Tips on moving an aquarium across the country

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Moving long distance is a taxing process – this is a well-known fact. Having to relocate your household to another state takes a lot of planning and good organizational skills. But regardless of how well-organized you may be, some parts of your household can prove to be quite complicated to move. Whether it’s because of their size or bulkiness, but some objects are just more difficult to move than others. And one of the household items that proved to give the most trouble to people moving long distance is an aquarium. So how can you make the process of moving an aquarium across the country a bit easier?

a fish tank representing moving an aquarium across the country
After deciding to move, you must figure out a way to relocate your aquarium properly

You’ll need to get hold of  suitable moving supplies

Before you even think about where, to begin with moving an aquarium across the country, you need to have enough moving supplies prepared. Moving a fish tank requires some prep-work and you need the right tools to do it right. So if you are missing one of our suggestions, it’s time to visit the local store and buy moving supplies. What will you need in order to move your aquarium across the country?

  • Net
  • Moving blankets
  • Moving boxes
  • 5-gallon buckets or cooler (you should make sure the containers have not been previously used)
  • A siphon hose
  • Plastic bags
  • Packing tape
  • Foam sheets
  • Paper padding
  • Bubble Wrap

If this list seems too long, don’t worry. Most of these supplies can be used for packing your other belongings as well. And some of them, such as the buckets, are necessary if you wish to move with your fish and aquarium properly.

Remove the fish before moving your aquarium across the country

Naturally, before you relocate your aquarium, you need to remove the fish from it. Before you do this, make sure you don’t feed the fish for at least 24 hours. Don’t worry, your fish will be just fine. Since you will be moving across the country, you cannot keep the fish inside a bag. This is an option for local moves that can be completed with the help of movers Boca Raton. But for a long distance relocation, your fish needs to be safe in a larger container. The best thing to do is to place them inside a 5-gallon bucket. Use the net (from your moving supplies checklist), scoop the fish from their aquarium and place them inside the bucket half-way filled with water. Place the lid on the bucket and make sure it stays closed.

a blue fish inside a fish tank
Your fish will be safe during the relocation if you place it inside a 5-gallon bucket.

Everything else needs to be removed from the aquarium as well

After you remove the fish, everything else from your aquarium also needs to go. Rocks, pebbles, lights, hoses – you need to remove everything. Wipe every item dry and carefully pack it. When moving locally using moving services of moving companies Davie FL you can ask for some packing tips from your movers. Since it makes no sense to transport an aquarium full of water, you need to drain all the water from. You want to do this using a siphon hose. Since your relocation is going to be across the country, there’s really no reason to keep the tank water. Once you settle in your new home, you’ll start with new treated water. Clean and wipe your aquarium and it’s ready to be packed.

Packing your aquarium for a cross-country relocation

If you own a small to a medium aquarium, you should have no problems packing it. All you need is an appropriate moving box and lots of cushioning material. Make sure you put a distinct label on the box, informing the movers that it contains a fragile aquarium. However, if your aquarium is a large one, you’ll most likely have problems finding the right-size moving box. Try using moving blankets instead. Wrap the whole thing in packing paper and bubble wrap and then use moving blankets. If you consider it necessary, you can fill the aquarium with pillows. If you find yourself overwhelmed by packing duties, you can always ask your movers for professional packing services.

  • your tank is likely much heavier than you think. Do not try to move it by yourself. If you haven’t already asked for help from a moving company, now may be the time to do so.
  • before its transport begins, make sure the aquarium is secured with straps and ropes.
a woman holding a large box
You’ll have trouble finding a suitable moving box if you have a large aquarium, but you can use moving blankets instead.

After moving an aquarium across the country, it is the first thing that should be unloaded from your moving truck

You don’t want to keep your fish away from their environment for too long. And moving across the country can take a while. So the best tip you can get is to unload your aquarium first after you relocate. Place it somewhere your fish can have enough sunlight. Needless to say, the new spot for your aquarium should be sturdy and safe. Put all the accessories (stones, gravel, pebbles) back in and then fill the aquarium back with water. Place your fish back inside the aquarium and voila! You have managed to successfully relocate your aquarium across the country!

As you can see, moving an aquarium across the country is a complex task that should be done with utmost care. But it isn’t an impossible one. This means that using the right tools and following all the necessary steps will enable you to relocate your fish tank with ease. Hopefully, your fish will enjoy their new home as much as you will. So just start from step one and you’ll have absolutely no problems moving your aquarium.


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