Reasons why expats love Florida

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Florida is very well known as one of the most beautiful states in the United States of America. The wonderful beaches, palms, and sunny weather seem like a paradise on Earth. So it’s not surprising that millions of tourists visit this place each year. However, there are many people who want to hire one of the moving companies in Florida and relocate here, especially expats. But why is that? Well, Florida has numerous benefits and advantages that no other state in America can offer. Therefore, in this article, we are going to explore some of the reasons why expats love Florida and why you may fall in love with it as well.

What can you expect upon relocating to the Sunshine State?

Apart from tourist attractions, Florida offers many more benefits to its residents. And more and more people choose to hire moving services Miami relocation companies provide and relocate to Florida each year. If you have ever visited one of Florida’s beautiful cities, you will know exactly what we are talking about. However, Florida tends to be one of the most favorite states among expats. Therefore, here are some of the most frequent reasons why expats love Florida and often choose to relocate here. So, if you are an expat as well, you may be pleased to hear that Florida has many things to offer.

a beautiful beach as one of the reasons why expats love Florida
Some of the best reasons why expats love Florida are the gorgeous beaches and warm weather, as well as the living costs, employment options, and lifestyle.

The main reasons why expats love Florida

  • Beautiful, warm weather – In Florida, the weather is warm all year round, which makes it perfect for those who are looking for this kind of paradise.
  • Wonderful beaches – If you love spending your time at the beach, there is no place more perfect than Florida, and its gorgeous cities, surrounded by sandy beaches.
  • No income tax – This is one of the most common reasons why expats love Florida. The state doesn’t collect any income tax, so you will be able to save up some money.
  • Affordable and beautiful real estate – Contrary to popular belief, Florida has many affordable real estate properties that have a unique charm due to their closeness to the beach.
  • Excellent job and education opportunities – Florida has a really strong economy and employment market, which makes it an excellent place for young professionals or those who wish to continue their education.
  • Lifestyle – There isn’t a more relaxed lifestyle than in Florida. Its residents enjoy many outdoor activities, delicious food, shopping options, and excellent parties!

The excellent weather all year round attracts many expats to Florida

We can safely say that the weather in Florida is probably one of the reasons why so many people are attracted to this state. After all, it’s called the Sunshine State for a reason. When thinking about Florida, the immediate association goes to sunshine, beaches, and summer-like weather throughout the whole year. This great state actually enjoys 250 days of sun each year, which is why many hire the best long distance movers Miami offers to relocate here. The average temperature is 72 degrees in South Florida and 67 degrees in North Florida.

palms and sunshine
The beautiful weather in Florida is often the sole reason why so many people, expats included, choose to make this state their new home.

However, there is a rainy season from May to October that ensures that the lush flora in Florida continues to thrive. The tropical plants and flowers add a wonderful touch to the landscape, so gardens are full of color throughout the majority of the year. For anyone moving to Florida with Miami Beach movers, the weather alone is an excellent reason to stay. However, there is a risk of hurricanes. On Average, only one or two hurricanes hit the Eastern Coast of  America each year, but only 40% of those are in Florida.

Florida has outstandingly beautiful beaches

Of course, the wonderful sandy beaches are the main attraction of Florida. Florida’s coastline can offer everything you imagine and more. There are more than 1,300 miles of coastline alongside the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, where you can find some of the top-rated beaches. In fact, Siesta Kay has won awards for having the whitest and softest sand in the world. Just imagine your new home in Florida can be right beside one of these beaches if you hire some good local movers Miami provides as soon as possible.

a beach in Florida
Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, and one has even won awards for having the whitest and softest sand in the world.

Furthermore, you will have a wide variety of beaches to choose from. However, we recommend that you visit some of the most well-known beaches in Florida, like Clearwater Beach, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale Beach, Panama City Beach, Sanibel Island Beaches, and more! If you are someone who enjoys watersports, dolphin watching, surfing, or just laying on the beach, sunbathing, reading, or collecting shells, Florida is the perfect home for you.

There is no income tax in Florida

This may as well be one of the most substantial reasons why expats love Florida. It’s no wonder foreigners love a state that allows them to keep more of the money they earn. Since the median household income in Florida is $61,777, not having to pay income tax to the state is a great advantage. This is because the state of Florida earns revenue from the millions of tourists that visit here each year. There is a 7% sales tax and 5% tourist tax that fills the budget all year round. Once you become one of Florida’s 21.78 million residents, you will actually be thankful for the millions of tourists that pay your share of state taxes. Therefore, hiring some reliable interstate moving companies Miami residents recommend and relocating to Florida couldn’t be a better idea.

