Eco-friendly moving tips

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A huge number of people move every year and that is a great thing if you look at it. This creates new jobs, new real-estate and many new opportunities for these people to have a fresh start. But, the thing is, the moving industry creates huge amounts of garbage and trash. And this is definitely not at all a good thing. When you think about this part, and imagine all these people moving and using moving boxes, packing paper, packing peanuts, stickers and labels and all the other supplies regarding the packing and moving process, you realize that there are large amounts of trash generating all the time. Eco-friendly moving is definitely an option that should be considered if you are planning to move.

Eco-friendly moving is not possible if it’s done the traditional way

Moving is generally simply not eco-friendly. When you look at the amounts of the packing supplies used in the first place, you will realize that this is not at all friendly option. People don’t think about avoiding this problem enough. They just move the fastest and easiest way, without thinking about the environment. Some of these people that are moving will hire the junk- removal companies that will do a good job with recycling the trash, and some of the people will save or give away these moving supplies so it gets reused. But, most of the things will become garbage and this is not at all eco-friendly. There are some eco-friendly solutions that are great for the environment.

Eco-friendly moving tips- a banner that says Planet Earth First
We have to think about making sure we don’t use plastic and other harmful materials

Some of these eco-friendly moving tips are:

  • A green moving company is always a possibility
  • Do it all in one trip
  • Using eco-friendly moving supplies
  • Store supplies that you receive over the year, that are not necessarily made for moving
  • Pack smarter
  • Get used moving boxes
  • Recycle and donate your belongings that you don’t need anymore
  • Make sure your new home is green as well

If you make sure you follow this advice, you will make your move as green as it should be. And you should be since moving is a great time to start thinking about our future. If you do this eco-friendly moving without the trouble, make sure you suggest all your friends do it the same way. It can really make a change.

Moving companies that are eco-friendly are a thing

You would be surprised if you knew how many moving companies, like movers in Fort Lauderdale, are eco-friendly these days. And that is great. It means that people are taking the task of preserving the environment seriously and that everything will be ok. So if you don’t have enough time to deal with the moving process, get the moving company that will. It’s a great choice and it’s really helpful.

Eco-friendly moving- a moving truck on the road
It’s not hard to get an eco-friendly moving company

Try to do it in one trip

Eco-friendly moving includes not going back and forward too many times since this way you will spend less fuel and harm the environment less. Make sure you do everything you can so nature does not suffer, and it includes packing and transporting your belongings as fast as possible, in one trip, if you can. Even large companies can do it if they get the best commercial moving companies. This way their move can be eco-friendly as well.

Eco-friendly moving supplies

If you think about it, this is a great way to be sure that your move is green. Make sure you get all the green moving supplies. Use plastic bins instead of moving boxes. You can use them for storing later on and they are great for moving since they will not become trash as soon as the move is over. Use eco-friendly packing peanuts if you can. But make sure you don’t use packing paper. It’s much easier and better for the environment to use your clothes and other soft materials and fabric that can be used for packing than paper or plastic packing supplies. Get the eco-friendly movers and packers Miami has to offer and you will be done in no time. It is the easiest way to move.

Save the boxes you received

When getting gifts, like the birthday ones, you get the boxes of various shapes and sizes. Save all of them and you will have plenty of moving supplies once the moving day comes by. Most of these boxes and containers are not made for packing but you will be able to use them for this purpose.

A dog sitting in a moving box
Making sure that you save all the boxes you receive will make your move much easier

Pack smarter for an eco-friendly move

Use as little of the moving supplies as you can. This way, you will need fewer supplies and that is eco-friendly. Make sure that there is no free space in the boxes and you are good to go. If you need to store your belongings, get the best storage units you can find. It will be a great thing for you.

Used moving boxes are a great solution

People even sell them or give them away on the internet. If you are interested in buying and using used moving boxes, go to BungoBox, this is just one of many places and web-pages for you to find the right moving boxes for your move. Don’t worry, you will be able o move just as if they were new.

Pack less and own less

If you own fewer items, you will have fewer things to pack. So, make sure you throw out or donate and give-away all the things that you are not using. It will make the process much more eco-friendly since you will need less moving boxes and other packing and moving supplies.

an apartment
Owning fewer items will create much less pressure once the moving day comes, and it’s much more eco-friendly as well

When it comes to moving, it is not the only period when you should be thinking green. Make sure this goes on once you get to your new home. There are numerous ways of making your new home much more eco-friendly once the move is over. Get the led-lamps, recycle, and do everything you can to make it as green as possible. Eco-friendly moving is something everybody should be doing.

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