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22 Mar 2016
Great experience! Called on a Monday, for a move three days later. I asked for a free quote via their website, was called within 2-3 hours of sending the inquiry. All charges/fees were thoroughly explained during the initial conversation over the phone, also helpful tips as to what I could use or provide as far as packing supplies versus them using their own supplies. No deposit required. Confirmation call the day before. On moving day, I received a call late morning, saying that the movers were running behind (scheduled for 1 pm), but that they'd keep me updated. Furkat (one of the movers) called at about 1245 to apologize, to say they were on their way, arriving 45 minutes late (thankfully, it was a small move, basically one BR, locally). Once to the house, both him and Peter were very professional, took a look at all that needed to be moved, all proper paperwork signed, fees explained, very efficient in wrapping anything with blankets, etc. The drive to the new place took up most of the time out of any position of the move! Haha--welcome to Miami! But they didn't waste any time, took the quickest route, while still driving carefully. Once to the condo, they were once again very efficient, reassembled furniture that had been taken apart, following instructions as to where things needed to be placed. Both very respectful men, by the way. Buy the $75 for $100 deal on Yelp. Highly recommend this moving company!
18 Feb 2016
Used this company for the second time already. People that live in condo know how strict it can be with time allowed to use elevators. And every single time this company delivers. Always on time, always professional. Everything wrapped, packed and loaded. Nothing's broken or surprises. Recommended to all of my friends and family. Thank you.
04 Nov 2015
Originally I was not going to write a review because it was just not worth it but after today, I am steaming.
We moved from CA to Austin TX and had the movers come out on 10/9 to load up our items to make it by 10/17. Granted we had much more than what we originally inventoried. I called to give a more accurate number but didn't get a return call so I let it go. We did have a snafu with our leasing office as they said we couldn't move in until the following Tuesday, so we contacted frank, our contact to see if he had an idea when the truck was going to arrive so we would know if we would have to pay to have them come back or something. He said no problem, let him know when we can get into the unit and he will get it there. after 3 hours of fighting with the leasing office we worked it out and still could move in on 10/17. So we responded back to Frank to let him know that 10/17 is still good. No response. We call him the flowing Monday to see if we have an idea when we would get our things and he never got the previous email and said that he would be putting things on the truck that week. Fast forward to 11/1 and we are just getting our items.
There is the driver and 4 movers from an other company. They said they were installing the washer and dryer for us and proceeded to hook everything up....apparently not because when I went to use it FLOODED my apartment because the hose was not connected and it drained into my floor! So now I have to pay for a company to come and extract the water from my carpet on top of whatever other damage is caused.
The movers were doing a rush job because the driver wanted to be done by 6pm so because they were rushing items were tossed around, heavy items were put on top of light items and quite a few glasses were broken. My vanity was broken because the first movers did not remove the legs. This was the only item marked as damaged because it was the only one visibly damaged coming off the truck. There was no time or ability to inspect my items and i was told all I had to do was point but because they were rushing, I felt compelled to help so my husband was even helping them get things off the truck. So
Also, as I unwrapped my jewelry amoire today, because it was still in the plastic buried in my bedroom, the top is chipped and buckled. Like it was compressed and the top layer is jacked up. It certainly wasn't there when I packed up my jewelry.
I was going to refer the company to my mother in law for her move to Austin but not anymore. I would have saved a lot more money paying a friend to drive a uhaul for me. This was not a move for less. It was a move from hell with a half assed job at the end.

**update 12/22. Per the below comment from the owner, I researched the company and verified the license number and contract information based on my contract before posting this review. So if this really isn't you and you're really not licensed in CA, then you are either performing moving fraud or someone is using your license.
25 Nov 2015
I would recommend this company to anyone and would use them again. Great experience! From the start of booking the move, my contact Rey was helpful and explained everything. No down payment was required and I was charged toward the end, when nearly everything was unloaded into my new place. I had most of my stuff packed in boxes, and left most furniture out. As soon as they showed up they started moving the boxes and one guy started putting blankets on the furniture and taping it on. They only put blankets on wood, metal, and plastic furniture. Fragile stuff like mirrors we had to bubble wrap and cover in cardboard beforehand. Blankets were free. Tape and other packing material were charged unless you had your own which they would use first.

The only negative thing I can think of was that they planned to show up at 8am. They called at 8 and said they were 15 min away, but then didn't arrive until 9am. Still within the one-hour window that they guarantee, but they had reinforced that they planned to start at 8am. They did work very fast, and finished in close to the amount of time predicted. Overall I was very satisfied.
28 Aug 2015
My experience with this company was outstanding! Found this company in Yelp and decided to call based on their reviews. Even though I called customer service just one day before my relocation from Miami to Jacksonville (FL), Rey (the booking manager, I believe) was very efficient in sending me the quote to my email and scheduling my moving. He later sent me the insurance certificate that my building required. I payed a $50 deposit trough PayPal and that was it.

