Decluttering Home – Tips and Hints

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We all know that decluttering home is not that easy job. As the matter of fact, most people avoid it and delay as much as possible. They actually wait for something big to happen that will force them to make this step. Basically, decluttering home is actually removing all unnecessary items and deep cleaning out the home.

Cleaning is not a bad thing at all

Do not mix decluttering with the people who obsessive clean their homes. There are people, usually, with OCD that must keep their homes clean all the time. They remove all unneeded things, clean and throw away everything that they think unnecessary. There are also people who are loved in a minimalistic style. They put in their homes only important things, like the sofa and TV, removing all small items and decorations.

There are people who cannot focus on decluttering home
Decluttering home is hard for someone

As the opposite of them are people with a serious physical illness which cannot focus on cleaning and decluttering. It could be a sign of anxiety or depression. If you love to live in a home with a bunch of stuff, do not worry, usually, people do not like to clean. Decluttering is even harder than usual cleaning, so many people actually do not like it.

Preparing for decluttering home

As in every other job, it is important to prepare yourself properly. Before cleaning and removing things you must separate things and choose what to do with them. The easiest way to do that is to prepare a few different boxes and label them.

  • Throwing away – decluttering home means throwing away of everything you do not need. Usually, things that you did not saw or used longer than six months are for this box;
  • Donating – if you do not want some item anymore, that does not mean that you should throw away. You can make some other person happy with things you do not need;
  • Putting away – this box is for items that you found at the wrong place, like a T-shirt in the kitchen, or magazine in the bathroom. Simply put in this box, and then put on the place when going back;
  • Fixing – there will obviously be things that need to be fixed, wrapped or washed, so put them in this box;
  • Laundry – speaking about T-shirts in the kitchen, during decluttering you may need to put something in laundry box.

Make a list or a plan of decluttering

It is obvious that you cannot simply start from the table that is closest to you when decluttering home. It is important to do it from room to room, or type of items. The most effective will be if you do this from room to room. Keep in mind that you do not have to fix all rooms at a time, or even do not need to clean all the rooms at all. Sometimes decluttering home includes fixing of the situation in the kitchen or clothes.

Decluttering home should be planned
Make a list of jobs that you need to when decluttering home

Other rooms may not be so important at this moment. It is also good to know that you maybe will not be able to fix everything. That is why decluttering home is a process that is needed to be repeated occasionally, until everything is removed. Whatever you decided to do firstly make sure that you have completed every room before you start with another one. In that way, you will be sure that you did everything needed. You will also have more confidence and control over this process.


Even you may feel this room not that important for decluttering home process, you will see how you are wrong as just started. Just remember all those decoration, books, tissues and jewelry on the night tables. Take a look at the tops of the clothes, too. You know that people usually put there large and small boxes, old blankets or even shoes. When you finished it, start with drawers. You will find many small things that are not supposed to be there.


There is a rule that everything that you have not worn for longer than six months should be removed. Put them in storage, and save for the next time. You can easily find moving and storage Florida company that will help in this.  Start with shoes, and then go to jackets and then wardrobe. That will save your time and make decluttering home controlled.


The biggest problem in the bathroom is empty boxes and old packages of cleaning products. Throw them away and put only full packages. You can also sort them by height, usage, and member of the family that uses it. Things that you use daily should be on the front, and those that are used rare will obviously be behind them. Clean up drawers, too, and use small boxes as separators for small packages and items.


This could be the most challenging job when decluttering home. It is important to empty literally every space, move every item and then go back. The “six-month rule” does not worth here. There are many things in the kitchen that people do not use daily. On the other hand, they must be in the kitchen. Those are things like pans or large plates. Make sure that you put them behind everyday items.

Remove all things that you do not need when decluttering home
Decluttering home includes removing of all things that you do not use

Living room

Finally, the hardest part of decluttering home is cleaning of the living room. The reason is too many things that are important to us and we use them daily. Those things, however, make a mess. Put them in special box permanently, while decluttering living room. Do not forget to check the top of the locker if you have it, and side tables. There are also drawers with so many unneeded things. Living rooms also have small decorations, photos, and memories. You do not need to throw them back but consider changing the position of them or putting away. Companies like residential movers Miami helps people with small flats in moving and storage of even the smallest things in your home.

Now, when your home is clean, you can relax. Do not forget to repeat this step from time to time, in order to provide more comfort in your home. It will surely decrease stress when next time decluttering home. It will help you in moving, too.

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