How to make sure your storage unit is completely safe?

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If you are relocating soon you may have considered renting a storage unit. This is a great idea if you have a number of items that you need to temporarily store. However, how do you make sure your storage unit is completely safe? If you are unsure of the ways in which you can protect your valuable items then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will go over some of the basic security features that you should look for when renting a storage unit. Moreover, we will discuss why hiring professional movers is the key to a successful relocation. So, before we go deeper into the crucial security elements that your storage needs to have, make sure that you have hired reliable and trusted Miami moving and storage companies.

Safety features to look for when you want to make sure your storage unit is completely safe

To begin with, we should first take a look at the most basic security features that every storage facility needs to have in order to be considered safe. It is not always easy determining the safety of a storage facility simply by taking a stroll around it. You need to do proper research. We have compiled a list of security features that you should always look for when renting a storage unit.

Digital surveillance system

Many of the items you plan on storing might be valuable and easily breakable. This is why you need to have them constantly monitored. A digital surveillance system records the area within and outside the storage units 24 hours a day. This is one of the most crucial and basic elements to look for when renting a storage unit. Knowing that your items are under lock and key is one thing, but knowing that they are also being constantly monitored is definitely an added security.

security camera that will make sure your storage unit is completely safe
One way to make sure your storage unit is completely safe is to get one with a number of CCTV cameras

Password Protected Access

Look for a storage facility that has an access system that requires customers and employees to have codes and passwords required for entry. This important security features greatly limits who can access the storage facility. It also allows security guards to review the list of all the people who accessed the storage area.

Efficient lighting

A well-lit facility is another crucial safety measure. Having the entire area visible at night is a great addition to the cameras placed outside of the facility. Exterior lighting will also quickly deter any trespassers. This is why it is extremely important to get a storage unit that has all areas covered with not only cameras but also light bulbs. While proper lighting seems like an obvious feature, not every storage facility will have it installed so that it covers the entire area. Sometimes you need to pay more for a storage unit but if it comes with efficient lighting in combination with digital surveillance it will be well worth the extra money. 

Neon tube
A properly lit storage facility ensures safety and security

Things to do before you store your items

There are a few things that you can do on your own in order to provide extra security for your items. Firstly, you need to know exactly what you are planning on storing.

Inventory checklist

Create a checklist of your inventory before relocating. A simple checklist allows you to keep track of all of your packed items. Furthermore, this helps when storing items as well. Communicate with your movers and tell them exactly what items you plan on storing. Find reliable movers who offer good storage services and can help you with your storage Miami.

Get the right packing supplies

Whether you are storing your items temporarily or long-term you want them to be properly protected from any outside damage. Mold, moisture, and dust can all damage your items. This is why you need to get the right packing materials to protect your items before you store them away. Some of the basic packing supplies that will keep your items protected are:

  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Bubble wrap.
  • Packing foam.
  • Plastic bags.

If you do not have these supplies you can contact your professional movers which offer a wide range of moving services Miami, including packing services and ask them to supply you with the right packing materials. Furthermore, you can acquire many of these supplies online on websites such as Amazon.

Inventory checklist
Make a list of packing supplies

Things you should not store

To keep the rest of your items safe you need to avoid storing items that can damage the rest of your inventory. Certain liquids, foods as well as cash, and fine jewelry should not be stored in storage facilities.

Hire a professional moving company

As we have already mentioned, hiring professional and reliable movers is the key to a successful relocation. The benefits of hiring movers that offer a number of different services at affordable prices are many. First of all, you do not need to worry about transportation. Professional movers provide vehicles for the transportation of your inventory Moreover, you do not have to worry about heavy lifting your items on your own. A moving company will send a required number of hired workers to help you out when moving your packed belongings.

Furthermore, it is extremely important to hire a company that offers storage services. Chances are, you are going to need them if you have a lot of items that need to be stored away. All things considered, getting a professional moving company also ensures the safety of your items. To make sure your storage unit is completely safe, you should get movers who are experienced and offer good storage services.

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