Moving from Canada to South Florida

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Moving from Canada to South Florida is a big step. But, when you have right moving assistance, moving to Florida can be a piece of cake. Miami Movers For Less are waiting for your call to help you move long distance. If you are tired of cold winters, great weather, sun, and cocktails are waiting for you in South Florida.

How to prepare for the move from cold Canada to warm Florida?

For many people, the weather in Canada is a big obstacle for living there for a long time. That’s why many of them are deciding to relocate to warmer parts of the world. South Florida is one of the favorite places for people to move. Its great weather, nightlife, safe neighborhoods, and beautiful beaches are just a few reasons why people decide to relocate to South Florida. Especially, there is a significant number of families who are looking for a great place to raise children. South Florida has an excellent reputation because of the great education system and low crime rates. It is a perfect place to put your roots grow.

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If you are tired of cold winter, leaving Canada and moving to South Florida can be the best decision you ever made

An international move like this can be very stressful and complicated. But, hiring long distance movers, you can minimize the stress and the hassle. Let professionals handle all the heavy parts of relocation. Companies experienced in long-distance moves know the best how to manage all the general moving tasks and documentation. So, if you are ready to make this big step, you should fill the online moving quote to get a free estimate for your relocation. Then, you can start sorting, packing, decluttering and preparing your children (if you have them) for this big change.

Are you ready to change your life completely? South Florida is a place entirely different from your previous area of living. If you are ready for this type of adventure, here are some tips to follow.

Moving from Canada to South Florida: Preparation tips

How to get a proper visa?

When relocating from Canada to South Florida, you need to find a new job and a place to live. But first, you need to get a visa! There are three most common ways to get a visa for South Florida.

  1. TN status

This type of visa you can get if you have a job offer letter from your employer. With this letter, you can enter the state, and you can stay for three years for work. If you are not sure how to get it, you can always check  US customs requirements for Canadian citizens, to get more info.

  1. Your employer can arrange a permanent stay

If you have a great job offer in South Florida, your employer can pay for you to stay in the state for 3-10 years.

  1. Marrying an American citizen

If you have a man or woman, you love in South Florida, by marrying them you can get a green card.

passport you need when moving from Canada to South Florida
Get a proper visa when moving from Canada to South Florida

What about medical insurance?

After 180 days of obtaining your visa, you can have your medical insurance. So, think about your visa on time to get your medical insurance on time, too. You don’t want to be without it. Your health is the most important.

How to transport your car internationally?

If you are relocating for a better job and you have an American citizen to guarantee for you, you need some documents to get driver’s license in South Florida:

  • Original Drivers license
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Replacements

Don’t forget to pick the right moving company

For your South Florida relocation from Canada, you should make research of moving companies experienced in international moves. Check their online reviews, references, and services they offer. Avoid bad reviews, services that not fit your needs, and high prices that not fit your budget. When you find a moving company contact them to get a free quote and to get more info about your relocation. Think about packing services, Customs procedures, packing supplies, etc. Also, if you don’t have enough space in your new home in South Florida, think about renting safe storage units in Florida to store your items safely.

Man on airport
South Florida is a place entirely different from your previous area of living. Be ready for this type of adventure. An international move can be an exciting adventure!

Find a home before you relocate from Canada to Sunshine state

Being an expat isn’t an easy thing. You have to obtain a visa, to find a job, medical insurance to most important – to find a job! We suggest not to move if you have not found a home. Start looking for your home on time. Check home listings in South Florida and take a look on pictures online. In this way, you will get an insight into housing prices and the real estate market.

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