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Miami Movers for Less Reviews

At Miami Movers for Less, we are known for our professionalism and outstanding customer service. But don't just take our word for it—we invite you read the many Yelp reviews and other ratings provided by our numerous customers since our founding in 2007. We are so thankful to our customers for reviewing our Miami moving and packing company, as well as our storage facility and other services. In these reviews, you'll find many first-hand stories from customers who have depended on us for local or long-distance moving. These reviews provide a great prospective of our company that you just can't get from an ordinary brochure or website. Browse through their stories below to see why we're known as some of the best movers in Miami!

Very happy of their services! Reliable, fast, economic, they took care of everything (truck, pack, unpack, move)

Highly recommended!
These movers and packers moved my high-end furniture purchase from a Miami store to San Diego.The furniture store actually suggested them. I was happy to find out that they offered a 10% discount. Anyway, everything got in safely and the guys did a great job putting the bedroom set and sectional couch together. The best moving company I have hired so far.
We had some office furniture purchased second hand moved close by to our office. They were great from the moment we called to inquire. On time. Knowledgeable movers, courteous and professional.  Would recommend to anyone.
I'm sure this company isn't the worst one out there, but I know it isn't the best.

This company has hidden fees.  For pretty much any "unusual" or uncommon service that I use (movers, switching internet/tv companies, etc.) I ALWAYS ask about additional fees when I'm shopping around.  I was told on the phone that if all of my stuff is packed in boxes (which it was), I wouldn't be charged for boxes and tape.  However, when the movers came, they packed all of my normal-sized boxes into one giant (it was about 5' x 5') box and brought it to the truck using a dolley/cart.  I was charged for tape and boxes.  They also use tape to secure the moving blankets.  Moving blankets are free, but then they charge you for the tape.  So, at the end of the day, the "great" price you thought you were getting on the labor turns out to be not much better than a "premium" moving company.  They definitely went overboard on the tape to secure the moving blankets.  I was charged for 5 rolls of tape, but they only left 4 empty rolls out for me to see . . .  Also, if I had known about this tape charge I could have left out the 5000 rolls of tape I bought to move instead of packing it away after I finished filling my last box.  Any pricing issues I have with this company are due to the owners/bosses, not the working guys that do the heavy lifting.  This thing about charging for giant boxes and tape is NOT the norm.  I've hired 4 moving companies in the last 2 years and this is the ONLY one that charges you for boxes and tape when all of your stuff is already in taped-up boxes.

The movers did work very hard and were relatively efficient, which was greatly appreciated.  They really tried to make the move within the three-hour window that I was allotted so I didn't have to pay more.  However, they weren't very careful.  One of the wooden feet on my couch is split in a pretty serious way.  They took two huge chunks of paint off the front door of my old apartment (hope I won't be charged for that!) and I've got several noticeable scratches on the walls of my new place (super magic eraser to the rescue, I hope).  I could have moved my stuff with that much damage.  The reason I hire movers is because they should be able to handle the job and they are professionals.  I'm not buying the BS "insurance" from the moving company that I have to fight with just to get reimbursed for only a fraction of the damage they did.  I wouldn't need "insurance" if you have strong guys and give them the PROPER moving tools and training.  

One weird thing about this company is that they refused to give me a receipt.  I paid in cash because they charge a 3% fee when you use a credit card (coughcoughtaxfraudcough).  So, naturally, I wanted a receipt for such a large charge because I didn't want the company calling me up in a week saying I didn't pay.  The guy actually refused to give me a receipt.  He said the documents I had were good enough, but nothing on the charge list said it was "paid".  I really wasn't comfortable with that, but there wasn't anything I could do.

The movers were 45 minutes late.  I was given a 1 hour window of when they'd show up and they still arrived 45 minutes after that END of that window.  Yes, there was traffic, but this is Miami.  Everyone knows there's traffic.  Leave earlier or just admit that you were totally hung over from the weekend and missed the alarm.  I'm much more sympathetic to the (ugly/depressing) truth than to a (happy) lie.

