Tips for adjusting to warmer climate

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If you’re someone like me, who’s lived in Michigan all my life, and is now about to move to Florida, you are going to need some help adjusting to a warmer climate. It may sound silly now, but in all honesty, adjusting to a warmer climate is much harder than you would like to believe. A side mention if you have trouble finding a reliable moving company to move from state to state like me, look into top-rate interstate moving companies Miami.

There are more than a few steps that you will need to do in order to feel comfortable. I was used to long winters, and quite frankly I enjoyed them. My philosophy is very simple – if I am cold I can put extra clothes on. However, if I am warm I cannot walk around naked. And even if I could, it still doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t be too warm.

So, it took some getting used to. I mean, it is nothing spectacular. Your life is not in danger at any second of this journey. We are talking and focusing more on the quality of life thing, especially if you are a winter child like myself. Still, there are some little things you can do to make sure you feel alright in the hot.

Will you ever really grow to love it? Most likely not. Adjusting to a warmer climate is an ongoing project for me, even after a few years, but it gets easier in time.

Adjusting to a warmer climate – where to begin

I love winter, snow, and cold. I love winter clothes and I feel most comfortable in it. If I am too warm I can take layers off. If I am not warm enough, I can put additional layers of clothing on. It’s constant adjusting and I am perfectly fine with it. I have a sense of having some control. This is basically the biggest issue I have had with a warm climate. I have zero control over how hot or cold I am. I simply can’t peel my skin off, so if I get overheating there is nothing I can do about it.

However, over time I picked up a few tricks from the movers who moved my things, that helped me cool off when I get super warm. Now, some of these tips may sound super obvious to you, but you have to understand that I had zero time adjusting to a warmer climate, and even less experience in doing so. I needed all the obvious advice I could get because it was borderline unbearable. There really were days where I would simply freak out. But, fortunately, there is a cure and even more so, it never lasts forever. There are good days and there are bad ones, but its been years and I’m still standing so it’s ok.

Tip #1 – keep some frozen water on you

Your freezer should have a dedicated spot for frozen water. This is where you would keep several bottles at all times, filled with water all the way and left in the freezer. Now, you are going to think that this water is not drinkable, and yes, you are right. However, when you step outside in the molten lava weather, you will soon realize that ice becomes water really fast.

If you want to spell away your thirst in hot weather frozen water bottles will do the trick.
Freezing water in hot weather works magic for satisfying thirst.

The good thing is that when it does – it will be ice cold, refreshing water that you hoped you brought with you. You could keep in small bottles and just make sure you always had one frozen one on you.

Tip #3 – stay hydrated

I know you’re not thirsty, this is ok. Still, a lot of water needs to go in your body. It is of utmost importance fo always remain hydrated. If you are not thirsty, force yourself to drink water anyway. If you can lock yourself at about 3 liters per day you will be absolutely fine. We get that you might not have a strong appetite in warm weather. Furthermore, we get that sometimes you are under a lot of stress and you can’t really eat whilst this is happening.

It might happen that you don't feel thirsty for many reasons but that doesn't mean that you don't need to stay hydrated.
You might not feel thirst in the hot weather because you are close to water for example, but your body still needs water.

However, there is no stress or climate that could force you out of not being able to drink this much water during a day.

Even more so, if it is hot you should enjoy it more. It is refreshing and it will cool you off internally, which is more important than externally. So, force yourself. Drink a lot of liquids. You’ll feel amazing if you do.

Tip #3 – place your wrists in cold water

This trick is super simple and impressively efficient. If you have any source of cold water (even your frozen one), place your wrists in it or upon it. Blood goes through your entire body in circles. If the blood is warm it will heat your body from the inside, it’s all pretty simple. However, if you are able to find a point where you could cool this part of yourself off – your entire body would cool down.

So, if you can find running water, or frozen one, that you can lean your wrists on, you will feel amazing all around. I was skeptical about this trick that storage Miami recommends for people like me until I tried it and it worked. It made adjusting to warmer climate a far easier task. The more times per day you can do it the better you will feel.

If you have trouble adjusting to warmer climate try cooling off by dipping your hands in cool water
A neat trick that you can try to cool off is putting your wrists in cold water

One thing you will most likely never do is fully accustomed to the new warmer climate. And this is ok because you don’t have to and this article is not about that. This is about how you can live in an area with a warmer climate and still retain a high quality of life.

Good luck!

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