Moving from Coral Gables to Hollywood

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Moving is always challenging and unpredictable. Whether you are moving to a faraway place or next door, you might encounter many difficulties. How your relocation will turn out also depends on your expectations and demands. For instance, if you are looking for excitement and unspoiled natural beauty, Hollywood might be the perfect place for you. It is a marvelous place that provides miles and miles of stunning beaches. Hollywood also has many parks, a thriving job and property market, and beautiful neighborhoods. This area in Florida is ideal for young people, ones with families, and the elderly. If you are serious about moving from Coral Gables to Hollywood, make sure to choose the best Miami Moving and Storage. This will ensure that you have a smooth relocation to this popular place in Florida.

What kind of place is Hollywood?

Hollywood is a city in Florida that has a population of about 154,000. Moreover, it is usually ranked as one of the best cities in Florida to live in. Namely, it has an overall livability score of 77/100. It is a fact that Hollywood may be one of the best cities to live in the USA. However, there are still many things about it that many people are unaware of. To begin with, rest assured that this place offers many opportunities. Although most areas in Hollywood are quite pricey, rest assured that you can find some affordable places with the help of movers Hollywood FL. Apart from helping you choose the perfect neighborhood, they will execute a smooth and easy move.

a beach in Hollywood
Hollywood is one of the most popular cities in Florida. Its beaches are one of the reasons why people are more there.

Hollywood is ideal for raising a family

Once you have decided that relocating from Coral Gables to Hollywood is a great idea, make sure to compare the two places. When it comes to Coral Gables, rest assured that not all towns can provide peace and quiet after a long day at work like this place. It is due to the fact that the neighborhood does not have lively nightlife. On the other hand, Hollywood boasts of its beach bars and nightclubs. However, it is a fact that both Coral Gables and Hollywood are good options for raising a family. In case you want to move with your family members and children, make sure to hire one of the excellent movers Coral Gables to assist you in your relocation. A little expert assistance can go a long way, regardless of the distance you must go.

More people move to Hollywood than to Coral Gables

Coral Gables has the highest median household income in the country and the highest cost of living in Florida. Moreover, it also has the highest overall income in the United States, which is around $104,000. West Hollywood’s average cost of living is $3300. It means it is in the top 0.1% of the most expensive cities in the world. The median salary is $5100. Therefore, if you are thinking about relocating from Coral Gables to Hollywood and are worried about the price, the better choice might be Coral Gables since it has a slightly lower cost of living. However, even though the prices are higher, more people opt for moving to Hollywood since it also offers unspoiled nature, a wide variety of parks, and is perfect for raising a family.

Consider safety when relocating from Coral Gables to Hollywood

The safety a community offers is one of the key factors when making a decision when moving from Coral Gables to Hollywood. Coral Gables is certainly one of Miami’s safest neighborhoods. According to some research, it is safer than about 45% of American cities. On the other hand, when it comes to safety in Hollywood, bear in mind that there is a bit more crime there. Hollywood’s overall crime rate is a bit greater than the national average. However, the crime rate has been decreasing in recent years. Therefore, make sure you are aware of these safety tips so that you can stay protected. Choosing a neighborhood that is known as safe will greatly alleviate both your relocation and life in Hollywood, Florida.

children walking in a park after moving from Coral Gables to Hollywood
Both Hollywood and Coral Gables are safe places perfect for raising a family. There are numerous parks in Hollywood, perfect for your kids.

Pros and cons of moving from Coral Gables to Hollywood

Just like all the other places in the USA, Hollywood has advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the best neighborhood in Hollywood, make sure to be open-minded and base your choice on your requirements and those of your family. Here are some of the pros and cons of relocating from Coral Gables to Hollywood.

Numerous job and education opportunities attract many people

It is a fact that Coral Gables is an excellent spot to raise a family. One of the reasons for that is the fact that the city boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the USA. However, Hollywood also has its advantages. Namely, its primary sources of income include electronics and tourism. It is quite easy to find a job there. The unemployment rate was estimated to be around 8% in 2021. This is encouraging news for everyone who plans to relocate here in search of a better job. Moreover, when relocating from Coral Gables to Hollywood, rest assured that you will have a top-notch school nearby for your children. Your children can attend a variety of public and private schools.

Consider the disadvantages when moving from Coral Gables to Hollywood

Although Hollywood, Florida might be a very good place to live and raise a family, there are some disadvantages to consider. Namely, living expenses are greater in Hollywood, Florida than in Coral Gables. Single-family homes range in price from $170,000. When it comes to living expenses, Hollywood has an average of $2200. Hollywood is now among the top 4% of the most expensive US cities as a result. The average salary is about $3800. If you want to avoid all issues and problems, make sure to do thorough research before you have chosen the best storage Miami. Hiring a storage unit might help you save money and also keep your belongings safe and sound. Moreover, expect to deal with wild weather events, such as tornadoes, earthquakes, and landslides.

Hire the best movers to avoid potential issues when relocating from Coral Gables to Hollywood

No matter how close or distant you are relocating, expert moving assistance is necessary when relocating from Coral Gables to Hollywood. Without adequate planning, even a simple move across the street could quickly turn disastrous. Therefore, it is crucial to choose one of the best moving companies Miami Dade that you can trust. Miami Movers For Less is at your disposal to provide the best moving experience.

Being scammed

One of the most dangerous aspects of moving is moving scams. Since Florida is a big state, there are many frauds that happen daily. The most typical moving scams include demanding payment before even determining whether your home is fit for transfer. Your movers might assume no responsibility for any damages that occur during the transportation. Additionally, you can encounter astronomical costs once your relocation is over. Therefore, make sure to hire Miami Movers For Less to avoid all potential issues and problems.

movers carrying windows when moving from Coral Gables to Hollywood
When moving from Coral Gables to Hollywood, rest assured that weather conditions might influence your movers’ efficiency.

The weather might delay your move to Florida

Even if you prepare every single detail, you risk making a costly error if you don’t take the weather into account. This especially applies to moving to Hollywood, Florida. Since it is famous for its bad weather, make sure to prepare in advance and stay well-informed. If the weather in Hollywood, FL suddenly changes, you must be ready for it and ensure the safety of your possessions. There are many problems that weather can cause. The relocation process will almost certainly be delayed in such unforeseen circumstances, which can lead to problems. Therefore, make sure to be cautious when moving from Coral Gables to Hollywood.

Final thoughts about relocating from Coral Gables to Hollywood

Hollywood is one of the most interesting and forward-thinking places you’ll discover. Whether you’re relocating for a job, entertainment, or another reason, you will not regret moving there. However, you might need to keep in mind that there are a few disadvantages to moving from Coral Gables to Hollywood. Although the education system and job market are thriving, there might be some natural disasters you will need to worry about. Moreover, bear in mind that the cost of living is a bit higher than in Coral Gables. Once you have compared the good and bad sides, you will make the best decision about your relocation. Good luck!

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