Moving to Miami during fall – tips

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Moving to Miami during fall can be a very smart choice. You avoid the heat and also the peak season for moving. Even the best moving companies in Miami have less work during fall when compared to summer, so why not capitalize on that? Of course, like everything else in life, moving during fall has some challenges too. But don’t worry, we’ll share with you our best tips and tricks to make sure your Miami relocation is smooth and enjoyable. We’ll go over the most important things you should know and do, so make sure to read it until the end. You will greatly benefit from it!

Choose the best time of the month for your Miami fall move

While there is much less work for moving companies Miami Beach has to offer during fall, you should still plan your moving date wisely. For example, while it is cheaper to move during the working week, what if the move takes more time than you thought it would? If you have to go to work the next day, for example, it can leave you in a bad spot. In those cases, it might be better to pay a higher fee to move during the weekends. It’s less stressful so you can complete your move much easier. If you are moving with school-age children, your kids would benefit too from moving during the weekends. They shouldn’t miss out on school if they don’t have to, and moving as it is will be a stressful thing for them.

Couple moving to Miami during fall
Relocating to Miami during fall is a great choice, as you have more moving dates available compared to summer

Since fall is the holiday season, be sure to navigate around it. You don’t want to move during the holidays for two reasons. The first one being you shouldn’t miss out on family gatherings, rituals, and festivities! Quality family time is important to all of us, so make sure you are already settled in when the holidays come knocking on our doors. The second reason is some moving companies will not be working during those days. People from all walks of life rejoice when holidays come around as they can finally spend some time with their loved ones in peace. All in all, find the right date in your calendar to complete your move to Miami during fall.

Moving to Miami during fall can make you downsize and declutter

Since moving during fall can be a rainy adventure, there’s a higher risk of your boxes and items getting wet and potentially damaged. Not only that, but we also have a lot of seasonal items that won’t be used ever again. That’s especially true if you are moving from a state with a much different climate than Florida’s. There’s no reason to hang on to those things, so approach your packing thoughtfully. Create an essential and non-essential list and place all of your items into one of those two categories. What ends up on the non-essential list could be better off sold or donated. You can even add money to your relocation budget by selling things you don’t need. Use that to your advantage. Also, by bringing fewer items you will spend less time and money to complete it.

Suburban home in Miami during fall
If you are moving to Miami and there’s a lot of rain, make sure you clean the indoor and outdoor pathways for your movers

A good resource to use in case of downsizing and decluttering is storage units. If you are moving long distance, you don’t want to spend too much time packing, unpacking, and thinking about where to put all those items. When you find yourself in that kind of doubt, simply lease a storage unit and bring with you only what you really need and what is necessary. Once your move is completed and you’re settled in, then think about those items. Almost all long distance movers Florida has to offer will tell you the same thing! 

Transfer your utilities on time

You don’t want to arrive at a cold home with no power, heat, or water! Fall is a season that often brings cold wind and rain, so being in a warm home is crucial. If you have kids, all the more reason to set your utilities on time! Don’t risk putting your children’s health and safety in jeopardy. Make sure they are up and running a few days before you move there. Find the right utility providers for you in Miami and contact them a few weeks before the move.

Family moving to Miami during fall
If you’re moving to Miami during fall and you have kids, make sure to relocate during the weekends so they don’t miss out on school

Clear the outdoor pathways and use plastic covers to protect the floors and furniture

If you are relocating to Miami during fall and it’s raining on your relocation day, make sure you do the following things. First of all, clear away the fallen leaves from the driveway. Sweep and rake the leaves so your movers and their truck don’t have a hard time parking and unloading your possessions. Also, the leaves on the ground can stick to shoes. So whenever your movers go inside the house they might bring those leaves and moisture from the rain with them. You would then have to invest time and energy to clean up after them and yourself if you hadn’t taken the appropriate measures beforehand. Clear the walking pathways, both indoor and outdoor. By indoor pathways, we mean removing furniture and similar things out of the way. 

Finally, when moving to Miami during fall, make sure that you protect your rugs, carpets, and floor by placing plastic covers over them. This will help you immensely when your local movers Miami of choice have left your home. Instead of mopping and cleaning to remove the dirt and rain, you would simply have to take those plastic covers and throw them out! If you don’t have enough plastic covers, you can use floor mats, old towels, or garbage bags. Simply lay them on the floor and remove them once your relocation is complete. 

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