Planning a large-scale office move: how to

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For all of you thinking that moving an office is not the same as moving home, you could not be more wrong. You will still need to be organized, to prepare everything on time. The only difference here is that you cannot let the job stop during the period of preparations. This is maybe the biggest challenge you will have when planning a large-scale office move. That is why the best thing is to hire reliable movers Miami has for commercial relocations. They will know how to handle your move properly ensuring minimum downtime for your business.

Planning a large-scale office move: when to start?

As we have mentioned before, making a checklist of things that need to be done is the primary thing you need to do. But, there are some tips and tricks that will help you with this too. You will find that there are tasks that need to be done in a certain period of time. That is why this checklist must include the timeline. Planning a large-scale office move must not be done in a rush. If you plan to move everything in just a few days, you will most likely forget about something.

persons at desk planning a large-scale office move
The checklist you must have can be made by several people.

When is the best time to start planning?

The best time to start planning this type of relocation is actually six months before the relocation date. This is the best time for you to:

  • Check your current lease
  • Make the moving checklist
  • Prepare a list of things that are crucial to be packed
  • Find some reliable commercial movers Miami has
  • Announce the news about the relocation to your employees
  • Find appropriate working space
  • Make an inventory

The importance of these things done on time

If you set everything up before the move, you will have less work and a team nearby to help you with everything else. The moving budget will be determined after you get at least 3 moving quotes from different companies. You should check the benefits of hiring a certain moving company and whether there are some discounts. If you are tight on budget and looking for an affordable solution you should look for some affordable movers North Miami FL has to offer. Luckily, there are many affordable and reliable movers available on the market right now.

Be there for your employees

The part of informing your employees can be the worst one. You might accept the fact that there are going to be people that will not want to relocate with you. There could be numerous reasons. But there is one that’s always there. And that is the fact that the employee must leave the family to follow you. In this is the case with you are you are moving far distances, you should be able to find a solution for both your employee and his family. This can cost you a lot of money.

But if an employee is a hardworking person who has been with you since your company was small, it is worth every penny. You can even offer them employee relocation packages that include paying for reliable movers Pompano Beach FL has, temporary housing, additional bonuses, etc. This will help them organize everything and make the family accept the relocation.

one person presenting something
Inform your employees on time

What is next to be done?

With all of the things listed above, you will need 4 to 5 months to get everything ready. But crucial things come as the relocation approaches. That is why this period of time can be the most stressful one. You will need to pack and still keep your job going.

  • Gather moving supplies
  • Downsize as much as possible
  • See if there is a need of buying new equipment or furniture
  • Inform your partners and the companies you are working with about changes to the address
  • Backup data
  • Start packing

Start packing

As you have seen, all of these things that need to be done are pretty much related to packing your office. The best solution for you will be to hire some good packing services Miami has. But in case you are interested in doing everything with your employees, there are some rules you will have to follow.

Rules to follow when packing

Make sure that you have done some decluttering and that you have downsized your office supplies to the minimum. Therefore, you will see how many moving supplies you will need. Make sure that the boxes you choose are made of firm materials and that they are waterproof. You need to protect your office supplies in the best ways you can. Labeling the boxes is the next step. Make sure that you do not mix two or more types of office supplies in one box. It will make your unpacking unbearable. If you set the box to be for papers, make sure that this box contained papers only. 

persons at desk
The first thing you should do when planning a large-scale office move is to separate the essentials.

Essentials bags are important when planning a large-scale office relocation

All the important documents, files, and maybe even laptops need to be by your side constantly. This way you will avoid forgetting something or even worse, losing some crucial papers. That is why you need to separate essentials right before the waning of the move. You will thank us later.

If you plan everything right, your office move will be a breeze

Planning a large-scale office move is easy if you follow the rules. And the best part is that you are the one that makes those rules. That is why need to make a checklist that will help you and your employees keep a track of the tasks. If you follow that, you are about to have a smooth and easy large-scale office move.

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