How to move an art gallery in Miami

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Having to move an art gallery can give a person a lot of stress and anxiety. You are not moving clothes where you can literally just place them in the box and be done with it. The art gallery has a ton of pieces that you would like to preserve in the same condition. However, in order to do this, you need to be cautious. The best option is to hire movers Miami that will handle the moving part for you. However, that is not everything. Here is everything that you need to do if you want to move an art gallery in Miami!

Obtain all the necessary packing supplies for relocating your gallery in Miami

Before you start doing anything regarding the move of your art gallery in Miami, you need to get all the necessary supplies for the move like:

  • proper, durable moving boxes
  • air-filled plastic wrap for protection
  • regular plastic paper
  • packing tapes for boxes

However, you should not look at this as a complete list. Everything depends on everything that you want to move with you. The best thing you can do is find commercial movers Miami that will give you their professional advice on what you need to do. After that, everything will be easier and you will have fewer things to think and worry about.

moving box
Supplies are crucial to your move

Pack your paintings the right way

Once you get all the necessary supplies, you should start packing. When handling the paintings, you want to protect them as much as possible. That is where air-filled plastic wrap comes to save you. You want to wrap the entire painting as many times so that you could be sure it will survive the transport. No matter how good your local movers Miami are, things can still happen and you want to be as prepared as possible. After that, drop the paintings in the boxes and make sure they do not move too much during the move.

What about the sculptures?

The problem with moving an art gallery in the city of Miami with sculptures in it is that their shapes can be different. They may or may not fit your regular moving boxes. That is why it is much harder to move sculptures than regular art paintings. You should disassemble them if you can so you make them easier to pack. If not, consider getting bigger containers where you will put your sculptures for the move.

art sculpture
Sculptures will be most difficult to move

Secure your boxes if you want to move an art gallery in Miami

Handling the boxes properly is crucial when relocating a gallery in Miami. No matter how good you pack, it will all be in vain if you do not protect your boxes too. You have to make sure you can sustain the weight you put on it. Never overweight the boxes and make sure to tape them properly. This is crucial if you are moving across states. If this is the case, good movers Miami Dade can take care of this matter but you should not trust anyone until you see how everything is secured!

Storing art in Miami

Of course, when moving an art gallery, you will have to find a place where you will store some of the artwork as well. Luckily, you can find many good storage units Miami has to offer for storing art. Naturally, before you rent storage, you need to make sure that your storage facility offers appropriate conditions for storing art. And that can only be a storage facility that offers climate-controlled storage units.

Make Miami a center of art!

Even though Miami is a large place, it does not mean that your art gallery will not function there. The Miami art community is diverse and always ready to accept new faces so you have good chances of success. Make sure to move an art gallery in Miami properly so that you could continue with your business as soon as possible. However, do not rush anything because you do not want to lose a valuable piece of art during the process!

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