The service was scheduled for 9am but 10 minutes before the hour I received a call from one of the movers to let me know they were in a traffic jam so they were going to arrive 15 minutes passed the hour. They called me 9:17 am and they were at the lobby, I went down to met them to get everything moving. The company clearly states they charge by the hour, fortunately all my stuff was already packed in boxes, with the exception of a huge and heavy sofa bed and a couple of things that they efficiently wrapped, shrank and protected with cushioned blankets. I was impressed with how fast Albert and Batik were.

Once they finished loading everything in the truck they told me they needed to make a couple of fuel stops on the way to Jacksonville. I left the building in my own car at the same time and arrived to Jacksonville almost 5 hours later, they arrived only 20 minutes later. Unfortunately it started raining when they were unloading the truck but I decided to continue with the moving and they agreed.

Though, I was first quoted to have a estimated 7 hour job (moving out: 1 hour, driving: 5, moving in:1 hour) at the end it was 9 hours total, it was ok as I supervise the entire job and everything was done as quick as possible.

I want to highlight the moving crew, Albert and Batik. These guys are amazing, super friendly and professional! They struggled while trying to put the big sofa bed inside the new apartment because there is a corner right in the entrance. The apartment manager sent a guy that took out the window and they moved the sofa inside through this hole. I give credit to the crew for their patience and good judgement when deciding the best way to get that thing inside.

I highly recommend this company and if you read this review (my first review ever) try to ask for Albert and Batik, they won't let you down!
19 Jul 2015
My review is mixed. Let me start off by saying the manager Rey was very professional and responsive. The actual movers who arrived at my house, however, unfortunately were not as professional. They seemed to be a bit disorganized, slow, and inefficient which is not good when you are being charged hourly. This required more involvement in the move from my end, which I wanted to avoid by hiring movers in the first place. Communication at times was also challenging due to the language barrier.

Good things to say: They arrived on time. None of my items were broken. Ultimately they proved to be hardworking and my move went fine. I've heard many horror stories about moving companies, but this is one that can be trusted. Price was also reasonable although the time went much longer than expected. To be fair it was not only due to slowness of the movers, but issues w my condo elevator and my move coinciding with rush hour traffic. Things you don't really plan for.

Bottom line would I recommend them? Yes.
21 Jul 2015
Our mover Anatoly and crew are the best! They did a GREAT job! 4 men crew that took 5 hours to move all my stuff from a 3 story to a 2 story home. The expectation was set with clear pricing as to what to expect. Highly recommend!
04 Jan 2016
I recently moved back to Florida from California where I have spent over a year helping my daughter with grandkids. I rented out my condo meanwhile. Good thing was that I took most of my furniture out to a self storage. Couple that I rented a place too had a labrador... I have nothing against dogs but this beast destroyed my carpeting. Also, stove was burned and a washer was no longer working. I needed to move appliances to a donation center in Fort Lauderdale as they were quite old and I did not even want to mess with repairing it. I purchased almost a new washer on craigslist and I needed it picked up from a guy in Hollywood. I also needed to get my furniture out of storage in Sunny Isles and bring it to my place few miles near by. One of my friends advised me of this company. I have to say that it was a great suggestion. Not only movers worked on Sunday, but they also made multiple trips in a same day to get all my items removed and delivered. They also helped me to arrange everything in my condo. Problem was that elevator was too small to be used. Poor guys had to carry things up the third floor and to the South wing of my building which was at least 50 yards away. They did not have much luck with parking as well... On Sunday pretty much all guest parking was taken. They had to have one guy watching the truck not to get towed and two guys worked on moving things. Once they put everything upstairs, they parked a truck outside and all three worked on arranging the furniture. They took all the garbage out and actually helped me to remove recently replaced carpeting. They were a great help for an such an old lady as myself. I think that price I was charged was very reasonable for the amount of work done and guys deserved at least 10% tip. Thanks a bunch!
08 Sep 2015
I want to start off with the positive :

1. Great follow up by the coordination team and the dispatch person was very compromising and willing to help to solve issues.

2. Showed up on time and confirmed appointments.

Things I wish i knew in advance that made my experience bad:

1. That everything that is not furniture must be in a certain size BOX . They did not take the CLOTHES that was in bags or my stuff that was packed in luggages or my plastic bins. The boxes cost $15 each.

2. They did not lock the door when they left so must be supervised til the end. They left everything in the living room and did not accomodate things in each room.

3. I paid about 400 dollars and i still have to finish moving myself.

Im mostly unsatisfied. Never had this issue before in my life with movers.
08 Jan 2015
Had some issues with the move, however today I received a call from Constantine and the issues were addressed and resolved in a timely manner. The guys in Miami were really polite. No issues there.
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