Benefits of house hunting checklist

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Are you planning to buy a house in Florida, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, because you’re in the right place. It’s perfectly normal for someone outside of the real estate business to feel helpless, especially if it’s their first time buying a house. From choosing the right one to organizing a move to your new place, it’s important you’re prepared for what’s coming. There’s no need to worry about the latter if you decide to entrust Miami Movers for Less for a smooth relocation. However, to start from the start, you and your family need to be on the same page when it comes to expectations. It’s much easier when you put it down on paper, so stay with us to learn more about the benefits of house hunting checklist.

What is a house hunting checklist?

It’s not uncommon to not know this if you’re buying a house for the first time. Making the list is a way of profiling houses you’re checking out by the same standard. It can remind you of a big shopping list, but it’s not the same. A house hunting checklist will contain characteristics of a house that you want to have or avoid in your house. Additionally, it may contain even the most trivial information as it will help shape the price. If you know how to recognize the best value for your money, you might score big time, and that’s one of the great benefits of house hunting checklist. If you’re looking for a moving company to help you with relocating afterward, you might also ask local movers Florida for any tips on local real estate.

woman showing house features
You should be aware of and note all the important features to get the most benefits from the house hunting checklist.

Best places to start looking for a house in Florida

There are many residential areas in Florida where most of the residents are renters. You shouldn’t be surprised by this as Miami-Dade County draws people from all around the world with sandy beaches and a luxurious skyline. This drives the prices up as the demand rises but this is not the case with every part of the county.

The urban area of Aventura is a place where most of the residents own their homes. You might already have an ideal location in mind, but you might also reconsider. Hiring a moving company Aventura will ensure you have a smooth transition once you’ve found the right fit.

Another great place to look for a house is the city of Weston in Broward County. The median home price is a bit higher than Florida’s average which is not surprising. That’s mostly because it’s part of the Miami metropolitan area, but it’s a great separate community. If you choose to call this city your home, make sure you find the best Weston movers for a stress-free move.

couple making plans
Always make sure you and your family are open about what you want from your new home.

How to make a house hunting checklist?

Before we get to how you should structure your house hunting checklist to get the most benefits from it, you should know you can find many of them online. There are whole teams of realtors coming up with the lists that you can benefit the most from, and many of them are free for downloading online. In case you prefer making your own list, here’s how to structure it.

First section: the most important basic information

The basis of a good house hunting checklist is the most basic information regarding the location of the house. It’s handy to place the first section on the top of the list with blank spaces for this information:

  • house address
  • neighborhood
  • the year the house was built
  • number of bedrooms
  • number of bathrooms
  • square feet
  • school district
  • asking price

Filling in fields with this information will greatly help you profile the house. It will serve as a kind of an ID card for the house. Once you’ve seen many different houses, you’ll quickly realize the true benefits of making a house hunting list. Even more, your family will be able to eliminate whatever doesn’t fit everyone more easily.

house plan
Check if all the rooms are registered and built with the right permits before buying a house.

Second section: detailed features and grading

The second section should contain tables with lists of features and checkboxes to grade them. You should make each table refer to a certain part of the house. There’s no need to be too specific here to get the job done, so you don’t have to create a table for each room. Here’s an idea for each table:

  • interior
  • exterior
  • home systems
  • features
  • community

You should include every room in the interior section, and even add specific room features for the kitchen and bathroom. Everything that is important to you and affects your quality of life should make it on the list. You shouldn’t grade whole sections but every item representing a row inside a table instead. The most important part of the information will be whether the house contains certain features or not. However, being able to note the state they’re in will greatly help you narrow down the right choice.

Best benefits of house hunting checklist

Some things will leave a strong impression and you might remember them well, but that’s not the case with every detail. Performing a detailed search for the right house will include many little things you’ll have to see and evaluate to make the best choice. Organizing your thoughts and making the best decision is therefore the most obvious and best benefit of a house hunting checklist.

You should note that almost every seller will make sure to bring the best things about the property to the front and won’t focus as much on the bad. That’s normal as their trying to make a sale but if they are serious they won’t lie about any bad features. Remembering what was off can sometimes be tolerable but it can affect the price in your favor, which is one more of the great benefits of a house hunting checklist. In other cases, some sellers might ask too much compared to the real market value and not consider potential tax changes. Negotiating the right price and setting up your red lines is much easier when you hold all the information and can compare it to the other options.

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