How can your employees make your commercial relocation easier?

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Moving your office always comes with a lot of logistics. This process is not as simple as moving your own house! First, there is much more furniture involved. Then, you will be moving a lot of people – not just one family. Finally, you are running against the clock. The more time you spend on the move, the more time you will have to keep your office closed – which is never the best solution. This is why a lot of people will delegate the task of moving their office to professional commercial movers Miami. However, there are a lot of ways in which your employees can make your commercial relocation easier! Want to learn how they can do this? Then keep reading this article and we will tell you exactly what you can do!

Your employees can make your commercial relocation easier by taking a bigger part in it!

As we already mentioned, you will need to do a lot of logistics in order to successfully move your office. However, you don’t need to do this process all by yourself! One of the best ways in which your employees can make your commercial relocation easier is by participating in creating a moving plan with your interstate moving companies Miami! Simply pick one trustworthy person from each department of your company. They will be in charge of moving that sector. Their duties will be overlooking the details of the moving process as well as working with employees in this department.

a team meeting
Create a team that will deal with the logistics of their own departments.

This way, you are less likely to miss out on any small details of the move. When you are dealing with the logistics all by yourself, you can often focus on bigger tasks – like budgeting or finding the right location – that you just simply forget about something as small as getting the right packing supplies. This way, however, your employees can all focus on their own turf. While doing this, they can go deeper and more thoroughly into the move, since they have fewer things to overlook. That is how you get a happy company and an easy moving experience!

Another great way in which your employees can make your commercial relocation easier is by contributing to finding the new office space or giving suggestions about it. Have each of the department representatives talk to their department and mark out all the good and the bad things about your old office space. Then, have a meeting where you will look over these. When looking into the new space, you can boost the quality of office life for your employees, and thus boost your office output!

Your employees can make your commercial relocation easier by packing themselves

An important thing that people are often confused about when it comes to packing their office. Even when you are using packing services, you should not be transporting your employees’ personal belongings. This only adds weight to the whole move, which adds to its cost. Also, it will take more time to properly pack all of these items, and losing time in the business world is never a good thing.

Your employees can pack their own office space.

This is why you should have the members of your logistics team talk to their departments. Let them explain that every person needs to pack their own office space with their personal belongings, and take these home. Then, they can bring them back to the new office space once the move is over. You can let them have a day for this, or they can do it after work. This way, you are speeding up the moving process, saving money and making it easy on your moving company, but also finding a way in which your employees can make your commercial relocation easier.

IT sector and equipment can be a problem for some companies

Usually, during commercial relocation, the biggest problems you can run into are in the IT department. This is not because of the people working there! No matter how great and helpful the IT experts can be, disconnecting and reconnecting all of your electrical equipment can be quite a hassle!

There is a way your employees can make your commercial move easier, though – even when it includes transporting IT equipment! The moment you know you are moving – and you are creating your moving team – create a separate IT department team. With them, plan the transfer of all the equipment separately. Of course, it’s important to keep the communication between both teams going, as well as the communication with your office movers. However, their main focus will be all the computers, phones and servers. Another thing that they should not forget is the data and internet plans! This often happens in commercial moves, and companies find themselves cut off from the rest of the digital world!

your employees can make your commercial relocation easier by packing IT equipment
Let the experts handle the IT equipment.

This can be a pretty big job, so have a lot of understanding and patience for your team. However, make sure that they also respect the deadlines! This is important during a commercial move and a great way in which your employees can make your commercial move easier! A thing to note is that this is also the perfect time to set up recycling or donating plans, too. If you have some outdated pieces of equipment or something you will be changing during the move – donate it!


To conclude, there are multiple ways in which your employees can make your commercial relocation easier. The main thing is that you let them participate in it. Remember, just because you are the employer doesn’t mean that you don’t need help. So start by creating a good moving team who can pay attention to the things you cannot. Create another team that will focus solely on IT equipment. Finally, get your employees to pack up their items and make the move easier for everyone, and you will relocate with ease!

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