How to re-pack clothes in your home storage

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Many people have a lot of clothes. To protect them it is important to store them properly. When you re-pack clothes in your home storage you can use this opportunity to sort out clothes you don’t need anymore. You can give these clothes to your friends or donate them to people in need. Professional movers Miami have few tips for you on this topic so you can do this task without any problem or stress.

Re-packing clothing and textiles

You need to consider some things when you re-pack clothes in your home storage. The clothes moth loves dander. Therefore, you should wrap wool blankets and textiles neatly in foil with as few gaps as possible. There are protective films with zippers, which are cut approximately in the size of blazers or long dresses. The right place to keep your favorite pieces is a closet that is usually closed – even in the attic or basement. It is also recommended to spread wood sprinkled with cedar oil to ward off moths. Usually, one ball or one leaf per square meter of closet space. The moths do not like the smell of the oil, but the clothes don’t take it either.

trying to re-pack clothes in your home storage
Re-pack clothes in your home storage can be fun!

Re-pack winter clothes in your home storage

Especially the thick winter things like sweaters, jackets, coats, boots are taking up a lot of space in the closet. Therefore, it is a good option, if you can, to store them in the basement during the summer. For this purpose, a closed closet, or shelves where the clothes are stored in laundry baskets or boxes is suitable. To protect them from dust and dirt, the clothes can also be wrapped in linen sheets. Place tissue paper between the individual layers to protect clothes against creasing. A bar of soap or a scented sachet provides a pleasant smell. An alternative is vacuum boxes or bags. They not only protect against dust and moisture but also save space. Unsuitable for storing textiles are normal plastic bags.

Storing shoes

When you re-pack clothes in your home storage you need to think about shoes as well. Employees at local movers Florida know a trick or two. You must clean shoes well, even if they only go into the shoe closet for a while. That is because leather absorbs mud and damp dust, and you cannot get it out properly. Also, you must dry shoes when you store them. But damp shoes should never be put on the heater because then the leather dries out and gets cracks. Instead, newspaper, which is more absorbent than other paper, should absorb the moisture in the shoe. Then apply shoe polish and insert the shoe tree. For extra protection, you can pack your shoes in cloth bags.

Pair of sneakers
If you store your shoes properly you can wear them for many years.


The task of re-packing clothes in your home storage can be fun. If you put some music on and call a friend or a family member to help you can do it fast and with ease. If not you can always call packing service Miami. They will be happy to pack your clothes for you.

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