Tips on moving an aquarium across the country

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Moving long distances is a challenging process – this is a well-known fact. Relocating a household to another state takes a lot of planning and good organizational skills. But regardless of how well-organized you may be, some of your possessions can be quite complicated to move. Whether it’s because of their size or bulkiness, some objects are just more difficult to move than others. And one of the household items that proved to give the most trouble to people moving long distances is an aquarium. So how can you make the process of moving an aquarium across the country a bit easier? In order to get answers to all of these questions, make sure to hire one of the best moving companies in Miami to help you with the transport of your aquarium and your entire relocation.

1. Gather appropriate moving supplies

Before you even think about moving to another place, let alone moving an aquarium across the country, you need to prepare your moving supplies. Moving a fish tank requires detailed preparation and the right tools. Therefore, in case you are thinking about moving an aquarium across the country, it’s time to visit your local store and buy some moving boxes Miami stores offer and other necessary supplies. There are many things you might need in order to move your aquarium across the country. The best thing is that most of these supplies can be used for packing your other belongings, as well.

moving boxes when moving fish tank across the country
Prepare necessary packing materials

Make a list of items you will need

In order to be more organized and prepared, make sure to prepare a detailed list of the items you might need when relocating an aquarium across the country. One of the most essential items you need is definitely buckets. Some other items you might need are:

  • Net: You will need it to scoop your fish from the aquarium.
  • Moving blankets: You might need them if you have a massive aquarium.
  • Moving boxes: Apart from moving your aquarium, you will use them to transport all the other belongings.
  • Portable containers: To ensure that your fish are safe when moving an aquarium across the country, you can use 5-gallon buckets. Of course, make sure the containers have not been previously used.
  • A siphon hose: You will need it to drain the water from the container.
  • Plastic bags: Bear in mind that these might be a good alternative only when moving with small fish. Be advised to use portable containers in case you are not sure how to properly transport your fish using a plastic bag.

2. Hire professional movers

In case you are not sure where to get all these moving supplies, make sure to contact one of the best long distance movers Florida to help you when moving an aquarium across the country. Miami Movers For Less are truly aware of the difficulty of long-distance relocations. Therefore, they are dedicated to trying to handle every single aspect of your move. In that way, they want to make it much easier for you. In case you opt for handling the move with the help of experienced professionals, you will certainly have more time for yourself and your loved ones. Professional movers will quickly pack your belongings while taking good care of your sensitive them at the same time. This especially applies to transporting your precious aquarium.

movers carrying boxes
You will need the help of professionals

Save precious time by hiring experts

In case you didn’t know, hiring movers to help you relocate your aquarium might also extend or save the lives of your beloved pets. Namely, since getting the water ready for your fish takes a while, you want to make sure that your relocation doesn’t last too long. Moreover, after having changed their location, your fish will find it challenging to adjust to new circumstances. The entire relocation process is as stressful for your fish as it is for you. So, if you’re planning a long-distance move, you might want to consider getting professional moving assistance instead of handling it by yourself solely.

3. Make sure to follow all the steps correctly

When moving an aquarium across the country you need to be very cautious and well-prepared. Although it might seem easy at first glance, many things could go wrong during the relocation. In case you want to perform a DIY move, make sure to think about all the necessary steps. When moving an aquarium across the country, it is necessary to follow the steps in the right order. When moving your entire household, you might want to contact one of the best residential movers Miami to make your relocation smooth and easy. As it was mentioned, make sure to pay close attention to all the steps when moving your aquarium.

cleaning before moving an aquarium across the country
Take it step by step

Four steps when moving a fish tank across the country

  1. The first thing you will have to do is remove your fish from the aquarium. However, before you do this, bear in mind that the fish should not be fed for at least 24 hours. When it comes to moving locally, there is a possibility to keep your fish inside a plastic bag. However, in order to get the best advice and the best services, make sure to hire one of the best interstate moving companies Miami to ease your relocation. Apart from giving you some advice on relocating a fish tank across the country, they will provide you with all the moving supplies you need.
  2. After you have removed the fish, make sure to empty the entire container. First, you will need to drain the water from the aquarium. To do this, you might want to use a siphon hose.
  3. Once you have removed everything, make sure to remove all the remaining items from the tank.
  4. The last step would be to carefully prepare and pack the aquarium to get it ready for the move. Also, try to pack all the items separately and use wrapping material.

4. Proper packing is essential

Packing is usually one of the most tedious and difficult parts of each relocation. Moreover, when you need to move fragile items such as an aquarium, the whole process becomes even more difficult. If you own a small to a medium aquarium, you should have no problems packing it. All you need is an appropriate moving box and lots of cushioning material. However, if your aquarium is a large one, you’ll most likely have problems finding the right-size moving box. What you could do is try using moving blankets instead. If you consider it necessary, you can fill the aquarium with pillows. Moreover, make sure you put a distinct label on the box, informing the movers that it contains a fragile aquarium. The best idea would be to hire packing services Miami to assist you. In that way, you will avoid possible injuries and damage to your aquarium.

inside a fish tank before moving an aquarium across the country
Fish tank is a delicate items so make sure that you pack everything carefully

5. Pick a good spot for your aquarium

Unpacking your aquarium after you have moved is as important as the packing process. What you can do once you have moved in is to consider your new home’s layout as you choose a location for the tank. You cannot choose any location in your new home. It would be advisable to make sure the new space has enough direct sunlight. Also, you don’t want it to be too cramped. Needless to say, the new spot for your aquarium should be sturdy and safe. Put all the accessories (stones, gravel, pebbles) back in and then fill the aquarium back with water. Place your fish back inside the aquarium and voila! You have managed to successfully relocate your aquarium across the country! Of course, if you are not sure whether you can do it on your own, you can always hire interstate movers to assist you with unloading the tank and putting it in the right position.

6. When moving an aquarium across the country, unpacking is crucial, too

Once you have moved to your new location, make sure to unpack your aquarium properly. When relocating an aquarium across the country, make sure to follow certain advice in order to prepare your aquarium for your new home. It is a fact that you don’t want to keep your fish away from their environment for too long. Therefore, one of the most useful tips you can get is to unload your aquarium first after you relocate. Make sure to be extra careful when loading it. Moreover, avoid attempting to lift and load an aquarium by yourself as it is fragile and heavy. Furthermore, in case you have not decided to hire moving professionals, make sure that after putting the aquarium inside the moving equipment, you place it on a flat, level surface.

a man unpacking a box using a knife
The process of unpacking your aquarium is as important as the process of packing it.

Final thoughts

Although moving an aquarium across the country seems like a complex task that you should do with the utmost care, it definitely isn’t an impossible one. Moving a fish tank can sometimes be much simpler than you may imagine. Make sure to take care of your fish and their aquarium before, during, and after moving day. Moreover, using the right tools and following all the necessary steps will enable you to relocate your fish tank with ease. Moreover, hiring moving services Miami might make the whole process much easier and smoother. Detailed preparation is needed before you even start packing the aquarium. Once you have completed all the steps and unpacked your aquarium, you will be able to enjoy your life in your new home. Hopefully, your fish will enjoy their new home as much as you will.

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