Florida has more affordable real estate than many US countries

Even though the real estate market experienced an increase of interest rates recently, Florida still has many affordable housing options. The real estate market remains strong because there is strong demand for housing options. This is why the average home price in the state of Florida has increased to approximately $378,000, as measured in February 2023. However, since the average home price in America is around $328,000, the home prices in Florida are perfectly reasonable, with only 15.3% above the national average. Therefore, many residents in Florida choose to become homeowners.

the ocean and the beach
Living in the Sunshine State will give you the possibility to live in an affordable home that is near one of the many gorgeous beaches in Florida.

Luckily, the home prices in Florida remain steady, and many people, including expats, choose to move here with the help of the best residential movers Miami offers and purchase their homes. Many of these people come from states such as New York, California, or New Jersey, where home prices are through the roof. For example, in the three states, the home prices are above the national average by 89%, 119%, and 34%!

Florida has an excellent job market with many employment options

The job market and the economy in Florida have always been strong and are still strong today. This is mainly because the industries like tourism and hospitality, defense and homeland security, real estate, and many others are thriving here. In 2021, Florida has reached a record number of 117.7 million tourists. And its economy is now considered the fourth largest in the USA. This is based on the fact that Florida has a Gross State Product (GSP) of $1.1 trillion.

a person holding a Florida fridge magnet and thinking about the reasons why expats love Florida
Since Florida has a solid job market, young professionals will have some excellent employment opportunities here in industries like real estate, tourism and hospitality, and more.

Moreover, Florida gives some excellent opportunities to those who are looking for employment. Some of the top companies in Florida, like Tech Data, Hilton Grand Vacations, Suncoast Credit Union, and many others, offer jobs that enable you to afford a beautiful home in Florida, as well as the relocation and its price calculated by moving quotes Miami relocation companies offer online. Therefore, there is nothing left to do but to relocate here as soon as possible.

Florida is also an excellent place for retirement

Apart from many young professionals relocating to Florida, there are also a lot of retirees here. And honestly, when you think about a perfect warm place to spend your retirement, Florida comes to mind first. Based on a recent study Florida has been ranked second on the list of the top states to retire in America. This is mainly based on affordability, quality of life, and access to leading healthcare. In fact, cities in Florida, such as Sarasota, Vero Beach, The Villages, and Naples, are often considered the best destinations for retirement.

sunset as one of the reasons why expats love Florida
With sandy beaches, warm weather, affordable housing, and top healthcare, Florida is among the highest-ranked states that are excellent for spending retirement in.

Many of them offer lifestyle amenities that can make life easier for any retiree. They provide maintenance-free homes, many golf courses, fishing piers, RV parks, some of the top beaches in Florida, and a lot more outdoor activities seniors can enjoy. When you compare Florida to all 50 states, Florida has the most percentage of retirees. Nearly 18% of Florida’s total population are retirees.

Many expats fall in love with Florida’s unique lifestyle

Florida is known throughout America and the world for its unique lifestyle. With so many beaches, it’s no wonder that so many people love throwing beach parties and enjoy going out. Nowhere in America will you find such excellent opportunities for outdoor activities, eating out, or shopping. Florida feels like a giant playground to most of its residents. It is an ideal place for people who love the outdoors. Here, you can indulge in some world-class sailing, fishing, and all kinds of water sports. Furthermore, golfers will be amazed by the choice of championship courses. Walkers, hikers, and nature lovers will have many options for parks and trails to make them happy.  However, if you prefer a slower lifestyle, you will equally feel at home here!

Many activities for children are also among the reasons why expats love Florida

Since families with children make up 24% of Florida’s residents, there are also many opportunities for kids to have fun. One of the most popular ones is undoubtedly Disneyland. However, not only children find this place amazing! Walt Disney Resort remains one of Florida’s most famous tourist attractions. Both children and adults all over the world love this magical place equally. Although there are many Disneyland parks across the globe, the one in Florida is more special. There is a brand-new, special discount on tickets offered only to Florida’s residents. If you become one of them, you will have the opportunity to explore Disneyland with a ticket that is valid for three days!

Final words

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will see the many reasons why expats love Florida so much. And how could they not? With so many benefits and opportunities, Florida is one of the best states to live in, expat or not. It can give you the feeling of eternal summer with its fantastic warm weather and the most beautiful beaches in the world. Furthermore, Florida has no state income tax. So you can even save some of the money you earn and spend it on enjoying that unique Florida lifestyle. Also, you can find many affordable homes here. Who knows, maybe you will someday wake up with a view of the ocean. Moreover, Florida is excellent for both young professionals and retirees. So, whether you want to work or retire, it’s the perfect place for you.


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