Spring cleaning and moving at the same time – how to do it?

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With the weather getting warmer, it’s good to prepare for the upcoming days. That’s why many people have a routine spring cleaning. It usually refers to a very detailed cleaning of every part of your home, but there’s more to it. Some people go through their clothes and throw away what they don’t want anymore. That’s one way to keep your fashion up to date. There’s much more to it and here so, in this article, Miami Movers For Less will focus on spring cleaning and moving at the same time. What may seem like a double chore, actually has a lot in common. Here’s how to do it.

Why would you do it both at the same time?

Unless you had an unexpected turn of events, you may wonder why would you want to do it at the same time. Firstly, it can be convenient and here’s why. Detailed spring cleaning always means moving big pieces of furniture and reaching a place that requires temporary reorganizing of the room. If you are moving, this is something you will have to do anyway while packing and preparing for the move.

trees on a field
Springtime can be inspiring for both moving and detailed cleaning.

Besides being convenient, maybe you were planning to rent your old home after moving. In that case, you will want everything to be cleaned and polished which is harder to do at regular times. Depending on who do you plan to rent it to, you might want to reorganize the rooms and furniture. For example, a family or a student may have different needs and this is a good time to rethink the layout.

Finally, rethinking what you’ll need in the future is never easy. However, it’s a perfect time for it when spring cleaning and relocating. You will have the chance to go through everything you own, from clothes to furniture. If some things don’t fit into your new home, but you are not ready to part ways with it, consider using storage units Miami offers for short, mid, and long-term storage.

How to pack when moving?

Packing is a delicate process and it’s the thing you should focus on first. There are many specifics about packing for the move and we’ll try to cover the most important ones. For everything to go smooth and well, you will need to be well-prepared.


Boxes and labels

Create labels to organize your packing and unpacking once you move into your new home. Professional movers Pembroke Pines will have an easier job placing the labeled boxes into correct rooms and will save you time and needless stress. It’s best to create labels for each room and create special labels for boxes containing fragile items. Finally, don’t forget to label furniture as well so everything is placed correctly.

duct tape and scissors
You will need the right supplies when packing for the move, such as boxes, duct tape, and paper.

Get carton boxes, duct tape, and paper and start packing. This is a good moment to go through clothes and all other items and create an inventory. Try to rethink if you want or need anything on the list. If some space can be saved, you’ll appreciate it later. If there is anything you don’t need, consider donating it to charity organizations or second-hand shops.

Packing fragile items when spring cleaning and relocating

When you pack fragile items you should be extra careful. For example, most of your kitchen items will fall under this category. Make sure you create a cushion with the paper inside the boxes. Do it so that you create layers on the edges of the box and create layers between levels of items placed inside.

Never leave air in the box, even if it’s not filled. You should fill the air spots with crushed paper. By doing so you will not allow anything inside the box to move while being transported and carried. It will also make the box easier to carry because it will have a better consistency.

Spring cleaning and moving

While the packing process, and going through everything you have, borders with spring cleaning, the most efficient way to do it with deep cleaning your home is on a moving day. It’s best if you leave moving boxes and furniture to local movers Florida and spare yourself any trouble carrying boxes and worrying about labels. Provided you labeled everything accordingly, it will be waiting for you once you get into your new home.


Meanwhile, you will want to remain in your old emptied home and start cleaning. There might be some furniture you leftover and it’s a good time to reimagine the layout. You will notice how much more space there is than you figured before and it might spark your imagination. With more space, it will be easier to move stuff around and experiment a bit.

woman cleaning window during spring cleaning and moving
Cleaning in detail is easier after most of your furniture has been moved out.

Cleaning bathroom and kitchen

That is how to organize spring cleaning and moving. Once you’re satisfied with the layout and you’re sure you won’t be moving any more furniture around, you can start cleaning. It means there won’t be dust in the air anymore and you can start with furniture. Depending on how many pieces you left, your job will differ in amount. However, it shouldn’t be too much. The main part is cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom.

First, you’ll want to remove any bath towels or any other fabric laying in your bathroom. You’ll want to wipe all the surfaces, including bathroom walls. This might be a thing you were forgetting before, but spring cleaning is the time to do it. Finally, scrub the toilet and the shower and your job is done.

The kitchen is not much different from the bathroom, depending on the kind of surfaces you have. In most cases, it should be easy to clean with wide flat surfaces. The other rooms are not so delicate. Most of your job will consist of wiping floors and cleaning windows in every room. If there are curtains, remove them. Wash and press them before putting them back up. Finally, if you are not satisfied, consider painting or changing floors. Those two seem to impact the atmosphere the most after a single change.

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