Long distance moving advice for millennials

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The millennial generation, now between the ages of 25 and 40, is on the go. Each year millennials are increasingly moving away from their present homes. Whether it’s due to work, growing families, or a simple change of pace, Millenials are relocating all over the country. It’s a fact that millennial moves are smaller. But this means most millennials are super eco-friendly. And don’t move as many things as baby boomers, generation x, y, and so on. However, they move a lot! Specifically, they move every few years or less. And usually, major cities are the preferred destinations. So, if you’re a millennial planning a move, check out the following long-distance moving advice. And give Miami movers a call if you need help during any step of the process.

The essential tips for millennials moving long-distance

Long-distance moving can be wildly stressful. Or, it can be the most exciting time of your life. Luckily, we know how you can make the entire process easier. Here’s a list of the most useful long-distance moving advice for millennials:

  • Don’t give in to procrastination
  • Opt for a cost-effective way to replace your items
  • Work with professional movers
  • Do the paperwork
  • Have some backup juice for your phone prepared
  • Keep in touch with your old friends
A millennial girl taking notes on long distance moving advice on boxes
Make sure to write down notes from the following long-distance relocation advice.

Don’t give in to procrastination

Millennials seem to have earned a reputation for being major procrastinators. Nevertheless, though it may have worked in high school or college, it’s a really horrible idea to procrastinate when it comes to moving. Life-saving long-distance relocation advice is to start packing ASAP. Firstly, sort through your belongings, decide what’s worth keeping. Then, put aside what you want to leave behind. Finally, to reduce environmental waste put unwanted items up for sale or donate them. You should start this process a few weeks in advance. Properly packing your possessions will make unpacking a whole lot easier too. However, if you don’t trust yourself enough that you’ll start packing in time, no worries. Contact movers in Fort Lauderdale to learn about their packing services.

Opt for a cost-effective way to replace your items

Most long distance movers Miami will charge by weight or volume. Although, not exclusively. But, it is enough to make you consider which large and heavy items really. deserve a place in your new home. And which you should sell or donate. Making this decision may come easier when you read the following long-distance relocation advice. You can buy stuff on Craigslist when you get to your new area. And you can get great deals on some high-quality stuff. Much like yourself, there will also be millennials who are in the same rush to get rid of items quickly because of an approaching move.

Work with professional movers

Even though a large number of millennials are fans of DIY projects, it’s best to leave moving to the professionals. There may be friends available to help you with the move, sure. But they may not be the best kind of help. Reliable and trustworthy movers will properly take care of the trickiest possessions you may own. Trust us with this long-distance relocation advice.

A girl sitting on the floor among the moving boxes throwing paper confetti in the air
Working with professional movers on your long-distance move will make the moving process a lot easier.

Make sure to get estimates on everything

Now you know that moving long-distance requires professional help. So, don’t hesitate to contact them for free moving quotes Miami and get a reliable estimate on how much it costs to rent a truck, hire movers and get help with your packing.

The crucial long-distance moving advice – do the paperwork!

There are a lot of tedious tasks to handle when moving. You have to change address, set up contracts with the new utility providers, find new doctors. Additionally, there are accounts you need to update or cancel. Plus, there will be subscriptions, bank accounts, and government organizations that’ll need your new address. Most of these errands are time-consuming and can easily slip your mind. But here’s the heartfelt long-distance relocation advice to help you remember everything. Write it all down in one of those super cute notepads to trick yourself into thinking this part is fun.

Have some backup juice for your phone prepared

A long-distance move means you will have to spend a lot of time on the road. And the worst thing that could happen is to be stranded with a dead phone. Therefore, consider buying a power bank that holds enough power to fully charge your phone at least two times. Choosing to follow this long-distance relocation advice can make a huge difference during the move. There’s a wide variety of portable pocket chargers which you can choose from.

A millennial couple stacking boxes for their long-distance move
Keep the fun alive while following this long-distance moving advice for millennials.

Keep in touch with your old friends

Millennials better than anyone know that friendships transcend distance. It’s possible you don’t get to see your friends as often as you did before. Or, even at all. But none of that means that your friendship is over. Thanks to the Internet, there’s a wide variety of ways to keep in touch. Here are only some of them:

  • call your friends often
  • text and chat as much as you can
  • organize video chats or chat rooms
  • visit each other in person as often as the circumstances allow.

Bonus long-distance relocation advice for millennials

Don’t forget to take selfies! Can you even call yourself a millennial if you don’t document your move and post it on social media? Even though moving is stressful, you can still find ways to have fun. Therefore, capture all the enjoyable moments with a camera and keep your friends and family updated. This is the last of our long-distance moving advice for millennials. We wish you good luck with your long-distance move!

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