Your New Beginning: 15 Top South Florida Cities for Your Move

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Imagine swapping your daily routine for sunrise beach walks, cultural festivals, and alfresco dining year-round. Welcome to South Florida, a wonderland where every day feels like a vacation! From cosmopolitan Miami to the tranquil enclaves of Weston, this guide highlights the top South Florida cities that offer more than just a change in latitude. Ready to make the move? Professional moving companies in Florida are geared up to turn your sun-drenched dreams into reality.

Miami: The Heart of South Florida

Welcome to Miami, the pulsating heart of South Florida. Nestled in Miami-Dade County, the city boasts a population of 435,919. Despite a slight decrease in population since 2020, Miami’s energy and cultural richness remain undiminished, making it an irresistible choice for new residents.

a view on one of the top South Florida cities
Miami is definitely one of the top South Florida cities

Savor the Beat of Miami’s Culture

Miami is more than just a city; it’s a vibrant tapestry of cultures and experiences. Stroll down South Beach to catch an impromptu salsa performance or amble through the Wynwood Walls to witness street art in action. Take in the architectural beauty along Ocean Drive or get a taste of Cuban culture in Little Havana. With local movers in Miami assisting you, you’ll soon be diving into this rich cultural milieu.

What’s the Miami Price Tag?

Making Miami your new home does come with its costs. The average household income stands at $79,886, contrasted by a relatively high poverty rate of 20.85%. Living here without rent could set a single person back by $1,009 monthly, while a family of four might spend around $3,243. If you’re eyeing real estate, the median home sale price is $580K. Looking to rent? Expect to shell out around $2,700 for a one-bedroom apartment, thanks to moving companies Miami Dade making your transition smooth.

Miami Beach: Sun, Sand, and Sophistication

Dive into the luxe life at Miami Beach, one of the top South Florida cities for sun, sand, and sophistication. With a current population of 77,424, this oceanfront paradise in Miami-Dade County remains a magnetic locale, even with its recent population dip.

beach in one of the top South Florida cities
Miami Beach offers some of the best beaches in South Florida

Miami Beach’s Oceanfront Luxury

Why settle for less when you can have the world at your doorstep? Miami Beach flaunts a high-octane lifestyle that few places can rival. Imagine living steps away from white sand beaches, upscale boutiques, and gourmet dining options. Thanks to reliable Miami Beach movers, you can quickly join the privileged residents enjoying this sun-soaked paradise.

Sunshine and Expenses

Living in this luxurious pocket of South Florida comes with its own set of financial considerations. The average household income here hovers around $116,145, while the cost of living sans rent is about $887 for an individual and $2,904 for a family of four. The real estate market offers homes at a median price of $515K, and if you’re looking to rent, anticipate a monthly cost of around $2,500 for a one-bedroom apartment.

Boca Raton: A Paradise for Families

Welcome to Boca Raton, one of the top South Florida cities perfect for families and those seeking an elevated lifestyle. Nestled in Palm Beach County, Boca Raton currently houses 94,885 residents who enjoy the city’s abundance of family-friendly amenities and luxurious living.

lighthouse in one of the top South Florida cities
Boca Raton is one of the best places for families and those seeking an elevated lifestyle

Family-Focused Amenities in Boca Raton

Dreaming of a city that puts family first? Look no further than Boca Raton! From 47 parks and five miles of tranquil beaches to two golf courses, the opportunities for outdoor fun are endless. Add to that the cultural richness showcased at places like the Boca Raton Museum of Art and Mizner Park Amphitheater. What else do you need? The good thing is that you can enjoy it all pretty quickly. Movers in Boca Raton are well-equipped to handle your family’s transition smoothly and efficiently.

Financing Your Boca Dream

If you’re looking to invest in one of the best South Florida places, Boca Raton stands out with an average household income of $142,967. The cost of living here is $774 for an individual and $2,552 for a family of four, excluding rent. While the housing market is far from cutthroat, with homes selling at a median price of $600K, you might want to budget around $2,350 for a 1-bedroom rental. If these prices don’t scare you, Palm Beach County movers will be glad to assist you with your move.

