Eco-friendly packing options

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Moving is a great time to bring some changes in your life. These changes should be positive so you can help yourself become a better person. Good habits should be kept, so if you care about the environment, you should not change that. If you really think about it, moving can generate a large amount of junk, and there is so much plastic as well. You can change this easily since there are many alternatives to the choices you would make if you were not interested in protecting the environment. And you can do it in more ways than just using eco-friendly packing options. Packing supplies that are eco-friendly are just one of the ways to protect your surroundings, so make sure you find as many ways as you can to do it.

Why should you choose eco-friendly packing options when you start packing for your move?

Plastic is harmful to our environment and we generate large amounts of it every single day. Not just that, but we also spend large amounts of power and money to get things like moving boxes, we use them once, and then we just throw them out. If you want to get new, high-quality moving boxes, that is just fine, but you should keep them for your next move, sell them, or give them away. This way, they are used at least a couple of times before they are thrown out. Other than reusing the moving boxes, you can:
  • Get used moving boxes
  • Use plastic containers instead of moving boxes, that is one of the best eco-friendly packing options you can get
  • Make sure you use the boxes you already have in your home, like the ones you got your electronics in
  • Pack suitcases and bags first, and then use the moving boxes, plus trash bags are great since you can use them for trash later on
  • Don’t get packing paper, your clothes will do the same job
All of these eco-friendly packing solutions are amazing, and will truly make a difference. But if you combine all or most of them, you will get the best results.
Plastic bin
Plastic is not eco-friendly, but plastic bins can be reused

Used moving boxes are a great solution

There are many people that are selling used moving boxes online. You can even find apps and sites, like Freecycle that will help you get used to moving boxes for free, or much cheaper than the new ones. They are not damaged, so you can use them, and you will save some money as well. It’s really a great solution and a great eco-friendly packing option. Using used moving boxes is getting more and more popular, and it’s really one great way to protect your environment. Make sure you keep the boxes as undamaged as possible so they can be passed on the one you are done with them.

Plastic containers

This is another great solution. Plastic is not a green material, but plastic containers are useful in many ways. You can store your items inside if you are getting a storage service for some of your belongings. This way, your belongings will be protected inside the storage unit at all times. Also, you can resell them. This way, you can get some of the money back, not just help the environment. If they are clear, you can see what is inside and that is really useful when you are moving as well.

Boxes that you already have

The best way to move your electronics is by packing them inside the boxes you got them in. If you saved the Styrofoam that was inside of the boxes as well, even better. This way, it’s much more certain that they will be moved undamaged, and that is really important. Plus, your move is more green this way. I’d you have sensitive electronics and are hiring some of the best moving companies in Florida, make sure you label these boxes. You can also tell the movers that there are sensitive appliances in these boxes. If you have boxes from the gifts you received, use them as well.
Eco-friendly packing options - a girl with a present
Save all kinds of boxes you get through the years and you will have plenty of packing materials.

Suitcases, trash bags, and bags first

Once you start to pack, don’t go straight for the moving boxes. It can really ease the packing. For example, if you pack your clothes in moving boxes, you need to take them off the hangers, fold and pack. But if you take a trash bag and put your clothes inside without taking them off the hangers, you will be much faster. And, you can use the trash bags again. Suitcases are great as well since you can pack most of your clothes inside. But, if you have a spare room inside, you can pack other items as well.

Packing paper is not one of the eco-friendly moving options

Instead of using packing paper, which is not at all an eco-friendly packing option, you should use your clothes for protecting the fragile items. And not just fragile, really, you can protect everything with your clothes. Even if you are using packing services, it’s ok to ask for this. Your clothes will protect the packed items, and you won’t need the packing paper at all. Packing paper is easily damaged and this is why people rarely resell it. By using your clothes, you are really making a change.
Eco-friendly packing options- packing paper
Packing paper should be avoided when it comes to packing your home.
If you do your best and try hard to make sure you use all the eco-friendly packing options you can find, you are surely going to make a difference. And today, being part of the solution is really important. Every little bit counts and that is something you should really think about. There are many eco-friendly moving companies that you can reach out to as well. Make sure you get all the information you need so you can be sure that you made the best possible choices when it comes to saving the environment. It’s not always easy, but if everyone did a little bit to try and help, it would add up to a lot and really make a change.

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