Miami Movers for Less – Moving season is here!

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Greetings, as you all already know – moving season is here. With an ever increasing number of moves in Miami and South Florida, we – professional Miami movers suggest that you contact our sales and book your move at least 1 month prior to your moving date. This is extremely important to consider, especially if you have set your moving date to the end of the month. 70% of US households move within a moving season, which is a time period from May to August. During those few month, most of the well established moving companies, are usually overbooked. If you do not secure your moving service slot with a professional moving company, like Miami Movers for less, you are risking to be left at hands of amateurs, that you can frequently find on sites like Craigslist Miami moving service. Their rate are frequently less than of professional companies, but you get what you pay for. Such companies are often not licensed. Theft and damage are an everyday practice for such moving companies. We, at Miami Movers for less, feel that all customers should be aware of such issues. Before booking your move, please make sure to inquire about moving company license, check their DOT License. Ours can be checked here – Department of Transportation Record If you see that license is suspended or there is too many complaints – be aware and do not use such moving company. Its better be safe than sorry. Looking forward to have you as one of our valuable customers.

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