Pros and cons of buying a beach house

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If you are buying a beach house, it means that your life is heading in the right direction! This is amazing news and we are happy to be a part of this joyous event. However, buying a beach house is not all that shiny. It is amazing, yes, but regardless of how much money you have, it is never an entirely safe investment. Just like the purchase of any home, a beach house brings certain risks into the fray. Still, it becomes a little less risky when you bring in the fact that you will not be living in that house full time. Usually, beach houses are people’s getaways from the city, work, and noise. Fort Lauderdale can be one of the most famous hubs for beach houses, in addition to the standard Miami Beach.

Buying a beach house is expensive business, but it is one that is absolutely worth it.
Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Yes.

Beach houses also serve as a source of inspiration to artists and writers. As a writer, I understand the importance of sometimes having a little bit of solitude in a place that is as glorious as a personal beach house. Still, there are several things to asses before you proceed to buy a beach house. This life event has pros and cons, and we will discuss both. The idea is not to persuade you into buying a beach house or persuading you otherwise. The point is for you to be aware of all the benefits and danger such an endeavor brings. By knowing these elements you will be well prepared for all the decisions that are to come.

Buying a beach house – the upside

The upside of owning a beach house is rather obvious – you own a beach house! I, personally, do not know many people who can say that they own a beach house. It is a huge luxury, especially considering that there is a limited number of beach houses that exist within a certain beach front. In most cases, people who are buying a beach house do so in order to have a weekend getaway. However, more and more people relocate to their beach houses to live there, full time. Miami Beach movers have been getting frequent requests to relocate people to a beach house. This is because the trends are shifting, and people enjoy living closer to the beach as much as possible. Especially if they can afford it.

Living in a beach house means that you will experience views that will fill you with energy and happiness.
Your daily dose of happiness will increase tenfold.

The upside is that you are living on the beach! That itself is enough to be a huge benefit. There have been actual studies that show that people who live in beach houses live a generally happier lifestyle. Their mood and energy are greatly influenced by the proximity of a beach, and thus sea. The best would be for those who are able to see the sea out their bedroom window. Other benefits that living in a beach house brings is a certain level of status that you enjoy. Whomever you would be inviting into your beach house is more likely to accept than not. The parties that you will be able to throw there would potentially be rather highly attended.

It’s all about the feel…

But at the end of the day, it is all about how you feel when you get home. And I can think of very few people that would not be happy to return home to their beach house and have a nice relaxing drink at their porch, overlooking the sea. It is something people work their entire lives to be able to afford. And this is the biggest upside you can ever hope to achieve. Having this feeling that, no matter what you are doing throughout the day, you cannot wait to return home. This is something that a beach house provides for many. Those who do not get this feeling out of their beach home usually do not pursue having one.

Buying a beach house is close to fantasy since few will ever be able to afford it.
However, few will ever get to have one.


Buying a beach house – the downside

The first and the absolutely most obvious downside of buying a beach house is its price. Or at least, the beach house price on average. A vast majority of people in the world are not able to afford one, and probably never will be. This is what makes owning a beach house such an exclusive event. Residential movers in Miami are not getting swarmed with people moving into a beach house. Not many are being sold and bought each year.

This is because few people owning a beach house ever wish to sell it. Furthermore, rarely are new ones being built since the entire beach side is usually already stacked with beach houses. This makes it even more exclusive and difficult to obtain. Even if you did have the money to afford one, you could be in a situation where nobody is selling theirs. Alternatively, you could try to find land to purchase and build your own, but this is almost twice as expensive as buying an existing one. Plus you are forced to get a ludicrous number of building permits and other documentation.

All of this combined usually makes beach houses remain a dream for most. This type of luxury is not something that you can just get enough money to buy. There are other things to click in order for it to become possible. However, even once you get it – your troubles don’t end. There are more costs with each day. For instance, since you leave so close to the water, you have to invest more to protect your home from moisture damage. You either have to renew your protection once a year, or even rebuild certain parts. This is just one of the extra costs that you’d live to see.

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