The complete guide to buying a condo in Miami

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If you try to think of any reason to move to Miami you will be surprised to find out that there are multiple reasons why you should do it. From great educational systems, job opportunities, shopping centers, etc. Anything that you find amusing and that makes you happy you will be able to find in Miami. It is a very comfortable place to call home. And when it comes to buying a condo in Miami, there are multiple choices. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you the most. And once you find it, you should hire Miami Movers For Less and have calm and fluent relocation.

Reasons for moving to Miami

Other than great weather and nice people, Miami has a lot to offer for people seeking great job opportunities and a great education. There are several schools, both private and public that will provide you with the greatest knowledge you can find. When it comes to job opportunities, moving to Miami and buying a condo in Miami will give you a chance to look for job offers in your field of interest. Meaning you will most likely be able to find your dream job.

The costs of living here are on average and above the average level. You will be able to live a cozy and normal life with a regular salary. However, the moment you get a chance to get a better-paid job position, you should not hesitate to take it. Miami is expanding quickly and you will be surprised if everything changes in two or three months. If you are looking for a place to move to expand your business, you should take a chance and move to Miami with some of the best commercial movers Miami has. Miami is craving small businesses and family businesses. It will bring Miami to life. Having a small company and store among some of the highest bulging in this part of the state will definitely bring you a lot of money.

grandparents on the beach thinking about buying a condo in Miami
There are many reasons why you should move to Miami

Buying a condo in Miami – where to start?

First of all, before you search for the home of your dreams, you need to determine what kind of lifestyle you want to have. Is it the beach, or urban life or you are looking for a neighborhood for your kids and family? This information you gather together will give you an exact picture of your new neighborhood. Luckily, there are plenty of neighborhoods in Miami. And each of them will suit you for multiple reasons.

The other thing you must look for is how far you want your home to be from work. Are you willing to take public transport or do you have your own car? This might be irrelevant for someone, but on the other hand, it will be easier to find the neighborhood you like if you know your and your family’s needs. Plus, this will also help you determine the moving budget.

Neighborhoods in Miami are organized by style

To help you determine which place suits you the most, we have created a list f places in Miami that will suit you. So, before you decide to move to Miami, check out where will be perfect for you.

  • Beach living neighborhoods: Miami Beach, such as North and South Miami, Bal Harbor, Sunny Isles Beach, Surfside, Key Biscayne
  • Neighborhoods with plenty of culture and art: Downtown Miami, Wynwood, Design District, Edgewater
  • Commercial parts of town: Brickell Miami River, Downtown Miami
  • Suburban feeling places: Coconut Grove, Upper East Side, Aventura, Coral Gables

By choosing the neighborhood, you will be able to determine your budget. Not just the budget for the relocation. But you will be able to control and see your daily and living costs. This will have a huge role when moving to Florida.

buildings and palms
When buying a condo in Miami, make sure you check all the neighborhoods first.

How to find the best condo for you?

Knowing what suits you the most and being able to afford it are two different things. Sometimes, people do not get what they have dreamed of. However, in moving and buying a condo there must be some compromises. For example, if you are looking for a big home you will most likely not be able to get it in the center of Miami. And it goes in different ways. If you want to live in the center or some part of Miami that is more expensive, you can not expect that you will be able to afford a house big enough like the one in the suburb. But you can count on one thing. And that is that the moving companies North Miami has will relocate you no matter what type of condo you choose.

Things you need to know about condos in Miami

How to know which one suits you the most? Well, here are some basic and favorite condos in Miami. See if your dream one fits the profile.


This is the most typical thing in Miami condos. The great view of the ocean gives a really good price for condos. The views are not focused o the ocean and the beaches. You can see the Miami River and enjoy the view from your living room. If the view you have during the morning coffee is something you are searching for, these types of condos are for you. Most people insist on having an ocean view. You should know that these condos are usually more expensive than the other ones. Whether the price is determined because of the view or because of the desire for more and more expats to have it, we will never know.


Great information about this. Almost every condo in Miami has some sort of balcony. It must depend on the side and where it is located. Will you be looking at the ocean or on the other side, depends on the condo. Of course, this is also something that will determine the price of the condo.

stairs in the condo
Think about your style and what would you like to have in your new condo.

