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Moving to Pompano Beach FL – pros and cons

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For many decades living in Florida has been a dream for many people who prefer living near the waterfront. Great weather and many fun activities are just some of the factors that make this state so desirable for living. It is hard not to be big on the turquoise sea kissing the Zaffre blue horizon. Most people who visited Florida and Pompano Beach just for vacation, probably wondered how it felt moving here. If you are among those people, then Miami moving and storage can help you with the relocation. In the meantime, there are plenty of reasons to discover why you should choose Pompano Beach as your new home. In brief, living in Florida might suit you right down to the ground. Therefore, discover in this article reasons for and against moving to Pompano Beach FL.

Living in Pompano Beach, Florida

Unlike Miami or Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach has not seen an increasing number of people coming to live here. However, this does not mean that there is something wrong with the place. People are moving to this part of Florida on a relatively stable basis. Many different generations contact moving services Miami and prefer moving to this area. With the growth of the population of 6.3% in the last 5 years, this area in Broward County reached around 11,000 residents.

a family on the beach
After moving to Pompano Beach FL you will have lots of fun with kids

It ranks well in a combination of factors and diversity. Its livability score is also above the state’s average. This means that everything from education, the job market, the costs of living, or safety are above the county’s average. Living in the “Heart of Florida’s Gold Coast” will give you the opportunity to live in a dense urban area, but with more affordable costs of living.

Moving to Pompano Beach FL because of its climate

The moment you decide to move to Florida, you can say goodbye to harsh winters and cold weather in general. In addition to the warm weather, it has a tropical rainforest-like climate. The temperatures go up to 90 degrees. However, you will need to get used to the afternoon thunderstorms. For this reason, before hiring movers, you need to know that having an umbrella with you is a must. Although this can be a con when considering moving here, bear in mind that you will enjoy endless summers in this area. Pompano Beach has 240 sunny days per year. In addition, winters are also mild with average temperatures ranging from 75 degrees to 87 degrees. The Gulf Stream brings warm water so its residents can swim in the warm ocean throughout the whole year. The only skiing you can enjoy in Florida is waterskiing.

A real estate haven

Owing to a favorable climate, Pompano Beach has been a real estate haven. In the beginning, people come here to recharge their batteries. But once they experience the beauty of the area, many people also consider moving to Pompano Beach FL.

The median home price in Pompano Beach is $165,400. If you compare it to nearby Fort Lauderdale home prices are more affordable. In Fort Lauderdale, the median home price goes up to $273,400. Also, being a focal point of the Miami area contributes to its popularity. In addition, it appeals to a large number of retirees that are deciding to hire residential movers Miami and move here. If you are looking for real estate on the waterfront side, you can find plenty of it here. Pompano Beach has many luxurious condos and apartments to offer. Since it is more affordable than the other parts of Florida, many young people decide to buy a home here.

a building on the beach
This is the real estate heaven of Florida

When moving to Pompano Beach FL consider the crime rate

Safety is one of the most important factors when planning to move to a particular city. What can be the downside when moving to Pompano Beach Florida, is that it is not the safest area. The crime rate is 37.76 per 1,000 residents. Its residents say that living in the south of the city is safer than living in the north. However, this is still a family-friendly area with many safe areas for kids. There are plenty of opportunities for living in many good areas of Pompano Beach. It offers many amenities and remains one of the most thriving communities in Florida. Before hiring packing services Miami, you need to know that the crime rate varies from one neighborhood to another. Therefore, before choosing an area to be your new home, it is advisable to check the crime rate and make sure you are moving to a safe neighborhood.

Costs of living in Pompano Beach

When choosing a new place to live, it is important to inform yourself about the costs of living. One of the pros of living in Pompano Beach and Florida is the affordable cost of living.

However, if you compare it to the other parts of the state, Pompano Beach has costs of living of about 5% higher than the national average. Hiring movers Pompano Beach FL and moving here means that you will need to pay a bit more for food and groceries, especially indigenous food. A one-bedroom apartment can range from  $700-$1,600 depending on the location and the size. Its residents do not spend much on electricity. In cases where there is a need to increase air conditioning, you will pay $150 per month. What you will have to budget for are entertainment costs since you will be living in a tourist area.

a place to visit after moving to Pompano Beach FL
Pompano Beach has affordable costs of living

Meet diverse people and different cultures when moving to Pompano Beach FL

Florida has been a country with many diverse people coming from different countries and walks of life. Owing to the mixture of different cultures, and religions, Florida has earned itself the title of a cultural melting pot. The European and Latin American population has thus contributed to its cultural diversity. In addition,  there is a Brazilian minority adding the ethical picture of Florida. What you can do is calculate the cost of your Pompano Beach move and come to see the traces of the Caribbean people. They have been shaping this place hence enriching it with their customs, cuisine, and dialects. Needless to say, the overall mixture trend can be also found in music and literature. In Pompano Beach you will find people of all ages and backgrounds. Many people move here for new job opportunities and to experience the Floridan way of living.

