How to pack artwork for storage

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When you are moving or remodeling your home, it is important to take special care of your artwork. Some of them are maybe fragile, ...

Packing for long distance move- how to do it right

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Moving long distance is far from being a simple task. Not only should you need to do the same things as for a local ...

How to meet your new neighbours?

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Moving is stressful for everyone involved. You are about to change your environment and everything you got used to. There is a new start ...

Best places in Florida for young couples

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Choosing where to move is never truly a simple task. The fact that you are not doing it alone does, however, make it easier. ...

Label your moving boxes like a pro

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There are several ways to prepare for a good relocation, and one of them is to label your moving boxes like a pro! Labeling ...

Difference between binding and non-binding moving estimate

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Perhaps you used to think that moving is a simple task. All you need to do is take all of your possessions, pack them ...

How to prepare your kids for long distance move

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Preparing for a move can be not only tiresome but also stressful. You need to start planning in advance, to make a moving checklist, ...

How to pack your glassware like a pro

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Moving day is coming, and you are probably having a lot of questions on your mind. It is a common thing that you are ...

How to reward movers for relocating you?

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Relocation is not only a long and tiresome process- it is also an expensive one. You will constantly be torn between trying to economize ...

Guide for finding a home in Miami

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Have you decided to move to Miami? This means that you are probably feeling very excited, but most likely a bit anxious as well. ...
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