Top Florida places to visit after moving

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After a long and stressful move what everyone needs is some time to relax. And is there a better place for that than the state of Florida? Of course, this is something best done after all of your moving responsibilities are done and is a crucial part if you want to settle in faster. So what are some of the best Florida places to visit after moving with the help of interstate moving companies Miami residents recommended to you?

Welcome to eternal summer!

Why are numerous individuals relocating to Florida? For the climate, of course! Having 200 or more sunshine-filled days each year, Florida presents newcomers with an extremely warm and sunny climate. Even with the sometimes hot and humid summers, Florida’s seasons are mostly gentle and warm. To the point that even during winter you won’t be needing more than a sweater. But the state offers so much more than the climate. Residents here don’t pay income tax! Making it one of the least burdensome states when it comes to tax.

One of the beautiful Florida places to visit after moving
There are many Florida places to visit after moving and all of them are worth seeing, especially the beaches

Florida is also home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches as well as attractions and festivals. As people from all over the world and other states employed residential movers Miami offers and moved here, the diversity of the state grew big. So influenced by people coming here, there are plenty of ways to witness cultural differences and diversity. Some of the best examples are food, cafes, architecture, clubs and so much more. And with all of that mixed together, it becomes hard to single out only one place. So among the many Florida places to visit after moving, here are the best: 

  • Miami
  • Boca Raton
  • Hallandale Beach
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Miami Beach
  • Jacksonville

Miami is on everyone’s list of Florida places to visit after moving!

The most famous and talked about location in the state of Florida is Miami. It is quite common to find Miami near the top of everyone’s list of the best Florida places to visit after moving. But why? Miami is one big cultural melting pot. Consisting of an enormous number of inhabitants from Cuba, Haiti, South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean. But even that’s not all as many Europeans, Asians, and Africans also find this destination appealing. Their art, cuisine, music, architecture, and other cultural elements are greatly mixed with the city’s essence. So is it really surprising that the local movers Miami residents recommend have their hands full?

A city on the sea shore
There is not one, but multiple cities located on some of the best beaches in the state

Miami is also loaded with amusement possibilities. The city is blossoming with a sensational art scene where you can see a broad assortment of theaters, museums, showrooms, and performing arts. For those interested to get active outdoors, Miami suggests numerous dense parks ideal for jogging, sports, working out, yoga, boating, and so much more. Also, some of the best Florida beaches to visit after moving are beaches like Lummus Park Beach, South Pointe Park Pier, Haulover Beach, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, and Surfside. One of the best things in Miami is the nightlife. So it has to be mentioned. Miami’s nightlife can rival any big city in the U.S. The city presents an outstanding choice of oceanfront clubs, live music venues, and dance locations to relish.

Boca Raton

Boca Raton is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the southern portion of Florida. Almost 100,000 individuals live in the city center. On top of that another 100,000 individuals live in the postal ZIP code exceeding the municipal borders. It is likewise the dwelling place of Florida Atlantic University. If that wasn’t enough the city functions as the corporate headquarters for multiple organizations like Tyco, Sensus Healthcare, TwinLab, Blue Gree Vacations, and many more. Multiple of the structures located in Boca Raton has a Spanish or Mediterranean architecture or feeling. The resort zone was originally motivated by Addison Mizner. He assisted to guide the initial structure and construction of the city.

Boca Raton architecture
You will be amazed by Boca Raton

You won’t encounter any billboards or posters inside the city. And there are unyielding development codes when it comes to commercial structures. When looking for moving companies Boca Raton citizens would recommend some of the best are tough to hire due to the number of people coming here. It is estimated that more than 1,000 new residents arrive in Boca Raton each year. But this place is also one of the best Florida places to visit after moving.

The homes are not piled on top of each other to develop cookie-cutter communities here. If you journey past the typical rush hour when conducting your chores then the time needed to finish them won’t be prolonged at all. You’ll find numerous hiking paths around the neighborhood that are ideal for a sunny day. Cycling trails are likewise functional, and this benefit comes together to deliver a lot of excitement for everyone.

Hallandale Beach

Among the top Florida places to visit after relocating is also Hallandale Beach. Hallandale Beach is one of the few locations in Florida that was formerly neglected. Nevertheless, when people uncovered its untouched beaches, dynamic culture, and thrilling food scene, it’s been a renowned goal for numerous individuals to live, work, and recreate. So it is quite normal that there will be many movers Hallandale Beach offers to those who wish to relocate here. The city has a wealthy history. Dating as early as the 1900s when it was established as a little resort town. Today, Hallandale Beach now is a prosperous neighborhood with over 30,000 residents.

