What is the best season for your interstate move

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Moving to the neighboring city is complicated enough, but a cross-country relocation is on a whole different level. Regardless of whether you’re browsing for advice on a DIY move, or looking into interstate moving companies Miami, one thing is for sure. There are simply too many things to think through. Believe it or not, the time you pick for your relocation makes a huge difference in pulling off the move. But when is the best time to move? Choosing the best season for your interstate move depends entirely on you. That means that you will have to consider your funds, needs, and convenience. If you have the flexibility to choose the time when you move, just keep reading. With this guide, we’ll help you decide on the best season to move based on your situation.

What to aim for

  • Time of year. Roughly 62% of moves annually take place from May through September. This is when moving companies are in the highest demand, so do your best to avoid these months. Instead, try to move during the fall, winter, or early spring months like October through March.
  • Time of the month. Regardless of the season, planning to move mid-month makes the best period for your interstate move. Demand for these dates seems to be lower than the beginning and the end of the month, especially since leases typically start at these times.
  • Time of the week. When determining your relocation date, it’s best to choose to move during the Monday to Thursday window. People typically pick the weekend when they are off from work or school. So, do your best to avoid the days when the moving companies seem to be the busiest.
  • Time of the day. Have you hired a moving company for your long-distance move? Well, they will most likely arrive in the A.M., since early mornings have cooler weather. This will make it easier for the movers in respect of the physical labor it requires and the distance that the truck has to travel.

The best season for your interstate move based on weather

Spring and fall usually give the best weather conditions for you to push forward with your move across the country. During the winter, the low temps and ice on the roads can be dangerous for long-distance driving. Moreover, this season will require taking a lot more precautions, such as waterproofing your cardboard boxes. On the other hand, we have the scorching heat of the summer. This is something you should avoid, mainly if you live in a particularly hot area. So, if you can dodge the slippery roads and the harsh sun over your head, it might be best to choose the mild, light-jacket temperature of the fall and spring.

Fall season
The light-jacket temps are the best conditions for an interstate move.

The fittest time for the interstate move based on budget

For most folks looking to move home, the budget is one of the primary determinants. If you are looking to save money, you should opt for the late fall, winter months, or early spring. This is the time when most moving companies experience much less demand, and the prices are considerably lower. This goes for even those most reliable services, such as Miami Movers for Less. The price tag seems to rate the highest in the hot season, which is the main reason why many choose not to move during the summer months. Keep in mind that roughly 70% of all moves take place from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Therefore, if you’re looking to manage your budget, avoid the peak seasons such as this.

The popular season for an interstate move based on a flexible schedule

If you don’t want to run into problems with mover availability, the right move would be to choose the least favorite season to move. The majority of people relocate during the summer, as soon as May arrives. If you schedule your movers before that, you will have greater flexibility to pick your ideal moving date. Moreover, keep in mind that interstate moving trucks can hold multiple households in their vehicle at a time. Having to make more stops and deliveries suggests that it will take much longer before they reach your new residence.

Other important determinants

Do you have school-age children?

There is no question that every child is different, and each parent knows what is best for theirs. However, there’s one thing that all parents have in common. That would be the desire to make big changes, such as moving homes, as easy on their children as possible. Since relocating during the school year can be challenging for the children, many families opt for a summertime move. At the time, your kids will be on a school break, you will not be disturbing their progress, and they can start the new year in the new school. What is more, they will have time to adjust to their new surroundings before the next school year starts.

Do you want to be home for the holidays?

You can only worry about so many things at once, and it is vital to stay healthy during your relocation. In light of this, it is never a good idea to mix the moving stress with the holiday stress. Thankfully, good to know that you can control at least one to some extent. The great advantage of moving in the fall is that you will be settled in your new home for the holidays. By not moving during the peak holiday rush, you will also avoid some major headaches, such as fighting heavy traffic and higher moving costs.

holiday season
If you want to be settled in your new home by the time the holiday season arrives, you should opt for the late fall or early winter move.

Are you looking to sell your house?

The seasonal trends in the housing market are vital to grasp if looking to sell your home before you move. This varies from state to state, so make sure that you know when local market conditions are in your favor. Namely, most people in the United States looking to sell their homes consider summer to be the best season to move interstate. The reason? The spring and summer are the peak seasons for the home-selling market precisely because the most significant number of people choose to move during these times. They all have to move somewhere, right?

Are you looking to buy a new home?

Generally, the best time to buy a house is in late summer or early fall. This is because the peak home-selling season ends late summer. At that time, there is plenty of home choices on the market. But not as much competition as in the spring and summer. Shoppers are then more likely to get a bargain that suits their budget, as many sellers who did not earn a profit will be anxious to sell. Once you have scored a magnificent home for a lower price, you can plan your interstate move to take place in the fall.

Ultimately, it all comes down to you

Choose the best season for the interstate move based on your priorities.
Eventually, picking the best season for an interstate move depends on your unique situation.

As you can see, there is no such thing as an ideal interstate moving season. It all comes down to your preferences and your unique situation. Those trying to save money will opt for a late fall, winter, or early spring move. Those with weather preferences favor fall or spring months. Whereas people with school-age children most often choose a summertime move. But, based on this, you can see how this, seemingly minor detail, such as choosing the right season for your interstate move, can turn out to be a significant stress-saver. Provided that moving cross-country is anything but easy, take a minute to determine your biggest priorities.

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