How to Pack Your Dishes

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A lot of customers of Miami Movers for Less had an accident or two with their possessions, but this mostly happened with the you pack, we drive option. This is an option in which the Miami movers are left to pack by themselves and we will just provide the moving truck to carry all the items needed for the move. The most fragile items that a customer takes with them are fine china, dishes or anything breakable. Although this is not to say that our packers and movers never made a mistake, we made it a promise that we carefully carry the items and that we double check how the items are being packed before they are loaded into the truck. The moving company would not have been considered one of the best and has reached 9 years in this business if they did not train their professional movers well.

But when the customers of Miami Movers for Less decides to pack their own stuff, they will have to learn how to do it properly so that it wont end up being rejected by our professional movers. So when you pack your dishes, make sure that you follow the guidelines below.

You will need a good supply of moving boxes, packing tape and packing paper. You can use either a medium or small sized moving boxes, although the most recommended ones are the dish pack moving boxes. These dish pack boxes are created for the purpose of containing dishes since it comes with adjustable dividers and reinforced walls as a way of protecting the contents of the boxes. Before you start putting the dishes into the box, you might want to consider putting a layer of crumpled packing paper at the bottom of the moving box. This is to provide cushion beneath the dishes as you stack them up inside the boxes one after another.

As you pack each dishes, make sure that you wrap every item using plain newsprint paper or the packing paper that is available in our moving company. If you want to save money, you can use plain paper, but better make sure that it provides enough cushion to every dish that you are going to keep. As long as the glass do not touch each other, it will remain stable for the rest of the moving, especially during transit.

You place the dish at the middle of the wrapping paper and start wrapping from the upper corner of the sheet, then wrapping it diagonally until all visible surface are already covered. If you are wrapping a glass bowl that has a lid, the base is to be wrapped first. The lid is to be placed upside down on the bowl, then wrapped together with the base using a packing paper. The bowls and plates must be stacked inside the moving boxes vertically, like how you place them in a dishwasher, instead of laying it flat like the ones in the cupboard.

You can find a live demonstration at the official website of Miami Movers for Less.

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