How to pick the right moving insurance?

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Finding a home to move into is great and you are probably in a hurry to move in and enjoy it. The moving process is exciting, and that means you might forget one or two things. That is not the worst thing that could happen, but let’s face it, there are few things that you really don’t want to forget about. Insurance is definitely one of those things. Accidents during the move happen rarely, but they still happen and you don’t want to risk your belongings. That is why you should know how to pick the right moving insurance. It can really make all the difference. So make sure you inform about every kind of insurance before choosing the one that suits you the best.

What types of insurance can you get?

There is more than one type of insurance when you want to move. The thing is that you can choose the moving insurance by taking a look at the things that will be moved. You need to be informed in order to pick the right moving insurance. If you are hiring some of the best interstate moving companies Miami has to offer, you will feel much better is you are insured. This is the only way for you to make the right choice. There are:

  • Special perils coverage– You can use it to make sure your belongings are insured in case of breakage. It will cover everything but fragile items. It is great if you just want to make sure most of your household belongings are moved undamaged.
  • Trip transit insurance–  If you need your belongings protected against fire, dissidence or theft, this is your type of insurance. You are insured during the move and while your belongings are in storage. Unlike the one before it will not cover you in the case of breakage and flooding.
  • A floater– Protecting your valuable items. If you have valuables and want to know how to pick the right moving insurance, ask your moving company about this insurance.
  • Car insurance– This one is for your car if you are shipping it
  • Storage insurance– Covering your belongings while they are being stored.

You need to inform about every type of moving insurance since that is the only way to make sure that you will get the right one. Ask every question you have and everything will be just fine.

storage units- pih the right moving insurance
If your belongings have to be stored while moving, make sure you get the insurance that includes storage time

There is more than one classification

This is not the only classification of moving insurance. There are also basic and expanded moving coverage. Once again, you should make your choice by your risk tolerance. That is why you really should make sure you know the difference between these two. The basic one can be released value protection or full protection. Released value one will pay you 60 cents a pound, and the full value one, where the full-value means they have to repair or pay the price of your belongings. Expanded one allows you to put a price on your belongings and that is the value of your entire shipment. Also, if you got some of the free moving boxes, or buy some, and they are not showing clear signs of damage, you will likely remain unpaid for the damaged items inside of them.

Why is it important to choose the right insurance

Your belongings are certainly worth some amount of money and you will feel much better if you are insured. That is just why you should ask your best long distance movers Mami has for you, all you want to know about every type of moving insurance they can offer you. The thing is that even if you fully trust your movers, accidents do happen and you can’t stop that from happening. The best thing you can do is to make sure you know what are the realistic ways of your belongings getting damaged, like in the moving truck, by the fire or hurricane and choose the right insurance for you. If you choose the right kind of insurance, you will be much safer and feel less stress when your moving day comes along.

a man signing a document- pick the right insurance
You have to make sure you get the right insurance so you are protected while the move lasts

How to pick the right moving insurance

Making sure you get just the right insurance is the key to a stress-free relocation. The best thing you can do is talk to an insurance agent and see if they can find the best solution for you. You can ask them to explain to you the moving insurance your moving company is offering you, or to get new insurance for your property. There is a simple way to make sure you do this the right way. You should:

  • Get to know what your moving company offers you when it comes to insurance
  • Make sure you estimate your own property realistically and compare it to the one that moving company made
  • Find out how much of your damage will insurance actually cover in case of damage
  • See if the insurance covers any damage that your residential movers make in your old or new home
  • Are the time limits fair? Will you have enough time to check your property for damage?
  • Always note any damage that is done to your belongings! Taking pictures of the items before and after the move is a great way to make sure nothing goes unnoticed.
a house
Your home needs to be insured from the moving damage as well, not just your belongings

You are the one that should make sure that everything is fine when the moving starts. It is really important that you do your part of the job the right way. This way, you will be sure that everything is just fine. If you find out one of your belongings was damaged months after the move, let’s be fair, you won’t get paid for it and it’s your fault.

In conclusion

Making sure that you organize and understand every part of the insurance contract is important. You are the person that is responsible for taking care of your belongings. That is the best way to make sure you have a great moving experience.

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