The city is famous for its stunning beaches, splendid restaurants, and unusual stores. Over time it also developed a growing scene for arts and culture. There are also numerous galleries and museums in the city like Miami Sweet, Downtown Hollywood ArtWalk, Sher Gallery, as well as Hammerstein House, Crime Tours & Museum, and Oakland Park Selfie Museum. Hallandale Beach is also a grand place to live if you are someone that likes an active lifestyle. The city maintains two golf courses, a couple of tennis courts, and numeral parks and amusement establishments. There is likewise a growing number of wellness centers and fitness associations in the city. If you are skimming for a place to retire to or just desire to live in a gorgeous and lively neighborhood, then Hallandale Beach is an excellent location for you.

Fort Lauderdale

Miami is a pot where many different cultures and beliefs mix perfectly, Hallandale Beach is for more clam-loving affluent people, but who resides in Fort Lauderdale? When looking at its surroundings you will notice that some of the most expensive cities in the state are located around it. But even that doesn’t stop people from contacting movers in Fort Lauderdale. Why is that? Well first of all if you compare the home prices from here with any of the surrounding cities, you will be shocked at how affordable they are. The average rent for a three-bedroom home in Fort Lauderdale back in 2019 was around $2,250. That is the price of a somewhat nice one-bedroom flat in other prominent cities. Some settle with $600 per month, for a room in a 1,300-square-foot house.

  • Studio: $1,059
  • One-bedroom: $1,198
  • Two-bedroom: $1,510
  • Three-bedroom: $2,161
  • Four-bedroom: $2,614
City during a sunny day
Fort Lauderdale is one of the best Florida places to visit after moving

The best thing about this city, that everyone from a bigger one will agree on is its accessibility. With everything you need for a living crammed in a five-mile radius,  you won’t do a ton of harm to your car’s mileage. This way you can save up your gas funds for trips to Miami or nearby state parks like Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, for example. But this also means there won’t be any traffic jams! Which is quite a good thing for people that like riding in their cars. As well as for people using the local transportation. 

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a lengthy island in the Atlantic Ocean located east of downtown Miami. Well-known for its pearly sandy beachfront and non-stop nightlife, Miami Beach is an outstanding location to both visit and live. So it’s not the least surprising it’s also one of the best Florida places to visit after moving. But, before you fill your bags and call Miami Beach movers, there are naturally some things you should know. There are plenty of things for you to do here, although it is more catering to young adults and teens than anyone else.

A beach filled with people
Miami Beach is always filled with people

Some of the things you can do here are:

  • Paragliding- No matter if you are living in Miami Beach, or just visiting you can go paragliding. Take a long look from the sky at the beauty underneath you. With this, you can see the city from a completely new standpoint as you glide in the air.
  • Explore the wildlife- Take a trip to investigate the surrounding wildlife. This way you can witness some of the most mesmerizing animals up close and personal. You can actually feed a giraffe or a flamingo if you are not afraid! Not to mention some of the beaches here.
  • Day on the beach – One of the best things about Florida is the beaches. And Miami Beach doesn’t disappoint. Here you will find some of the most stunning beaches like Lummus Park Beach, South Beach South Pointe Beach, etc. And will be able to explore and enjoy them with your friends.


Jacksonville, a metropolis locally known as Jax. The city has a wealthy historical and cultural inheritance. Even though there is a thriving corporation neighborhood downtown, you’ll discover an abundance of locations with laid-back vibes, mesmerizing sights, fun outdoor activities, and appeals. Since 2003, Jacksonville has witnessed successive growth in its economy as well as the local residents’ number. Furthermore, it is the biggest city in the bordering U.S. by land area. That’s because all the regions of Duval County are regarded as part of Jacksonville, excluding some autonomous cities.

night in one of the best Florida places to visit after moving
Beautiful nights next to the sea are always a nice way to spend time

When people move to Florida they usually look forward to the weather but hate the living expenses. As the living costs here can be extremely high in certain areas.  But if you pick Jacksonville as one of the Florida places to visit after moving with Miami Movers For Less, you will notice that’s not entirely true. Here the costs of living are extremely affordable. Especially the accommodation part.

Cost of living in Jacksonville

For example, the average living cost for one person here is $1,860 while a family of four spends around $4,363 rent included. The median home value is $314K, while the average rent is $1,350 – significantly lower than the national average. And at the same time, the climate is great and the beaches are gorgeous. The best part is that no matter how big the city is it still has its small-town charm!

In conclusion

When looking at this beautiful state you will notice the abundance of opportunities. Both for you and your family members no matter their age. There are many Florida places to visit after moving with beautiful coastlines, sunsets, restaurants, people, places to go out, places to relax and so much more. All of that is available in one state, where the sun is shining brightly throughout the year. A true heaven for everyone.

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