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  • All estimates are being provided over the phone, virtually, on-line or via email until further notice.
  • Pre-move wellness checks for both our customers and our crew members, where all will be asked to advise us if you feel ill or suspect exposure to the virus. For our movers it would be mandatory that they stay home, and for our customers, moving services can be rescheduled, postponed or cancelled to mitigate risk, should that be necessary.
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  • When available and appropriate, open doorways and windows to increase air circulation and ventilation.
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Thank you, be well and stay healthy!

Packing rates

If you move regularly or run a business, you might have noticed something. Paper and paper-based packaging have become more expensive. And while prices didn’t surge to some drastic proportions, a steady rise has been noticed and many individuals and businesses alike are trying to figure out just how to get around of it. They are trying to figure out is there an ideal packing solution for them. One that is reliable, affordable (depending on your priorities), sustainable and recyclable. In other words, two questions are being raised more and more: why is it that the packing material is expensive and how to find ideal packing solution for whatever you may be doing, be it a move or a wider business. As a solution, we offer you packing options that meet all your needs.

Packing solutions we offer you

When it comes to more practical solutions, there is a lot to consider. Nobody just orders “cardboard” or “plastic”. These are only general terms. Particular packaging materials/containers have their own cost, and rates for packing and unpacking as well. These come for specific purposes.

They include packagings like:

  • Large linen packaging  – light and durable
  • Bubble packets – definitely among the most commonly used cushioning materials.
  • Plastic covers for your mattress – for obvious reasons, plastic waterproof properties are rather useful here.
  • Large crates – for bigger possession
  • TV, wardrobe and other boxes and materials – all of which are listed in the table below, together with their rates, providing the most concrete answer to the question of why packing material is expensive and how to find ideal packing solution…


1.5 Book/Record Book$5.00$8.00$8.00
3.1 Medium Box$8.00$10.00$10.00
4.5 Large Linen$9.00$12.00$10.00
5.2 Dish Pack/China$15.00$20.00$16.00
Adjustable TV Box 40″70″$50.00$10.00$10.00
TV Box Under 41″$20.00$10.00$10.00
Mirror/Picture Carton$12.00$8.00$10.00
Wardrobe Box (rental $10)$20.00$5.00$8.00
Professional Tape (per roll)$4.00$0.00$5.00
24″ Bubble Packet (price per foot)$2.00$0.00$0.00
Plastic Mattress Cover$10.00$10.00$0.00
Shrink Wrap (price per piece)$15.00$0.00$0.00
White News Print Paper (10 lb.)$40.00$0.00$5.00
Large Crate$200.00$0.00$0.00
Crate Small$100.00$0.00$0.00
Moving Blankets (rental $3 per month)$15.00$0.00$0.00

Industry issues

So, what’s happening. Why are prices rising? Well, it has to do with the reason why all other prices are rising as well. Like, in every industry. From cars to the grocery to children toys. Differences are not the same, of course. Some prices have gone up steadily and slowly, while others took a sharper turn for the worse, but it is true. And it is affecting the whole country. It affects moving companies in Florida just the same as those in Washington state, California, Arizona, Vermont.

Industry issues
Almost every global industry certainly hit a bump or two in recent times.

So what is happening? Insecurity is the answer. Insecurity everywhere!

To elaborate… In the past few years, the global economy has taken a few hits. Loss of value of the pound as the effect of the Brexit and trade war with China as well as protectionist policies towards Europe have somewhat dimmed the confidence investors and tradesmen used to have. Capital is a thing easily frightened.

However, not all is so gloomy. The global economic system turned out to be far more resilient than it was often perceived and pretty much all industries have continued their work. But, they have done so with the increased cost of operation. This is the case with packaging material industry, which has seen some implication of tariff war with China, but still operates, just with prices higher than they used to be.

There are other factors as well. These include inflation that has plagued all industries equally in large measure. It will take some years for prices to recover from this particular problem. There is also a noticeable rise in the cost of manufacturing and workforce, which is a rather natural, expected and accepted a thing.


Now, let us move on and examine individual (most popular) packing solutions and therefore answer to the second part of the titular question of why packing material is expensive and how to find ideal packing solution. Well, should you consider ideal to be inexpensive, the paper solution is the one for you! It is a widely used method you will, no doubt, find being used in packing services Miami to Seattle.

You will probably aim for a little bit bigger packaging.

Why is it so? We already mentioned the first reason for it uses. Inexpensive. It is easy to produce. It is similar to cardboard, of course, but is far less stiff (and even less waterproof): These two are cons for many, but it depends on what kind of thing you are transporting and how you are transporting it. When it comes to shipping, you will surely not find it due to its lack of water resistance, but as a protector of valuable possessions in combination with other materials in local moves, you will be sure to find it.


Cardboard is a similar beast in many ways, and for rather obvious reasons. It is a byproduct of paper, but it offers firmer support. There are also products like corrugated packaging materials that increase their durability and use.

Cardboard is probably the most common material for packing.

Biggest ally of cardboard boxing is the invention of Kraft paper – waterproof addition to many cardboard packagings. It combats the biggest drawback of this kind of packaging while keeping its affordability (though it is slightly more expensive in comparison to paper. It is the most encountered packing material as well, often being included in packing guides on how to pack for a move as a default option for boxes for all of your possessions.


There is a lot of news of plastic leaving a lot of industries. There are reasons for it, first among of them being that it is a fossil fuel product that is hard to recycle and is damaging to the environment, both during and after its production.

Plastic bags
Plastic is inexpensive, waterproof, but not recyclable…

All things considered, however, there is no doubt about its effectiveness. It is highly waterproof and adaptable and often used in food packaging. So while commercial movers Miami will most likely use cardboard boxes for most of your business office supplies, plastic will probably find its way around most sensitive of electronic equipment.

Sustainable packaging solutions

More and more the issue of sustainability is raised. In a global economy, so many things are being transported every day that even slight changes in the policy of packaging of those materials will significantly change the waste of unrecyclable materials.

Packing material is expensive and how to find ideal packing solution?
What materials are recyclable?

Here, we already numbered three most common packing materials you should consider, but many other forms such as foams, numerous versions of cardboard boxes and wood crates are to included. Wood and cardboard are examples of environmentally friendly boxes your moving boxes Miami might be carrying around, however, we simply do not have time to cover them all. Consequently, we invite you to always check just how recyclable or damaging to the environment your materials are before using it.

So why packing material is expensive and how to find ideal packing solution?

In conclusion, what have we learned about the packaging materials? Why packing material is expensive and how to find ideal packing solution? Well, for the TLDR crowd, short answers are that packing materials are expensive because of various, out of anyone’s control factors that are plaguing the whole economy, and not this particular industry. And the second one is that it depends on your needs. Need absolutely water and mold-proof? Go plastic. Eco-friendly? Paper. A little more durable sustainable solution? Wood or Carboard.

There are ideal options, but they are very dependent on your intended use. Pick the one that suits best your needs!

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