Safest cities to live in Florida

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There are many things to account for when choosing a place to live but the safety of a place should be your number one priority. That being said, we all know that the most dangerous thing in the world for humans is – other humans. There are no easy picks here – the safest place would probably be a mountain lodge far away from the civilization but who wants to live like that? This is why we will take another look at the safest cities to live in Florida. Miami moving and storage companies know that what everyone is looking for is a balance – the safest possible place with the best possible job opportunities that offer top amenities for families and young adults. In this blog we will cover some of the places that have that balance – we hope that you will find your dream place here.

Safety in Florida

Instead of bothering you with statistics that don’t mean much, we will try to put it simply – Florida in general is as safe as the rest of America is. Before 2017 the fear of crime was much lower than it is now. The main reason for that is the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that happened five years ago. The brutality of the crime raised the red flag for many citizens and safety, in general, has improved much ever since. However, even with the extra precautions that were taken, many Floridians are still concerned. The majority of 56% of residents are concerned that they might be a victim of a crime – compared to 40% back in 2017.

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Security and safety are not optional – they are necessary

The crime rate statistics that the FBI provided don’t show anything special; Violent crimes are 2% lower than the national average and property crimes are around 5% higher. This all means that the state statistics won’t provide you with any answers. We need to take a closer look at the safest cities to live in Florida and that is why we are writing this article. 

Miami is one of the safest cities to live in Florida

You read it right – we deem that Miami can be one of the safest cities to live in Florida. Why you might ask yourself – well the main reason is the balance that we have mentioned earlier. When judging the safety of this city we need to account for how many people live in it and what this place has to offer. We will compare those two things and that is how you will truly get the idea of how safe or unsafe Miami is. Interstate moving companies Miami advise you not to look at the sheer statistics and crime percentage in Miami – after all, even if the city is 99% safe you can still be that unlucky 1%. The best way to find a safe place is to look for balance and that’s what we are searching for in life.

Miami seen at nighttime
One of the safest cities in Florida to live in is Miami

Miami is a place that has it all – you just need to know what to look for

The Sunshine City, The Magic City, The Cruise Capital of the World, and The Gateway to the Americas are just some of the nicknames of Miami, Florida. Just by looking at the sheer number of them and the diversity of it you can only come to the conclusion that this city has something for everyone. Let’s start off with the basics – education, job opportunities, housing situation, and amenities.

When it comes to working, it is not difficult to find a gig in Miami, no matter what your profession is. This is the reason why many people come here on seasonal work contracts. The biggest industries are:

  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Real estate

The average salary in Miami sits at around 93 000$ annually – a minimum being 24 000$ and a maximum of 400 000$. The cost of living is fairly high compared to other cities. Miami Beach movers provided us with the information that an average one-bedroom in Miami rent is around 2000$. Food-related expenses are around 400$ and the other expenses sum up to around 1000$. This means that you need only half of the average salary in Miami to have a decent lifestyle which puts this city up in first place on our list.

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You won’t be having any difficulties finding a job in Miami

The biggest safety problem in Miami, Florida – pickpocketing

Now that we have seen what advantages living in Miami has, it’s time to see the potential risks. As the title says, the biggest concern for the residents and tourists in Miami is pickpocketing. We all know that tourist hotspots have this issue everywhere around the world. The best way to circumvent this is to just be on alert when moving through crowdy places. Based on what we mentioned earlier about the benefits of living in Miami we think that this is not a big problem. That being said, there are worse things when it comes to crime to stay away from in Miami. There are bad neighborhoods that are known for drug trafficking and violent crimes. Moving companies North Miami provided us with a list of the potentially dangerous ones:

  • Model City – the neighborhood has seen a 40% increase in gun-related violence recently and pickpocketing is very common in this area
  • Little Haiti – the densely populated neighborhood has 150% higher gun-related violence compared to the national average
  • Overtown – once a historic hotspot of the city this neighborhood is ridden with gangs and violence
  • Downtown – as in every big city, pickpocketing and similar crimes are often seen in this downtown area of Miami.

Some of the safest places in Miami to be

Now that you know what areas of this city you should stay clear of, let’s see what the ones you should consider if you are moving to Miami. Coral Gables and Coconut Grove should be your first picks. Both neighborhoods are extremely family-friendly and the crime rates are 60% lower than the national average. Pinecrest and Fisher Island are also worth mentioning. Crime is rare here. Even the crime that happens is non-violent, usually pickpocketing and theft. We want to emphasize that by picking one of the neighborhoods you will not only feel safe but also have a great chance for you and your family to develop through great job opportunities and an excellent education system.

