Moving day expectations vs reality

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If you moved before, you may remember how things were not as you expected. That’s completely normal for first-time movers, so it’s best if you hire one of the best moving companies in Miami. The gap between moving day expectations vs reality of it gets closer when you have the right assistance. That’s especially true for Miami as hot weather or heavy rain can ruin your relocation without the right equipment, for example. Additionally, there are many urban tight spots around the city that require local knowledge and good navigation. If you opt for moving by yourself, you should prepare for every scenario and take enough time to plan everything out. If you’re in a hurry, however, don’t hesitate to hire some of the professional moving companies.

How to start preparing for the move?

It can be stressful trying to organize a move for the first time, especially because you don’t know what to expect. Depending on your budget and if you’re in a hurry, hiring local movers Miami might be the way to go. However, if you want to rely only on yourself and the help of your family, you should prepare in advance.

Make sure you have a solid idea of what you need to move, especially in terms of size and weight. Rethink if you’ll be able to move it all in one go, as your home likely won’t fit into your car. Professional movers have specialized equipment and trucks which can transport your furniture in one go with ease.

Get the right materials before you start packing. Not everything requires the same care, but everything needs attention to detail. Get carton boxes for your regular household items, and make sure you have dollies to move heavier appliances. Unpacking often makes the biggest difference between relocation day expectations vs reality. Make sure you do part of the job in advance.

materials for packing for the move
The right materials help you pack and meet your moving day expectations.

Close the gap between moving day expectations vs reality

Good preparation will help you have a smooth relocation, and you’ll appreciate it on moving day. Proper packing makes for half of the job done, and it all begins weeks before the move. Make sure you clear your schedule and that you have enough time to pack without hurry. Sometimes, unexpected job promotions can lead to hasty relocations, though. If you find yourself in a hurry, without movers North Miami FL might be too much to take on alone.

Try to schedule the exact moving day, even if you’re moving alone. Make sure the weather is on your side, as carton boxes can get damaged in heavy rains. Take note of your health as well, as it’s not recommended to do the heavy lifting in extreme heat. You can find both of these extremes in Florida, so make sure you check weather predictions.

Address your transport options. You might run into a few problems if you don’t have a truck or another suitable vehicle. Furniture and heavy household appliances are hard to move just by your car. Even if you can load a heavy piece on top of it, you likely won’t succeed in moving everything in one go. Local relocations are easier to pull off this way, but longer distances can pose a problem.

shaking hands after making a deal about moving day expectations vs reality
Professional assistance will allow closing the gap between moving day expectations vs reality.

How to pack regular household items

Packing makes one of the most important parts of the moving process. Doing it right ensures smooth unpacking, and protects everything during transport. Most of your household items can fit into a carton box, but you should address some details first. Make sure you get enough packing paper and duct tape before you start packing. You can consider using plastic bins instead of carton boxes for your clothes, especially if you plan to store some of them.

You can buy all moving materials in DIY stores such as moving boxes Miami companies recommend for the best protection. Don’t hesitate to buy some extra boxes, as they can be easily stored away or donated. It’s always better to have some extra, and they won’t take too much space.

Clean all of your items before packing, so that the stains don’t embed and damage your items. Place a layer of crushed paper on the bottom of the box, and start placing your items inside. Try to keep items from the same room together in a box, as it will help with unpacking. Also, make sure you label each box, indicating what’s inside. There’s no need for too much detail when labeling, but make sure your labels indicate the room and a special note if you’re moving fragile items.

woman packing for a relocation
Regular household items are the easiest to pack alone, and it can be a fun activity.

Prepare furniture for relocation

One of the trickier things to move without professional help is furniture. It’s chunky and it can easily get damaged. That’s why it needs special care and proper packing. Note that movers will always handle your furniture the with most care, but you can try doing it alone, too.

Try to break a piece of furniture into pieces if possible, as it will help load it into a transport vehicle. Some pieces have to be moved whole, but make sure you double-check each one. Before moving to the next step, make sure you clean each part from any stains or dirt.

Get a wrapping roll to best protect your furniture from scratches during transport. You can tuck any pillows inside as the wrapping roll will hold everything firmly.

Packing heavy household appliances – moving day expectations vs reality

Heavy household appliances can be very tricky to move by yourself. Moving day expectations vs reality can go against your favor if you don’t prepare well. You need to prepare it for transport and get the right transport vehicle. Not everything can fit into a regular car, so consider hiring professional help. Use blankets and some rope to tie your heavy appliances to a dolly, which will allow you to move each appliance more easily. Additionally, the blanket will keep it safe from scratches, while a wheeled dolly allows you to skip heavy lifting.

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