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    Let’s face the truth, moving is never easy. It is a hassle and a big mess, and it can be extremely expensive, especially if you need to move a lot of stuff. Miami Movers For Less are here to help you move with ease and save some money on your relocation. Follow our moving tips and your move will be a piece of cake. Don’t shy away from contacting us for further information and guidelines. 

    First, get a good moving assistance

    If you want to save some money on your move, you can probably DIY your move. But, if you are moving a big home or an office, it is better to hire professional movers. Hiring movers doesn’t have to be too expensive. In fact, if you hire our local movers Miami, you can move within your budget. If you want to move everything from your home in one piece, without damage, then hiring our moving professionals is the best decision you can make.

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    Together with our professional movers Miami your move will be successful and easy!

    Check moving quotes

    Before hiring a moving company, the best thing you can do is to compare few moving companies. Compare their quotes, reviews, and services to find the perfect fit for your move. By checking the moving quotes you can hire a moving company you can afford. Lower moving prices are between fall and winter because it is considered off-season. But, if you are planning a summer move, you should be prepared to pay more for it. If you want to get your moving quote right now, you can leave your moving specifics on our website to get an instant price or call our moving company for more information.

    One of the most important moving tips – cut down your belongings

    Before you start packing let us give you one of the most important moving tips – declutter your home! Get rid of the items you don’t want to move including your old furniture pieces, clothes, and other old and not usable items. This is also a great opportunity to arrange a yard sale to sell all items you don’t need and earn some extra money for the move. Another great way to get rid of the items is to donate them to charity. Just remember to pack as little as you can and you will save some money on the transportation.

    Don’t overspend on packing supplies

    Try to save some money on your packing supplies but be sure they are quality. Get moving boxes from friends, family or go to the nearest grocery store to get some for free. The safest way to pack your belongings is to hire our packing services Miami. With our professional packers and quality packing supplies, you can be sure your items are protected. The safe delivery of your belongings will reduce the stress level and moving costs.

    Useful packing tips

    • Make sure everything is packed and ready for transportation before movers arrive.
    • Don’t leave packing for the last minute.
    • Pack the essentials moving box – it should include the items you need for the first morning and night at your new destination.
    • Make sure to wrap all major appliances and furniture pieces, also your fragile and valuable items.
    • Hire professionals to disassemble your furniture.
    • Don’t lift heavy items alone, especially if you don’t know how to do it.
    • Get different sizes of moving boxes, to fit a variety of household goods.
    • Label each moving box with the room name and list of the packed items.
    • Make an inventory list.
    • Always keep your valuable items close to you during the move.
    • Leave all dangerous and risky items to the pros to pack and move them to prevent injuries and damage.

    Are you ready for the packing process? Do you have boxes? Check. Tape? Check. The precise type of boxes? Check. Wrapping materials? Check. Did you hire professionals to help you disassemble? Check. Let’s start packing!

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    Make sure your cardboard boxes are in good shape before you start packing!

    Items you should not pack and move with the rest of your belongings

    1. Valuables

    Keep your treasures such as money, jewelry, valuable papers with you. If you have a safe deposit box in the bank, it is a good idea to find a new one near your new home. So, you can transfer your treasures before you move with the rest of the household items.

    2. Flammables

    You cannot move flammable items with you. So, before you move, ask local hazardous waste organization in your city how to dispose of these items properly. Movers won’t move any dangerous and flammable items.

    3. Perishable Items

    You cannot move frozen food. So, make sure to donate or use it before the move.

    4. Plants and Flowers

    In some states, you are not allowed to import different types of flowers and plants. But, if you are moving locally, you should also ask a moving company if they move plants. Some moving companies won’t move plants, so be prepared on time and get necessary information about plants transportation.

    5. Medications

    Make sure to transfer your prescriptions to your new home safely. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist to give you all necessary records and prescriptions.

    6. Explosives

    Objects like firearms, explosives, guns, fireworks, and toxic substances are not allowed in the moving truck. If you have any type of explosive and you want to move it with you, check with your local police department about rules and regulations. You want to move it safely, instead, you are risking many problems and accidents.

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    You just need to get informed about certain things but the official heavy lifting and work is our job.

    Now, you are ready to move without stress!

    Moving does not have to be stressful and complicated. With Miami Movers For Less, it is possible to make a move less expensive and less time-consuming. With our useful moving tips, your move will be planned properly. We are here to help you make a smooth transition from your old to new home or office while keeping your belongings intact. If you have additional questions about your move or you want to get a free moving quote, give us a call today!