How to involve your kids in packing process

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Moving at all is hard. Moving with kids is harder. They are easily upset by the smallest of changes, let alone the seismic shift in life routine like a move. This exact reason is why you should involve them as much as possible in the moving process. If they feel involved, they will feel like they have agency. That they are in control. And, since they don’t have any decision making power, making them feel in control is crucial for their stability and well being. So, know that we know why, the question remains: How to involve your kids in packing process?


Before professional moving companies sunny isles beach can arrive to pick up your stuff you need to make sure that your stuff is actually accessible. Now, when knowing that a house with kids is rarely fully in order. When it comes to children, and especially smaller children, chaos is the name of the game. The move just making the problem worse. It is a naturally chaotic process that can throw your whole life into a frenzy.

However, you need to get your house in order before the d-day of the move arrives. And your kids, while sometimes agents of entropy, might just be inclined to help. Make a game out of it! You can make small competitions on who can clean up more of the house. Everyone can get their room to clean up. It is especially efficient if kids are tasked for decluttering their own bedroom. If played right they will be your little helpers, eager to clean up their room, pick up toys from the floor, etc.

After you and they have disregarded and thrown away the trash, you are left with the possessions that are in the play for being selected for a move. 

Their own essentials

So before you use services such as packing services Miami it might just so happen that you are not sure what to keep and what is best thrown away. And this uncertainty only grows if the has emotional rather then monetary value…

It is hard to part with rather simple things when they have to be there for so long. We as adults often find ourselves (some more than others) drawn to items that have already served their purpose or are obsolete, simply because of the sentimental value. However, we sometimes forget that kids feel the same things.

Their own essentials
Let them pick their priorities

It is safe to presume that your children own no home appliances or any other items that might be considered useful. What they do own, however, are toys, and most of the times the value of a toy is tied directly to its sentimental value. You do not want to throw away a toy your kids like… trust us. This is why it is best to let your children pick up what they feel they need or not, and especially, what are their essentials.

For things they argue are absolutely essential you should not pack. Rather, put them in the car or backpack, to always be close to the child during the move day.

Their room

Their room is their fortress. This should remain so even when the workers from moving companies Miami Dade arrive at your doorstep. Their room should be last to be packed. Also, it should be among first to be reassembled after you move!

prepare your home for movers
Their room is important

Make sure your kid has a say in how it is reassembled. If you have small kids, it is best for the room to be as similar to the old one as possible.

Make a game out of it

Kids don’t really comprehend hire concerns in the moving process such as calculating moving quotes Miami and thinking about the logistics of the move etc. And that is pretty much ok, they don’t really have to. What they do have to do is to be occupied, or otherwise, they might get uneasy.

So gamify the process! Kids like to play games, it is almost their occupational description. This is why you should use it to your advantage. Games may include:

  • Coloring the boxesinvolve your kids in the packing process by making them in charge of “making boxes pretty”. While this task obviously adds nothing to the functionality of the boxes, it will achieve is its goal in keeping them occupied.
  • Hidden treasure – hide special items for them to find around the house!
  • In charge of the pet – this “game” is actually a somewhat important task and should be given to the kids that are a little bit older. It should fully deal with all things your pet cat might need. It is more than your child will be tasked with making the pet entertained, while the pet will do the same for the kid.

Involve your kids in the packing process

When it is time to pack for a move older kids might be eligible for some more practical task. Getting you and passing to your cardboard boxes, scissors, ducktape, cushioning paper and the other items you might find yourself needing while you make your items bump-proof.

With this activity, just be sure that their job is supervised, especially if they are dealing with some of the boxes alone. This is both for the sake of the child and the valuable possession they are packing.


Finally, there is no reason why not to have a little party after the packing process is over.

No reason why not to part
No reason why not to party

It can be used as motivation throughout the process, and will also serve as a moment for them to say goodbye to friends, should you invite them. You can make it more local, though, and have a family dinner with a lot of balloons and lemonade. They will appreciate it just the same.

In conclusion

It is not that scary or complicated to involve your kids in the packing process. Simply pay attention to their feelings, give them agency and give them a reward afterward. And voila, the packing is done, a house in order and the kid is happy and cooperative.

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