N.B. Whether you use this company or another for your move, provide some cold drinks for the movers and tip them well.  These guys work harder than 99% of us and probably get paid crap.
Excellent! They were highly efficient movers who did a great job. The price was as quoted and a great value. I would highly recommend.

There is a 3% charge for paying with a credit card and they let me know this prior to moving. They have the ability to accept tips via credit card which is nice.

Overall, I'm very happy with their services.
I was reading someone elses great reviews below and decided to go with this company. And it turned out that we had a quite similar and very positive experience during my move. We all, living in Miami downtown, should know how extremely difficult and hard it is to move in Brickell. It is a pain to reserve elevators at each of the buildings. I booked with these movers a month in advance of my moving date to make sure that everything went smooth. I got a call from a nice lady named Monika 3 days prior to my move to pre-confirm that I was still moving. She said that she will give me another call a day prior to the move to make sure that everything is still on schedule. A day before my move I received a call and confirmed the move. Movers showed up few minutes late, but I had no problems with that since it took them over 30 minutes to finalize all papers with our security desk... They are crazy! Then another issue happened with an elevator. We were under impression, that we will be the one and only residents using this elevator, but it was not the case. Another move was going on and we had to share the elevator, which increased moving time significantly! While 2 guys were packing things, 2 more were taking things out. I was very surprised of how fast they kept doing things. They had another move scheduled right after mine and now I felt like its my fault (due to an elevator issue) and there is no way they can finish on time! Guys were packing very fast but there was a bottleneck caused by the elevator sharing. In the end of the day, it took movers about 5 hours to move things out. They had to send another crew for their next job. Due to elevator delay, we must of lost at least 2-3 hours. Regardless, everything was professionally packed and when we finally got to a new building - IVY, we were happy to find out that none of the items that we had was damaged. Guy used a lot of packing material (over 300$) but it was worth it. Better be safe than sorry. I am extremely happy this movers and packers performance. Miami is where people take their time to do anything, regardless if its moving or fixing your car. But this guys did a great job and they did it in the minimum period of time possible. I am great full for the fact that even my fish tank and plants made it to IVY safely. I will indeed suggest this movers to everyone I know.
Couple of weeks ago I made a purchase of furniture in one of the stores in Design District in Miami. Furniture guys referred me to this moving company. They took care of absolutely everything. I just had to pay and items were on its way next day! Not only they delivered all my furniture in without damage, they also put it all together and helped me arrange it in my home. Thank you.
I saw someone else review below that had a VERY similar flaky experience to my own. I know how difficult it is to move in Brickell & reserved my elevators at each building & movers a month in advance of my move to make sure it went off without a hitch. I confirmed twice with Move for Less the month prior to my move. The night before my move I received an email saying that they couldn't get a hold of me to confirm. Unfortunately, I tried relentlessly calling to figure out what went wrong but no answer. I called non-stop the next morning since my move was scheduled at 9am. They finally pick up at 8:45am and tell me they had called me the week before & I didn't answer so they cancelled my move. They called from an OUT OF STATE NUMBER and DID NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE. I don't answer phone calls from strange numbers unless there is a voicemail because of telemarketers. Since I am not psychic, there was absolutely no reason at all for me to ever know they were trying to reach me since they never left a voicemail or e-mailed me until they had cancelled my move. So, I was left at 8:45 am, with two elevator reservations with a 3 hour window, I cleared my schedule of all surgeries for that morning (I'm a physician) & scheduled patients in the afternoon so that I could get this move over with, and they left me with no movers and an attitude of "tough shit."

I finally got a hold of a different moving company that was able to come at last minute to try to move me during some part of my window. It was the most stressful experience of my life, we did not make the window & the elevator at my new apartment was reserved in the afternoon, it cost me 3x the original quoted price because of the ASAP circumstances that Move for Less left me in & worst of all, I could not attend to my patients in the afternoon because I was physically moving all of my furniture in a flurried rush.

