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At Miami Movers for Less, we are known for our professionalism and outstanding customer service. But don't just take our word for it—we invite you read the many Yelp reviews and other ratings provided by our numerous customers since our founding in 2007. We are so thankful to our customers for reviewing our Miami moving and packing company, as well as our storage facility and other services. In these reviews, you'll find many first-hand stories from customers who have depended on us for local or long-distance moving. These reviews provide a great prospective of our company that you just can't get from an ordinary brochure or website. Browse through their stories below to see why we're known as some of the best movers in Miami!

07 Mar 2016
I am extremely happy with the service received at Miami movers for less past Saturday.
Albert's crew was on time, very fast and professional. Moving is always very stressful but they made my day so much easier. Everything went smooth.
I highly recommend these guys to all my friends and the rest.
Very thankful I found them.
25 Mar 2016
Oh where to begin w/this company. Wow.

So I had a guy named Murat "helping" me w/my move. I would often email him questions and he would respond w/things like, "I don't know this right now, I'll know next wk. Remind me on Monday." So apparently I was now his secretary. This guy was remarkably unhelpful.

When the move finally did happen, they called me 9pm the night before and couldn't even give me an exact time for the next day. The mover kept telling me, "I won't know until my guys show up." What kinda hooligans are you hiring that don't have set work hours and that you can't depend on to show up at a certain time?

My stuff finally shows up in the middle of the work day. I need to rush home (they only take cash and checks... so sketchy) and then go directly back to work. That weekend as I unpacked my stuff, I found that they turned it into complete shit. I had TONS of damages--chairs w/broken legs, tables that were nicked, cabinets w/crushed shelves.

When I called about the damage, they referred me to some bullshit insurance company. They have an F rating w/the BBB. The company claims to resolve claims in 45 days, I'm at day 51 and no one even responds to emails.

I get that moving is expense and these guys charge a decent rate, but I'm now going to have to spend hundreds (likely over $1k) to repair/replace damaged furniture. It's like my father used to say, "Anything cheap winds up being expensive."
17 Feb 2016
First let me apologize to Move For Less for not writing my review sooner. Now for the review I truly and highly recommend this company. Reasons being;
1) I was in a bind and needed to move on the day that I I called them which was November 30th. They accommodated me on such a short notice.
2) For such a situation they did not take advantage of the situation in any over charges, their price was fair and reasonable for my move.
3) The 2 men that showed up were prompt, courteous and efficient in their work. We completed my move within 4 hours.
4) My items which consists of 3 rooms of furniture, clothes and everything else in between are now in storage with Move For Less at a competitive month to month rate.
I did inform the owner that I was happy with them and that I felt they have been honest, trustworthy and good to me in their rates and storage.
30 Mar 2016
I was worried at first but let me tell you something these people are legit all you need todo is your homework before you make the appointment buy your own tape have plenty of empty boxes and they won't hit you up with all the extra charges. Totally satisfied with my experience
19 Feb 2016
So today was our long dreaded moving day. Thanks to fellow Yelpers, we found this amazing company. From the first call to the last box everything was as smooth and professional as can be. Our first contact was an email from Rey De Silva on 02/05/16. He explained their services, fees & set up our reservation for today. We were extremely pleased with his quote and excellent customer service. That was the first sign that "Move for Less" is the company to use. Yesterday we received a confirmation call for today. They are definitely on top of things. This morning our movers (Constantine & Jacob) called to confirm their arrival time. Upon arrival they estimated the work to the last detail. They also provided wrapping & packaging services as needed with outmost care. They transported our belongings from tight doors & elevators to their truck with great care. Our movers (Constantine & Jacob) were very professional & got the job done surpassing all our expectations. We sincerely THANK YOU! We are thankful to have found this wonderful company. Their staff is definitely the best you can find. As many of you may feel, moving can be somewhat of a nightmare. Making sure our precious belongings are protected & getting the right company can be challenging. Luckily we have Yelp & a company like "Move for Less" available to us. I will definitely use them again & highly recommend their services to anyone searching for a moving company that cares about the customer's needs & their belongings. Usually it's one or the other, however with Move for Less you get it all. Just stand back & let these professionals work their moving magic.
Thank You for everything Rey, Constantine & Jacob!!!!
13 Mar 2016
The team that worked with my moving were all great! Murat, Albert and Stan did a great job of wrapping and moving my belongings making sure they don't get a scratch. I've been moving every year and they are the best team to work with. They even helped us carry out heavy furniture downstairs for Salvation Army to pick-up. They were so organized and very professional. They also helped me assemble all the beds. Everything were done in less than 3 hours! Next time I move around the area I will definitely get them again. Good job guys!!!
04 Jan 2016
Just finish unpacking. Thanks god everything arrived safe, no damage). Guys did excellent packing!!
12 Nov 2015
Highly recommended. Gave me a great deal since it was an afternoon move. The 2 movers were punctual and very quick once they arrived (packing, loading, unloading, etc.)! The only issue we ran into (which was out of their control) was only 1 service elevator in my building was working and every seemed to need to use it at the same time. A 3+ hour job turned into a 7 hour job, which of course was a little painful when you're paying by the hour. They were nice enough to give me a slight discount for all the wasted time.

I'm not looking forward to my next move, whenever that may be, but when it does happen, I'll be sure to call these guys.
19 Feb 2016
These guys moved me last year and I forgot to review them. Very friendly staff who came out and moved me quickly and professionally. Best of all they quoted me an extremely reasonable price and stuck to it. I will be using them again with any future moves.
03 Mar 2016
I did not move with this company. I put down a deposit and then had another company come to my home and inventoried my stuff. I have a crazy amount of stuff and was second guessing the hourly vs the flat rate price. I have to say that I am now second guessing my choice to drop them because Rey is just so nice and polite to deal with and the reviews on his company are so good. I chose a flat rate 1,500 dollar fee instead of Rey's estimate of 1,295,00 Rey said on the phone they will be returning my $60 deposit. Positive experience, the only thing that I did not care for is that they don't send someone out to look at and inventory your stuff for the estimate. He said I could send photos for a more precise estimate but I am overwhelmed with packing and cleaning a huge 4 bedroom house and to lazy to photo every piece of furniture and pile of boxes.
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