Best Florida cities for European expats

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Coming from Europe to the United States is stressful. You will not only change the time zone. You will step into a different culture, a different language. Everything will be different. The language might be the one thing that you already know. But to fit in and to choose which one of the cities in Florida to move to can be a hard choice. You need to make sure that you have made the right decision. Traveling hundreds and thousands of miles should not be in wane. That is why some of the best moving companies in Miami are here to relocate you to some of the best Florida cities for European expats. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you the most.

Best Florida cities for European expats

  1. Coral Gables
  2. Pembroke Pines
  3. Pompano Beach
  4. Sunny Isles Beach
  5. Aventura
  6. Miami
  7. Coral Springs
  8. Tallahassee
  9. St. Petersburg
  10. Tampa
  11. Sarasota

Each of these cities will give Europeans the activity and fun they have been looking for. Some of these places have more to offer than others. However, it is not easy to determine which one is the best. The reason for this is that people are different and they seek different things. Finding a perfect place as an expat will depend only on your needs. But one thing is in common for all the expats coming here. And that is the fact that they can hire some of the best local movers Florida has and not worry about the relocation process at all.

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Choose among any of these best Florida cities for European expats and you will not make a mistake

Coral Gables

What makes this place on the top of our list? There are a few reasons why people hire some of the reliable movers Coral Gables has to relocate here. Number one of them is the fact that the place is very affordable. You will be able to live with an average household income and still have enough money for some trips ad vacations. European expats love this place because it is the perfect mix of a place where you can go for a vacation but still live in a place where you can find great job offers. The colleges here are also on a great level. So if you are seeking additional knowledge, you are always welcome to try getting in here.

Pembroke Pines

This lovely place has come to our list because of the outstanding schools. People from all over the world come here to get into some of the most prestigious and best schools you will find in this part of the state. Getting into these schools is not easy. But once you get there, you will be able to achieve so much. The best thing about all of this knowledge that you will get is the fact that you will be able to get a job easily. Pembroke Pines is the leader when it comes to giving jobs to people with little or no experience at all. You will have a great start in some of the largest companies in almost every field. That is why this is one of the top places in Florida for European expats and the reason why they hire the best movers Pembroke Pines is offering.

woman with bags
Looking for a fresh start is never easy

Are you ready for Pompano Beach, one of the best Florida cities for European expats?

A lot of people hire the best movers Pompano Beach FL has to relocate here for only one reason. And that is the ability to choose among so many attractions and activities throughout the whole year. Being an expat means that you have a chance to meet and get to know the place from the bottom. You will not be dragged by other people and other opinions. You will have a chance to experience the place as it is. Pompano Beach is one of the best places where you can explore your hobbies, abilities, etc. Most importantly, you might find something and someone you love. It is called the heart of the Gold Coats. The heart and the home of so many trails and parks that will make you feel happy and relaxed when you are not. That is why you should be looking for a home here. No matter where you come from.

Sunny Isles Beach

Being called a number one destination for vacation, Sunny Isles Beach is so much more. And people discover it after they have experienced the charms of this place. If you are willing to live in the most diverse place and you are looking for a place where you will feel welcome no matter where you come from, you will find your place here. People are not just polite. They are so nice that something might bother you. Especially if you are not used to being close to the neighborhoods. The community is really strong and people do care for each other. Especially if they hear someone is coming out of the US with some of the best movers Sunny Isles Beach has. So if you will miss your family, come here, you will have a new one in one day.

Aventura – should it be on the list of the best Florida cities for European expats?

For residents of the United States, Aventura is a synonym for shopping. It has some of the greatest shopping malls in Florida, with over 300 stores. So, if there are some Europeans that think that the fashion center is in Milano, they are wrong. This will be a great place for those who are looking for a place in the industry of fashion. Or even open their store. You will find the Aventura Mall will have a place for them. Besides this, you will find great cuisine, bars, and clubs where younger people can enjoy and meet new people that come here from all around the world. And if you ever get tired, you will be able to see some of the most beautiful natural sights that will take your breath away. The perfect mix of everything, Aventura will make you hire the moving company Aventura has and relocate here as soon as possible.