A man sleeping with a baby and dreaming about the safest cities to live in Florida
The feeling of safety is very important – for both, you and your family

Aventura – a secure place in Florida with the biggest shopping mall in the state

For those of you that don’t know, Aventura is a place that is located in Miami metropolitan area. This city in Miami-Dade county has a lot of things to offer. The crime rates are below the national average – but barely. If you are deciding to move here, moving companies Aventura are advising you to stay clear of the remote areas and move to downtown. The general feeling of the citizens is that it is the safest place to be. This place will be especially appreciated by shopping lovers – the great Aventura mall is located here. Not only that, but the job opportunities are rather high compared to other places in Florida. There are several schools for families with children to look for in the area as well. All in all, Aventura is one of the safest places to be in Florida.

Coral Springs –  another one of the safest cities to live in Florida with great outdoors for all to enjoy

Even though Miami is a good option, we understand that some don’t like the hustle and bustle of a big city. That is why we looked for the next best thing – quite literally since it’s only 20km away from Miami. The name of this charming place is Coral Springs. It’s a home for 134 000 residents living in 24 neighborhoods making it 15h largest place in Florida. The reason why we are putting this place on our list of the safest cities to live in Florida is that the crime rates are 43% lower than the national average.

Chances of you becoming a victim of a crime here are 1 in 843 since only 6 crimes happen monthly. Coral Springs movers speak highly of this place – it’s expensive but you get what you paid for. The education is just astonishing – white-collar jobs are also predominant here. If you want to have an elitist lifestyle this is a place for you to be. Not only that, but it also has some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world. Florida Everglades – a natural wetland that spreads miles across is just around the corner.

Fort Lauderdale – one of the best coastal cities to live in Florida

The title says it all – this place is truly remarkable. Located just 48km away from Miami, this coastal city has a population of around 150 000 residents. This makes Fort Lauderdale the 10th largest city in Florida and one of the fastest developing ones as well. The main reason is that people feel safe here and it offers a steady income with many job opportunities lying around. Not only that, but this city also has great weather conditions. During the year the weather is mostly mild, except in summer when the temperatures are a bit higher. History and sports fans will have a blast here since the International Swimming Hall of Fame is located here. If you want to do some shopping, Las Olas Boulevard is a place for you to be.

A crane in wetlands
The state of Florida is giving magnificent natural scenery – be sure to check it out

Safety in Fort Lauderdale

When it comes to safety, this city has a tricky situation – it is safe if you stay away from the two notorious neighborhoods; Flagler Heights and Dorsey-Riverbend. The reason for this is that the police rained down heavily on crime in most areas which made the criminals move from them. If you are in doubt about the neighborhood where you consider moving it is best that you contact the moving company Fort Lauderdale since they are the most informed people on this matter. Since they work with people and face those neighborhoods every day, they can be of great assistance when it comes to picking out the right place for you and your family. 

Sunny Isles Beach – a luxurious and one of the safest places to be in Florida

You don’t need to be a moving expert to know that relocating to this place is an excellent decision. Just by reading reviews online, you would notice that people praise two things: beaches and safety. What more than that one needs you might ask yourself? Well in case you are looking for job tourism and transportation are the top industries here. You don’t need to be a professional to get a decent job in this city. Moving companies Sunny Isles Beach advise you to look for work in one of the top industries that we have mentioned.

They also tell us that housing prices are 56% higher than the national average. The main reason for this is the rapid development of this city. Many people are coming to this place as it is one of the safest cities to live in Florida. This comes with a price. Not only housing, but the cost of living, in general, is higher as well. You will need 25% more money to live in this city compared to others in the states. We think that this is a fair trade, considering everything else.

People riding bikes on a beach
Consider one of the safest cities to live in Florida as your next home!

Final thoughts on the safest cities to live in Florida

As you have seen, there are many aspects of safety in a city. Keep in mind that even in some cities that are not deemed safe you can still find safe neighborhoods. Wanting to be safe and wanting your family to feel safe is understandable. We know that we live in a world that is ever-changing and you can never feel too safe. However, be sure not to “overdo it”. As we mentioned earlier you can’t really find a 100% safe city as it will have people in it. The best thing to look for when going over the list of the safest cities to live in Florida is your feeling. Where would you feel safe the most? If you are in doubt and want more info, we encourage you to look it up and find a perfect place for yourself.

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