Impact-resistant doors and windows

The reason, why most of the condos have this type of windows and doors, is because the hurricane season in Miami can be really tough. This way having these types of doors and windows will insure your home and be safe inside once this season starts. This is really important for people with small kids. There is no need to worry about this anymore. Of course, even if you buy a condo and keep your boxes inside for a while, you will not have to worry about something happening to them. If you get some of the best packing materials, such as moving boxes Miami to pack your items will be safe like in the storage units you rent. There will be no chance of mold, humidity, and water damage your boxes and items inside.

Other things you need to search for when buying a condo in Miami

Depending on your lifestyle, there are certain things you need around your house. If you have kids and you are dealing with nonstop work around the house, you might want to ask if there is a unit washer and dryer. Lucky for you, since 1981, it is mandatory that every condo must have these units. So you will have no problem dealing with kids and still do your house tasks.

When it comes to cooking, most of the condos in Miami have electric stores. You can find some condos with gas stoves, but that is rarely the case. Depending on the deal you make with the seller, you might be able to get your own stove. The one you like and the one that suits you the best. This might lower the price of the condo. So think about this option. If this is the case and you are relocating your own stove, contact the moving company and check how to properly pack this item.

Check for parking if you think of buying a condo in Miami

This is a luxury in almost every big city in Florida. You need to pay some enormous taxes to have a parking space. That is why before you get a condo in Miami, check whether the parking spot is guaranteed or you will have to deal with it in your own way. Luckily, the commute in Miami is really easy and if you are lucky to get a condo near your office, you will not have a need to use your car.

free parking spots
Free parking space is the biggest problem for residents of Miami

Be careful about the property taxes when buying a condo in Miami

There are a few programs in Florida that will help you keep lower taxes. On the other hand, the taxable value of the home changes from year to year, depending on the market. That is why you will need to pay less or more than you were first told. You can use County Tax Estimator or ask your realtor to give you additional information about the taxes.

Check the prices when you are buying a condo in Miami

Until the last year, the prices of condos in Miami were flatter. Since then, there was a 25 percent annual increase. To make it more vivid: in 2018, the average condo sale price was $517,800, and in 2019 was $508,900. This year, in 2022, you can buy an average condo in Miami for $683,300. There is no single indicator that shows that the prices will drop, so you should not count on this to happen.

Other places in South Florida that are great for investing in real estate

As we have said before, Miami has a lot of neighborhoods and suburbs, and no matter which one you choose you will not regret it. But, what happens if you step out of Miami for once? Think about other places in Soth Florida worth looking for a place to live there. Two of those places are Coral Gables and Weston.

Coral Gables
Coral Gables is one of the places that you should definitely check out

Coral Gables

This lovely place is one of the favorite ones for people who are looking for a home after retirement. Therefore, it s vet quite a peaceful place. Because of this families with small kids choose this place because of its safety and polite people. If you think about moving here with help from movers Coral Gables has, you should know the prices. When it comes to the average condo in Coral Gables, you can find it at the price of $600,000.

Weston, Florida is another place to explore if your buying a condo in Miami does not go well

Visiting this place is definitely not the same as living in it. You will bump into so many nice people and you will think that living here is easy. However, the costs of living are a little below the average level and you will need a good job position or great salary to live here. The average condo price here is around $803,400. Of course, you can find smaller condos for lower prices. As we have said no matter where you want to live, the place must suit your needs and be good for your family. So, if you choose this place to be your new home, check with the Weston movers, make an appointment and hire these professionals to relocate you to your new home.

buying a condo in Miami
Look for other places in Florida, you might be surprised when it comes to the prices of the real estate.

Buying a condo in Miami does not have to be so scary and hard. No one is forcing you to do it. Therefore, take some time. Choose the best option. If you are not sure about your decision, do not make any agreements and do not sign any contracts. Only when you are sure that the home you want to buy is the one, you can contact the movers and set the moving date. Be sure in your decision. Investing in real estate has always been gambling. But investing in your new and better home is something you should not gamble with.

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