Fun things to do in Plantation, FL

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Florida is generally considered a good place to be. It is sunny and there is a lot of coasts to enjoy. There are also great things to enjoy like golf and water sports. However, other than that, people generally don’t know what exactly to do once they move to Florida. What are the things they should expect? The situation is even worse when you consider moving to a city of only 85,000 people that is not by the sea. People simply do not know what are the fun things to do in Plantation.  However, we are here to rectify that. We are going to tell you all the fun things you can do in Plantation, Florida.

A little bit about Plantation, Florida

But before local movers Florida can move you there and you can find out exactly what fun things to do in Plantation we have in mind, you should first know a little bit about the place you are going to live in.

So, what is there to know about your new home? Well, first there is the population. By the latest census (the one of 2018.) there are 84,955 people living in this city. It is located in Broward County, in the south of the state. You are not too far away from Miami, so if your local entertainment ever disappoints, the big metropolis awaits. Actually, the city itself is part of the metropolitan area of Miami.

Now, the name might first indicate the same rather unsavory origins but fear not. The city name comes from the Everglades Plantation Company who used to (part)own the land, establishing a rice plantation.

As for the climate, you will find that Plantation, FL sits in the climate of the tropical rainforest. This means a lot of hot weather and almost no snow whatsoever. Also, the summers are humid!

Straight to the point – fun things to do in Plantation

Ok, so now that we have explained where your movers Plantation FL will take you to, we can move to fun things to do in Plantation, Florida. However, we should consider that, when most people search for this particular information, they are most often searching for family fun. And while we will recommend such activities as Golf and Historical museums, there are also going to be things that are meant for children too.

 fun things to do in Plantation with kids
How to move with kids? What to do?

Furthermore, we can take this opportunity to go over exactly how one should proceed when moving with kids. If you find this to be irrelevant to you, skip to the “Golf!” heading.

  • Give them some initiative. The first thing to understand when moving with kids is that they feel largely out of control. This is due to the fact that, well, they are out of control of the situation. They don’t get to make a decision about leaving. However, get them to feel like part of it by letting them help with packing or investigate fun things to do in Plantation online!
  • Be sure of yourself. This goes with the first point. If they are not in control, they need you to be. Project confidence!
  • Take a day off. Finally, be sure to relax after the move. Take them somewhere fun (possible from this list). No matter how short or long the relocation was, you are surely in need of rest!


Are you tired from your relocation via moving companies Miami Dade? Do you need to blow off some steam? How about one of the most popular 18-hole golf courses in the state! Yes, that is right!

A man with a club
Go out and play some golf, Florida’s favorite sport!

Nearly 60 acres are at your disposal. There are also a lot of supporting facilities, like shops, a clubhouse, and a restaurant!

Secret Woods Nature Center

The not-so-secret location of this center is located on West State Road, Dania Beach. It is a wonderful type of place to take your children too. You can have a close-up look at the wast butterfly conservatorium.

There is also a myriad of outdoor activities that are available to you. These include walks, hikes, and jogs. However, pets are not allowed. Furthermore, you are not allowed to use a bicycle. These restrictions are placed in order to preserve the local natural ecosystem.

 duck on a lake
Experience natural riches of Florida in the Secret Woods Nature Center

Aquatic complex

Possibly the most famous attraction among fun things to do in Plantation is the Plantation Aquatic Complex, located on NorthWest 2nd Street. Want to take your kids for a swim? there are shallow play kids and feel safe with full-time lifeguards staffed.

You can also enjoy Olympic pools (two of them to be exact) and workout gym, as well as basketball courts and some educational, health care and instructional courses. There is a lot of people visiting Plantation Florida for this exact reason!

Historical museum and the museum of art

There are two museums we highly recommend should you be moving to Florida.

First among them is the historical museum, located on North Fig Tree Lane. You will also find the botanical gardens park adjacent to the location. The museum mainly focuses on Native American groups that used to inhabit the area, as well as the economic development of the region.

Coral Springs Museum of Art is the second one. The collection is vast and inexpensive to seed. We think that this is a very good way to widen your horizons!

To conclude

So, what are you to take from this guide on fun things to do in Plantation? Well, first and foremost, we hope that you have decided that this is the right place for you to live in. If you have, and like all the attractions, we would presume that this guide was all you needed. However, one more piece of advice. If you are in need of a more “homemade” entertainment, why not organize a housewarming party? It would be an awesome way to meet your new neighbors and find out some local secret spots!

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