Pompano Beach FL is family-friendly

Pompano Beach is family-friendly and many people who have children enjoy moving to this part of the Sunshine State. First of all, it offers long miles of pristine beaches with clear water.

The best thing about Florida beaches is that they are open to the public with free entry. Secondly, not only beaches offer fun and other amenities. For example, when moving to Pompano Beach FL, using storage units Miami is one of the useful options. Apart from that, there is a number of parks with grills where families can spend some quality time together with their friends. In addition, many hotels and resorts on the waterfront offer residents-only discounts. Most activities circulate around water. Namely, scuba diving, fishing, jet skiing, and kayaking are some of the most popular. Also, its residents like shopping and purchasing all that water equipment.

a family on the beach after moving to Pompano Beach FL
This is a family-friendly area

Pompano Beach Schools

Broward County Public Schools is a leading educational center in Pompano Beach. The city has the 6th largest school system in the entire nation. In addition, it has full accreditation and is one of the most popular in the area. Choosing an appropriate place for living with children highly depends on the schools that you would have in the area. Even low-income families can afford some of the 141 elementary schools. In addition, there are 42 middle schools and 33 high schools. On the other hand, the city does not offer any higher education institutions. Although there is not a single college in Pompano Beach, you can find them nearby. Some of the closest colleges are Broward College and Florida Atlantic University. There is also a direct transportation line that leads to Florida International University or the University of Miami.

Pros and cons of transportation when moving to Pompano Beach FL

Transportation in Pompano Beach has a good organization and you can easily access other cities in different directions. Broward County Transit provides the city with a tri-rail station.

These are located the NW 8th Avenue and 35th street. Miami has the most comprehensive transit system. BCT has developed both bus and train systems throughout the county. In addition, it has connections to the Miami-Dade County Metrobus. Here you can also have access to Palm Beach County Palm Train. Speaking about moving trends in Florida, you need to bear in mind that Florida is the state of drivers. That means that if you plan to live in Pompano Beach, having a car is a must. However, there is a good transportation connection for senior citizens. There is easy bus access as well as carpooling.

a part of the city with white buildings
Moving to Pompano Beach FL means having good transporting options

It is easy to find a job position in Pompano Beach

One of the largest GDP’s in the entire nation is in Florida. It takes a lot of employees to reach these numbers and for this reason, you will find plenty of job positions in Pompano Beach. In recent years, the city worked on initiating the improvement of the old areas which it revamped. There were some spots in the city that ran down. Nowadays, since the city is under construction, many of these spots improved. In addition, the unemployment rate has been around 5.5%. Also, the annual income is around $48,000. The main reason why Pompano Beach has become one of the top destinations in South Florida is that it has many different industries. These include tourism, aviation, the medical industry, financial services, and information technology. Miami and Fort Lauderdale offer even more positions than Pompano Beach. For this reason, some people need to commute to these nearby cities.

Its sport culture developed through the years

In the area of Pompano Beach and Florida in general there is an intense development of sports of different kinds. In short, Florida residents are crazy about doing sports.

From professional sports players to college sports, you can find here some of the best teams in the country. It offers professional teams for football, basketball, or hockey. Some of the most popular teams in this area are Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, and Miami Marlins. There are other best cities in Florida for sports fans, however, Miami and Pompano beach are among the most popular. Apart from professional sports, many Floridians deal with many different water sports. Snorkeling, scuba diving, or deep sea fishing are some of the most popular among Pompano Beach residents. However, when places experience severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, you cannot do any sports at that time of the year.

a person surfing on the waves after moving to Pompano Beach FL
You can experience different water sports in Pompano Beach

More things to know before moving to Pompano Beach FL

When living in Pompano Beach means that you can have a vacation where you live. That usually includes a short drive and the number of discounts that hotels offer to their residents.

However, you may wish to visit some other place apart from your hometown. In addition, there are plenty of tourists all the time. At some points, you may feel like going away from hustle and bustle to some more quiet place. But having so many tourists around Pompano Beach means that something good is going on there. Here you can taste different kinds of food. From fine dining to some seafood delicious snacks. You will also have the opportunity to taste fresh oranges, avocados, watermelon, or strawberries. Finally, you must taste key lime pie and coconut shrimp which are originally the Carribian recipe food.

a lifeguard house at the beach
 Living in Pompano Beach means you will be on an endless vacation

Living in Pompano Beach is not for everyone


Moving to Pompano Beach FL has its many advantages. Also, it depends on what is noteworthy to you. If you strive to find a good job position, then you should definitely move here. You may find a crime rate higher than in other areas. However, the city has many safe areas where you can raise your kids. Here you can see what living in a multicultural area looks like. Finally, you will always have great fun living in this area.

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