Moving into an RV – tips for beginners

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So, you are ready for your big adventure? Moving into an RV? Well, congratulations! This is the dream of many. This very dream is realized by very few. In order to get to the point where you can consider moving into an RV, you need to do a lot of real-life preparation. We will discuss some tips and tricks for those who do not need a job throughout the RV adventure (those who saved up money), as well as for those that need to keep on working. Moving into an RV is a glorious adventure, but this is something that not many can achieve, and not many know how to do.

This type of life brings many challenges, as well as joys. But believe us, it is not all rainbow and sunshine. As many good things as it brings, if not executed right, it could become a waste. It’s not uncommon that people call residential movers Miami to ask them for advice, as they are the ones who have the experience of moving in about anything.

So, moving into an RV requires extensive planning and preparation. It is not as simple as hopping into the vehicle and hitting the road, no matter how the fancy songs make it sound this way. It is a lot of work. Unless, of course, you are extremely rich and you simply care very little about the hardship of living on the road. We are going to pretend that you are not this rich and that you do not have infinite resources. We are not going to be able to prepare you, but hopefully, this article will give you a few things to think about.

In the end, this could lead to the beginning of a successful adventure. So, let’s get into it.

Moving into an RV – the difficulties

The most difficult part of moving into an RV as well as living on the road is sustenance. It is not all about simply driving around and sleeping wherever you like. Well, to an extent it is, but it is far from being all about that. Moving into an RV and living on the road requires a ridiculous amount of planning and preparation. If you choose this life you have to understand that it is not something you can simply make up as you go. You could try doing it this way, but with one streak of bad fortune, your road adventure could turn into a nightmare. However, with solid planning and preparation, no such bad fortune can happen.

This is exactly why we give so much emphasis so heavily on the moment of preparation. If this one is done right, the rest of the journey would be a very smooth, enjoyable adventure. However, what does this preparation consist of? It’s simple really. Planning, preparing, stocking up and networking. Cover these and you are bound to have a jolly good time.


Planning is the most crucial part of the entire operation. This does not mean that you only need to plan on where you will go. You need to plan on how will you get there, what you will bring, how long you will be gone for and when do you plan for it to end. Mapping this out carefully will give you a very clear image on what you can expect and how well you need to prepare. Planning and preparing basically go shoulder to shoulder. By carefully assessing both you should have no problems down the road.

Make a list with all the things that you can anticipate that will happen to you when moving into RV, and you will be better for it.
You can do it on a piece of paper, your smartphone, PC, literally anything so there is no excuse not to start planning on time.

In spite of all this, many people fail to adhere to this step in the right way. This is why we continuously emphasize the importance of this step. Sit down, grab a map and a piece of paper and plan your adventure. The most important elements of this plan are the duration and direction. The infamous double D. Knowing for how long you are staying, and which way you will be going, will allow you to prepare the right wardrobe, rations as well as other necessities that you will need on the road. Planning is key.


Preparation is a simple process once planning has been done the right way. Preparation means choosing the appropriate clothes to bring on your journey. So, say you are leaving to go in colder parts. You will need warm clothes and similar winter-like apparel. Same goes if you are going to warm parts. This also means that you need to prepare provisions on the road.

Choosing the right clothes will decide how much things you bring with you because you don't need clothes for all seasons.
Try picking clothes that are appropriate for the seasons you will be spending in the RV.

Granted, many parts of your journey will have stores in which you can restock. But you have to plan for moments where no such stores exist. You cannot have yourself be caught without food.


This is the last stage before hitting the road. This means that you need to plan your RV storage and pack as many things as you can carry. Pack as many things as you deem healthy to carry. You don’t want to be overburdened, but then again, it should be rather difficult to bring too much stuff into an RV. Honestly, in my experience, the more stuff you bring the merrier. Especially the food. If you are left with things that you don’t know what to do with then you should consider renting storage. Storage Miami is one of the options where you can get everything you need storage-wise.


The last important stage of moving into an RV is networking. You need to enter all RV groups on Facebook and chatrooms where people living on the road stay. Getting in touch with said people will give you a very powerful network of people who lead the same life as you do now.

Social media are a great tool to help you moving into an RV if you are new to it.
Get on any of the social media and start looking for local groups for tips in your area.

If you have any questions, concerns or doubts, people who have been living in an RV for a while will have all the answers. Do not be shy, make sure to ask!

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