Let me sum up for you, this is the worst interaction with any business I have ever had. They left me in a complete mess of a situation and could "care for less." I am warning any person looking on her for movers- PICK ANOTHER COMPANY and DO NOT END UP FINDING OUT THAT YOUR MOVER'S ARE FLAKING OUT AT THE TIME OF THEIR EXPECTED ARRIVAL.
Murat's crew was very professional. They were right on time and wrapped up all my furniture and packed up the truck in no time at all. Everything was delivered in perfect condition and at a very reasonable cost. I really appreciate everything you guys did to make my move as smooth as possible. I would definitely use your company again in the future and have already recommended you to a few friends. Thanks again!
Ok, first off, I'll say that I was VERY wary of using a moving company as the only stories I've heard are horrible! I needed to enlist some help though and spend some money to finish a half finished move.

That said, I am very pleased with Miami Movers For Less and will start off with the only negative part of my review (which is why I deducted one star):
- Upon arrival, the movers advised us they were not there to pack and would not assist in this task. I asked several times and confirmed with Rey that it was part of the labor costs, and he assured me it was.

Here are the pros:
- In relation to my negative point below, I have to say when I called Rey, who picked up right away, he fixed the issue immediately by calling the crew.

- Prompt professional service with written quotes accepted via email
- Communicative crew, they called to give ETA
- Quick fast service, they did not dawdle or milk the move for time

A big thanks to Rey for coordinating everything and for getting the job done!

I will definitely use this company again and would recommend them to anyone in need!
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Did you recently use our moving services? What did you think? Find us on Yelp to leave a review of our service. We value your feedback! Even if something went wrong, we encourage you to contact us, so we can directly address your concerns. And if you had a great experience, we'd love to hear about it, so we can share your story with other prospective customers!

Why moving company reviews matter to us

We're proud of our many 5-star reviews. But this feedback is more than just flattering—it's very helpful! We use these reviews to constantly improve our service. Constructive criticism helps us to analyze our processes and make improvements to our training and core business values. Even when a customer gives us a glowing 5-star review, it helps us to identify what we're doing right, so that we can replicate that great experience for every other customer.

As you can see, most of our customers are happy with out moving service provided to them. Almost all customers rate us as a 5 star moving company. This means what we are indeed doing moving in a right way. The only way we can prove it to you, as a future customer, is if you give us a chance to provide you with a high quality moving, packing or storage services. Than you can judge us yourself. We have been doing moving since 2007. We increased our truck fleet, number of locations and and employees exponentially during those years. You can also check our record on Better Business Bureau site and Google+  With everyday that we spent working hard to make our moving customers happy, we learn. We learn by doing a move or packing and most of all we learn by listening. Yes, simply listening to our customers, hear them, listen to what they have to say and we thank them for a feedback provided, regardless if its negative or positive.

Based on customer complaints or compliments, we build a plan that will let us reach our goals of becoming one of the biggest and most recognized and affordable moving companies in South Florida and in United States! We are able to offer our valuable customers with full range of moving, packing and storage services. We can also bundle Full Moving Insurance service with any move. Please give us a call, start a chat session or email us to allow us to offer you most competitive quote on a market. Weather you need to move a small studio from one building to another across the street, if you have a 500 people office that needs to be relocated to Brickell or if you got that dream job in California and want to more your whole house there – we are here to help you do it all.

For ex, if you need your items stored for a few month, we would like to let you know, that every move comes with a free month of storage. We can keep your items in a storage until you find that perfect house or apartment and once you are ready to move, please let us know. We guarantee delivery almost anywhere in continental USA. Please give us a call and let us know of your moving plans. Friendly reminder – earlier you book, better chance to get your items to their destination in time. Especially, if we are talking about moving season, we suggest booking at least one month prior. if you live in a high rise, you will need to make an elevator reservation from your building management. Also, you will most likely need to get an insurance certificate. We can provide you with an insurance certificate to be given to the building manager. Thank you for considering our moving company. Let us prove that we are indeed a real professional movers in Miami Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach counties.

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