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Coral Springs vs Davie – which do you prefer?

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When moving to Florida, many people do not care where exactly are they moving because Florida is great no matter what part we are talking about. On the other hand, other people tend to hesitate when deciding in a Coral Springs vs Davie battle. If you would choose, for example, Coral Springs, you would need a Coral Springs moving company. Since this is an often question, we will help you decide whether you are the Coral Springs or Davie kind of person. 

Coral Springs vs Davie, can they even be compared?

Well, first of all, Coral Springs and Davie are not that far apart. So, when people decide between them, that is definitely not a factor that influences their decision. On the other hand, there are other things that make them quite similar and that is what makes deciding hard. Coral Springs is a city of Broward County and Davie is a town of the same county, that is the first, call it, difference. Both places are beautiful, the popularity of them is almost the same, the population very similar, life quality also, and so on. So, if you are asking yourself whether they can even be compared, the answer is yes. They kind of have to be compared because without comparison we would altogether miss the little differences that divide them.

Weighing scale
When thinking Coral Springs vs Davie, you wonder whether you can even put them on a weighing scale? Not really, but figuratively, yes.

Coral Springs vs Davie, the battle can begin

Now, if you are choosing between these two places for a living, you are looking into every little detail before deciding and we get that. If you are a person of a certain taste, we will help you decide between this city and this town so that you can have the life you are aiming for. Just remember, if you were to choose Davie in the end, remember to call movers Davie FL. To continue, we will further explain the characteristics of both Coral Springs and Davie so that, by the end of this text, you can choose the place you will call your new home or business home, so to speak.


When talking about the crime rate, since these two places are quite close, you probably do not expect a different percentage, at least not by much. Well, that is where you might be wrong. Surprisingly, but yes. You see, in 2010, Coral Springs was ranked the 44th best place to live in. Your chances of becoming a victim are so small that people do not act as if any kind of crime exists at all. On the other hand, Davie does not have so much luck in the safety department. If anything, it is said to be not exactly one of the safest places. Davie actually has a crime rate that is higher than 72 % of the state’s other cities and towns. That can be a bummer, we assume. Especially if you were going towards Davie before you read this.

Safety is a big part of people’s lives. In this, Coral Springs takes the lead!


Now, again, you probably do not expect a big difference either in the utility prices or the median home prices. Here, you are not wrong. The prices go up and down a little bit. You see, Coral Springs is expensive and it always was. It is a beautiful city and everything about it is beautiful too. So, the median home price is a little high, along with everything else. Still, you know what you are paying for. For Davie, the situation is very similar. The median home price in Davie is a little lower than in Coral Springs but not by much. Still, even though the safety is not perfect in this town, rest assured, everything else is. So, there is a good reason for this price and, after all, this is Florida we are talking about. If you are a business owner in need of commercial moving, then all of this is not that important for you because Florida is a great state for a blooming business.


This is not as important as the other things we have mentioned, prices, safety, and similar. Still, you cannot expect to live a life without any fun in it. Thankfully, Florida is fun wherever you choose to live so this will definitely not be a problem. You can find bars, clubs, restaurants, and much more to fill the social part of your life. You can even experience the Florida nightlife the first night you arrive. We know, you are thinking about the unpacking process and many more duties that still await. Relax, packing and unpacking services go together, and your movers Miami can take care of it all. So, since you will finish everything earlier than you planned, you can just go out and explore your new environment.

Fun? We are talking about Florida. There is no place in Florida that is not fun!

The finale, Coral Springs vs Davie

Now that we have included everything that we thought to be important we can just summarize it and give you a final chance to decide between these two places.

  1. In the battle Coral Springs vs Davie, Coral Springs takes the lead in the safety department.
  2. The prices are a close call, but Coral Springs is more expensive, even if by a little.
  3. The fun is a tie!

You can now choose

We believe that the Coral Springs vs Davie battle has officially ended and only you know the result. Whatever your choice is, it is the right one because you know your criteria. Maybe the prices were more important and maybe the safety was. You could have found a beautiful house in one of these two places and that was what made you decide. Whatever it was, we are glad if you are glad. Enjoy your new home and environment and have fun. We wish you good luck!

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