Property inspection tips for renters

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Whether you are a renter or a landlord, it is good for you to know some property inspection tips. They are good to understand if you are a renter and especially good to know if you are a landlord. That being said, we will try and explain what these tips may mean for a renter and how much they can help you in order to be a good landlord who respects the privacy of their tenants and at the same time making sure that their property remains in a good condition. First thing first, when you are in the process of moving, you will probably want to check out commercial movers Miami in order to move without any stress. Also, you can check them out if you have any concern or question.

Property inspection tips for first-time landlords

Now that you have become a landlord, there are some things you need to know. Maybe you are already well aware of do’s and don’ts but there is more to that. When you are a landlord there are never enough property inspection tips. It is good to know what is good for you and the well-being of your property, but you have to know your boundaries. Yes, you are the owner and you have the final word, but this doesn’t mean that you can come and go from the apartment you have sublet to your tenant any time you want. Tenants have their right to privacy and that is why there are contracts in which you should state everything you want.

handing over keys
Do not rent a property with any damages

What should a contract sustain?

The contract should be made and it should go through the hands of a notary. You should put in your contract things that a tenant should respect. This is where we’ll speak about property inspection. This contract should sustain the routine property inspection at least twice a year. Of course, this is not final, it can be more than that, or maybe even once a year. However, even if you are renting your apartment to someone who you trust completely, it is good to have this inspection in order to maintain such a good landlord-tenant bond. Inspection is necessary, no matter who lives in your apartment.

Damages and repairs

Property inspection tips are made of good intentions. You want to have a good tenant and once you find him you don’t want to let go. When the day comes and your tenant wants to leave, you wonder will you be able to find such a good tenant ever again. This is completely normal to think because nowadays let’s face it, it is not easy to find a good tenant. So, if you have one, do the property inspection rare as possible, and always announce yourself.

singing agreement
The agreement should cover any questions regarding damages

Tenants have right to their privacy, and also it is simply not ok to just barge in as you live there. They are paying the rent and bills so you will have to be satisfied by going there rarely and announce it before you do. It is the only honest thing to do. Of course, all of this comes with a contract your tenant needs to sign before moving in.

Types of inspection

Under property inspection tips we can definitely count in, what types of inspection there are. For example, there is that let’s call it an inspection when you are showing the apartment to the potential tenant. Then you have the opportunity to check and see what you can repair, of course before they move in. One thing that you can do is to bring a pen and paper and listen to your potential tenant. Make him feel welcome, by writing down the things that he or she would like to change or repair in the apartment. Also, what is more, important is for you to see what should be repaired. Whatever the potential tenant decides you should fix anything that catches your eye. No matter how affordable the apartment you are subletting is, it should always be in a good condition.

Moving out

When your current tenant is moving out of your apartment you need to do the inspection before he leaves. It would be best to come to the apartment on the day of the move. In this way, you will make sure that everything is the same as the day when he moved in.  If you don’t come to do this inspection you might be very unpleasantly surprised when you come next time to show the place to the new potential tenant. Your floors can be scratched from the moving, walls might need painting, maybe some window glass is shuttered.

Anything can happen, and there are tenants who won’t report that to you or do anything in order to fix what they have damaged. That is exactly why you need this type of inspection. Of course, there are those tenants that can make your apartment even better than it was, but you never know, and that is why there are contracts both sides should sign.

Make sure tenant is at home

It is very important to have your tenant happy. You can achieve this simply by not doing the following:

  • When they are not at home
  • Without announcing yourself
  • Do not act as in your apartment, you are still a guest even though you are a landlord
  • Do not make your visits often
  • Avoid giving the prepositions on where the couch should go, it is their choice.

These simple things will make your tenant very satisfied and happy about being your tenant.

Tips for tenants

Being a tenant sometimes is really not easy. As it is not hard enough to find a good apartment that doesn’t cost a little fortune, you also need to get along with your landlord. However, you need to focus on important things. Make sure that everything is working. The water heater, heating, electricity sockets, etc. These things are important, even more than the look of your rented apartment. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the stuff in your rented apartment there is always that perfect solution called storage units Miami.

man inspecting plumbs
Always check if there is any damage in the property

Everything is possible when you make a deal and you stick to it. A relationship that tenant and landlords create is all up to them. It is important to be fair, hence try to play that way. So, whether you are a tenant or a landlord make sure to play fair and you will live in harmony without having to see each other a lot.

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