How to organize a family relocation from Davie to Pembroke Pines

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Many people are deciding to change their lives and relocate from one city to another. Florida is a great state with many different excellent cities to settle in, and Pembroke Pines is definitely a great choice. It offers everything to everyone, regardless of their age, interests, and other factors. Davie and Pembroke Pines are definitely both great places to live, so it’s not uncommon for people to move from one city to the other. It goes both ways, but in this article, we will help you organize a family relocation from Davie to Pembroke Pines. There are many moving companies in Florida that can help you with this, but we have a lot of hands-on experience in these moves. We will share our knowledge and expertise with you so that you and your family have a smooth and enjoyable relocation.

About Davie and Pembroke Pines 

For anyone wanting to move in the other direction and settle in Davie, it’s a city with 106,306 people living in it. The median home price revolves around $345,000, while the average rent is at about $1,583. That’s definitely less than the US average, as the median home value in the whole country is $428,700. The index for the cost of living in Davie is 108, which is slightly above the national average. 

On the other hand, if you are planning a family relocation from Davie to Pembroke Pines, the average home value there is $324,200. The rent in Pembroke Pines is also similar to Davie’s, as the average rent price is $1,497. The cost of living index is 119.2, which is definitely higher than in Davie, but only slightly. It’s also the home of 173,591 people, so in almost every aspect it’s similar to Davie. You and your family won’t really feel too much difference when you organize your move to Pembroke Pines!

Girl sitting in a box during a family relocation from Davie to Pembroke Pines
Be sure to organize your family relocation optimally, so your kids enjoy it too

Organize a family relocation from Davie to Pembroke Pines in advance

When it comes to moving from city to city, make sure you start early. Choose the moving date enough time in advance, and plan accordingly. You don’t want to start packing a day or two before the move and realize you have plenty of other chores to take care of. That’s why it’s imperative you plan it with precision. Take into account every relevant factor, like how many things you have to pack, what season it is in regards to the weather, do you have to offload some things, etc. Nothing beats a well-prepared and executed plan. That’s especially true in regards to moving and relocating. No one wants to be in panic mode when the moving day approaches! With children, it’s a whole different ball game. Make sure your movers Davie FL of choice are reliable so your move goes smoothly.

Choose your new house in person

Don’t rely on pictures on real-estate websites! Many houses can look great on your screen, but when you arrive you can really see that home up close. You can see if there is something that needs to be fixed that was otherwise missed in the ad. Those hidden costs can definitely affect your budget! You can end up in a situation where you have to make compromises in regard to what to exclude from your moving checklist. That’s not something you wish to happen, especially since you are organizing a family relocation from Davie to Pembroke Pines. Be sure to check all the houses you think are the right fit for you with your family, so that everyone can say if they like it or not. This is a decision that has to be made collectively, whether you are moving to Florida for the first time or not.

Find the right school for your children 

Explore all options you have available in your new city. Education and schools are not something you wish to compromise on. Your kids deserve only the best education you can get them, so be sure to really research what are the best schools in the area. For example, Pembroke Pines Charter School is rated as the 5th best elementary school in Florida! Other notable mentions are Somerset Miramar South and Somerset Academy Elementary School. When it comes to high schools, the College Academy at Broward College is rated as the 16th best high school in Florida. Pompano Beach High School and McFatter Technical College High School are also excellent options. These choices can really shape your children’s future. Since we all want what’s best for them, be diligent about this matter.

Couple hugging after a successful family relocation
Minimize the number of things you’ll move when trying to organize a family relocation from Davie to Pembroke Pines

Sell and donate stuff you don’t need

To create some more room in your budget, sell what you don’t need. This is an excellent way to make your relocation smoother. We all have a lot of things we don’t need. Make sure you go through all your possessions and discard what you don’t need. Each member of your household should do the same. Once you have everything you don’t need in one place, decide what to do with it. Sell what’s not needed by putting up ads on Craigslist or by organizing a garage sale. This is the most effective way of getting some cash in exchange for those goods. Once you’ve sold what you can, donate the rest. Donate to a charity or to friends and family members. The last thing you can do is put those items in a storage unit. Contact your movers Pembroke Pines of choice to ask about storage options.

Find a reliable storage unit while organizing your family relocation from Davie to Pembroke Pines 

Getting a reliable storage unit when trying to organize a family relocation from Davie to Pembroke Pines is crucial. The things you won’t be using from the very first day will be there for some time. They should be in a place that is reliable and safe and handled by the same type of people. The last thing you want is to leave your packages in the hands of a company that won’t ensure their safety. That’s why you should be strict to only find the best ones. Compare online reviews between different moving and storage companies and see what their customers say. That’s the best way to know if a moving company is worth its salt. Customer reviews are a great resource to find reliable help in the city of Davie, so definitely use them.

Two people loading boxes in a car for a family relocation
Make sure you are well prepared for your upcoming family relocation, nothing should be left to chance

Hire a reliable moving company

A reliable moving company can make or break your relocation! As we’ve stated several times, you need someone with plenty of hands-on experience. Some of your packages are more delicate and require a finer touch. But even if they are delicate or not, all your possessions should be treated carefully and with respect. That’s what a good, reliable moving company will do! Treat each customer like their only customer. Be sure to get only the best moving services Miami has to offer while you organize a family relocation from Davie to Pembroke Pines. It will definitely pay off. 

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