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You can make a home wherever you move

Miami is calling as one of the best Florida cities for European expats

Million people come to Miami every year. The reasons for this are numerous. But one of the biggest reasons why European expats love moving here is that Miami is the center of culture. You will find plenty of cultural exhibitions, literary events, festivals, museums, galleries, etc. If you are coming from Europe for some art, you will come to the right place. There is one of the biggest cultural events that are happening in the whole of Florida. And that is Art week. It is held every year. And the great thing is that as a resident of Miami you will have a chance to even participate in this show. You just need to find your voice and make great contacts. So if this does not make you hire and get some of the best moving services Miami has to relocate here, you will be missing a chance of a lifetime.

Coral Springs

For all European expats that are nature lovers and like to explore and discover the beauty of our planet, moving to Coral Springs with some of the best Coral Spring movers will be the best decision they could make. You will find many great sights, wildlife, park, and trails that you will be speechless. It is a perfect chance to get from the city and the buildings and concrete. You will have a mix of nature and urban life. And you will be able to take everything you need from both of these worlds.


This capital city of Florida is the 8th largest city here and it is a perfect chance for you to blend in as an expat. It is mostly hilly which is completely different from the rest of Florida. But because of this, the residents of Tallahassee have a variety of activities such s hiking, jogging, biking, and simple walking. And on top of that, the nightlife is maybe one of the best in Florida. The city is full of students, which will make it a perfect place for you to find new friends and neighbors.

a day in one of the Best Florida cities for European expats
Find a person with the same interests.

St. Petersburg is definitely worth checking

It is known as a Sunshine City. And the name says it all. It holds the record for the sunniest days in a row. There are some breathtaking beaches. But expats here mostly go to the Salvador Dali Museum. It is the biggest collection of Dali’s art outside of Spain. So most European expats that come from Spain will love it here. Apart from this, you will be able to find so many different restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and various cultural amenities.

Best places in Florida for European expats – check Tampa

One of the best places in Florida for European expats is the city of Tampa because of the great entertainment. You will also find so many business centers down here. And on top of that, when you search for the place with the best health care, this place is on the top. You will be able to find so many job opportunities that you will be shocked. There is no place where you will not feel welcome. And most importantly, all of these job opportunities will give you a chance to live here like any other resident. You will have a good salary that will be enough for some average costs of living. You can find many parks, museums, cultural centers, and communities that are just for expats.

person alone on the road in one of the Best Florida cities for European expats
If you are open enough, you will easily make new friends

Sarasota is one of the best Florida cities for European expats

If you are coming from a small town in Europe and you do not want it to change, Sarasota is a perfect choice. You will be living in a city that is perfect for calm and quiet living. It can provide you with everything one expat could need. You will avoid traffic jams and rush hours big cities have. But you will have lovely beaches and nice weather like any other. So this is the most perfect place for all of you looking for a place as a European expat. You will have a chance to taste some of the most delicious cuisines, and you will not have feeling like you have left your home in the first place. That is what makes Sarasota one of the best places in Florida for European expats.

What is the first thing you should do when you move?

One of the most important things you need to do when moving abroad as an expat is that you find accommodation. After you have calculated your moving costs and after you have determined the budget, you will be able to find a place that suits you. Most people decide on having a roommate or the first few months living here. It will be easier for two seasons:

  1. You will have someone to talk to about feelings and how living in a different country makes you feel,
  2. The costs of living will be cheaper because you will have someone to share them with.

Considering these two factors, finding a roommate is the first thing you should do. And who knows, it might the European expat as well.

person traveling to any of the best Florida cities for European expats
Find the best solution you can.

Choosing any of these best Florida cities for European expats will be the best choice you could make. You are a brave young person looking for your place in the world. Do not run away from your feelings. If you are being sad and you have no idea how to deal with it, find a new routine in Florida that will make your first days here better. After a while, you will not even notice that you have become a resident like any other. Just trust in yourself and your decisions. Make sure that whatever made you come to America is worth it. Florida is a place where your dreams can come true.

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