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    Coral Springs is one of the best places for starting over

    Located in the southern region of the tropical state of Florida, just north of Miami and the Florida Keys, Coral Springs is a more subdued alternative to its more famous neighbors, yet it can still hold its own. The proximity to Miami and Fort Lauderdale makes it a major broadcast radio market, and in 2010 ranked the city one of the best places to live in the United States.

    Living under the sun

    Coral Springs has a nickname – Everything under the sun! And really, here you can have a life filled with the sun and happiness. This sunny location is a must on many moving lists. This popular city in Broward County draws tourists who love architecture and historical attractions. It is a great place for people who like living in a place with history.

    The humid subtropical climate describes the weather in this city, which means hot and muggy summers and mild winters. In the fall and winter, temperatures average 60s to mid-70s degrees and can climb into the upper 80s on rare occasions. Coral Springs movers will tell you how hot it gets. Never underestimate hot weather. The city has frequent afternoon rains in July and August. There is a chance that hurricanes and tropical storms will strike the area.

    Coral spring is good for both work employment and schools

    Broward County Public Schools serves the public school system in Coral Springs, which has a total enrollment of around 30,000 students. BCPS manages three secondary schools, four junior highs, and twelve elementary schools in the city. Broward College, Nova Southeastern University, as well as Barry University, are all within easy driving distance for area high school graduates.

    kids in school
    Coral Springs has many great schools

    The city’s unemployment rate in 2022 was 2.40%, much lower than the national average and good news for South Florida’s current workforce and potential new residents. Various industries contribute to the city’s economy, from healthcare and education to building and maintenance and the creative arts. The city’s bonds were rated “AAA” by the three major Wall Street rating firms. Some of the city’s biggest employers are the Broward County School District, Publix, Walmart, Coral Springs Medical Center, the City of Coral Springs, First Data, as well as Alliance Entertainment.

    We guide you through Coral Springs’s neighborhoods

    The interesting fact about Coral Springs neighborhoods – the city doesn’t allow too many tall buildings. So, you will never see a building taller than 12 stories in Coral Springs. There are a few tall buildings in the city: Preferred Exchange Tower, 210 Tower, Bank of America Center, and Country Club Tower.

    In the city, there are many small residential neighborhoods to choose from in the Coral Springs area, some of the best are Royal Palm Boulevard, Ramblewood Drive, and Coral Ridge Drive.

    Living in Coral Springs won’t break the bank

    Coral Springs frequently ranks among the most expensive cities in Florida and the United States, so buyers should be prepared to pay a premium price for a home there. Prices for single-family homes range from about $150,000 to several million dollars, with the median being around $400,000. Food is one of the few categories in which the city’s cost of living is higher than the national average, at 6%.

    The average rent in Coral Springs is $1,757 per month, depending on factors such as location, size, and the availability of luxury features. Also, a large number of apartment buildings will increase their rates to account for the cost of amenities like cable, pools, utilities, and appliances. Electricity costs can range from $200-$300 per month for a typical household in the summer, depending on factors such as the size of the home and the amount of electricity used. Not included are utilities like sewer service or trash pickup.

    cars in front of a house
    Living in Coral Springs is fairly affordable

    Be ready with Coral Springs Relocation Tips

    • To live under the sun, pack your sunscreen and sunglasses. You will spend a lot of time outdoors when you are living in Coral Springs. So, protect your skin from the sun!
    • Be aware of storms and hurricanes, so protect your home with flood insurance.
    • Traffic is dense in Coral Springs and in entire South Florida. Make sure to find a home near your job and kids’ school.

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