ill-advised to focus on how to protect valuable and fragile items during working hours. By the same token, negotiating with movers is time-consuming due to ample information. What requires your undivided attention is

  • packing
  • storing
  • furniture assembling and disassembling
  • loading
  • unloading
  • transport
  • insurance

Correspondingly, you don’t have enough time to tackle it while you are typing the juicy contract for a loaded client. Being continuously torn between relocation and work will eventually make you feel fed up with both. You won’t be able to put into as much effort as you used to. As a result, you will get the sack effective immediately.

Keeping it to yourself is how to avoid loss of business while moving
Not mixing professional and private is one of the ways of how to avoid loss of business while moving

How to avoid loss of business while moving – do not summon moving specialists in your office

One of the best ways to lose a job while moving is to show you couldn’t care less about it. Scheduling meetings with commercial movers Miami in your office is a public display of it. Your superiors will acknowledge the message loud and clear. Discussing shipping container size is, by all means, due diligence. However, you shouldn’t do it in your working environment so that the entire company can witness it.

Moreover, your boss can pick up some chatters on it. As a consequence,  you will be on the top of his laid-off-due-to-budget-cut list. Arranging moving, either locally or internationally, screams you want to quit. Why wouldn’t they fire you instead thus doing you a favor? The bottom line is you shouldn’t let them know you are leaving the company with bells on. Even if you are? No, not even then.

Do not leave your office earlier

Notwithstanding how overwhelming relocation chores are, you mustn’t leave your office earlier. Paying a visit to moving companies Boca Raton doesn’t let you leave your work just like that. Despite you might find this very useful, leaving for personal causes is a clear sign of disrespect to both your superiors and your colleagues. They would most probably spend their time elsewhere, too, but they do not take off as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

Of course, you can justify it owing to moving is indeed a big deal, but it might come back to bite you in a blink of the eye. Unless you really want to be unemployed in the midst of relocation fuss, do not leave your office earlier.


Working until the very end of a business day is how to avoid the loss of business while moving
How to avoid the loss of business while moving -do not leave your office earlier

Do not take personal time off to move

It goes without saying you can’t take time off in order to go sightseeing the new destination. Hence you don’t get to decide not to show up at work because you need to direct your movers to your new address.

Taking medical leave is out of the question, too. As a full-time employee, you simply can’t call in sick and load and unload your belongings simultaneously. If you feel alright, you go to work. End of story.

What is another no go is taking a vacation to move. This is especially important if your company happens to be understaffed at that moment. It is your duty to come to work and lend a helping hand to your colleagues to get the workload over with successfully.

Do not fall into the I-can-do-it-all trap

Taking care of myriads of chores simultaneously is nerve-racking. So is having everything under control. But, losing your job while moving is close to horrible. With this in mind, you ought to make sure you are well-equipped to handle this. Are you positive you can do your best at work and relocate while flying beneath the radar all the time? How well can you perform under pressure? Are you able to organize your relocation despite having to work overtime? Can you think about moving insurance 101 as you’re giving the company’s services presentation to a potential client? Keeping it professional requires you’re fully engaged in work-related tasks. On the other hand, there’s more to relocating than meets the eye. For this reason, you need to decide whether you can pull it off or not given your daily job duties.


To sum up, if you want to keep your job, don’t deal with it when you are at work. This shows you are not focused on your business tasks and targets. Instead in the office, your mind is elsewhere. No employer will approve of it. After all, you are a professional and you should act like one. As far as the moving is concerned, tackle it after working hours when you can pay close attention to its ins and outs. Even the slightest misunderstanding or misheard information may cause setbacks. For that reason, it is all-important to organize your day and do everything in due time.


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