Coral Gables: Elegance Meets Culture

Coral Gables, affectionately known as “The City Beautiful”, is an exquisite blend of sophistication and cultural depth. Situated in Miami-Dade County, this gem offers the best of both worlds: luxury and a rich tapestry of cultural experiences. From upscale dining to a wide array of museums, Coral Gables stands as one of the top South Florida cities for those who appreciate a refined lifestyle.

street in one of the top South Florida cities
Coral Gables is known as “The City Beautiful”

The City Beautiful’s Rich Offerings

Imagine strolling down tree-lined boulevards or admiring ivy-covered mansions, landmarks like the renowned Biltmore Hotel, and the Venetian Pool from the 1920s. If these offerings make you consider a move to Coral Gables, expert moving services are available. Movers in Coral Gables can help you with the logistics, ensuring a smooth transition to your new residence in this delightful community.

A Costly but Classy Lifestyle

The high average household income of $182,975 is indicative of the elite lifestyle residents here enjoy. With individual cost of living at $893 and $2,926 for a family of four, without including rent, it’s clear that Coral Gables is geared towards the upscale life. If you’re pondering a move to join the ranks of this elegant city, consulting local movers in Florida for your transition could be an excellent first step, aiding you in making a seamless move to this haven of luxury.

Hallandale Beach: The Ideal Beachside Community

Nestled in Broward County, Hallandale Beach is a charming coastal city with a unique blend of natural beauty and urban convenience. Despite its decreasing population—currently at 40,833—the area continues to shine as an ideal beachside community for those wanting to experience Florida’s southern tip. It boasts a range of affordable amenities and is quickly becoming one of the top South Florida cities for people seeking a relaxed, seaside lifestyle.

panorama of one of the top South Florida cities
Hallandale Beach offers unique blend of natural beauty and urban convenience

Hallandale’s Coastline Charms

What sets Hallandale Beach apart is its incredible shoreline. South City Beach Park offers not only beach-access parking but also restrooms, outdoor showers, a playground for children, and sand volleyball courts. A stone’s throw away, North City Beach Park features the iconic Beach Ball Water Tower, perfect for photos. And for sea-loving adventurers, Hallandale Beach City Marina offers multiple options for boating. If, in the end, you decide to make this place your home, movers in Hallandale Beach can handle all the logistics to get you settled in this coastal paradise.

Your Wallet and the Waves

Living here doesn’t have to break the bank. The average household income in Hallandale Beach stands at $65,327, while the cost of living for one person is $840 and $2,756 for a family of four, excluding rent. The real estate market is not overly competitive, with homes selling for a median price of $360K. As of September 2023, a 1-bedroom apartment costs an average of $2,200 to rent, which is a 16% increase compared to last year.

Sunny Isles Beach: A Waterfront Wonderland

Located in Miami-Dade County, Sunny Isles Beach is a slice of waterfront paradise. Although its population has slightly declined to 21,753, it remains one of the top South Florida places for opulent living. The small land area of just 1 square mile hosts a dense community enamored with high-end luxury and scenic ocean views. The city offers a lifestyle that balances vibrant commercial avenues with peaceful, sandy stretches.

Sunny Isles Beach
If you are looking for high-end luxury and scenic ocean views, Sunny Isles Beach is the place for you

High-Rise Luxury in Sunny Isles

Skyrocketing luxury defines Sunny Isles Beach. Boasting high-rise condos with panoramic ocean views, the city is a real estate dream come true. For shopping enthusiasts, the nearby Aventura Mall presents a world-class experience. Offering everything from luxury brands to designer boutiques, it’s a shopper’s haven. Interested in water sports? Jet skiing, parasailing, and paddleboarding are among the popular options here. Planning to relocate? Movers in Sunny Isles Beach specialize in ensuring a seamless transition into this high-rise paradise.

A Sunny but Spendy Locale

Living in Sunny Isles Beach is undoubtedly lavish but comes at a price. The average household income hovers around $94,850, while the cost of living without rent stands at $840 for an individual and $2,756 for a family of four. The housing market? Not very competitive. Homes sold for a median price of $775K last month, with average rents for a 1-bedroom apartment decreasing to $2,600. Yet, its prestigious lifestyle keeps it on the list of finest South Florida cities.

Fort Lauderdale: The Venice of America

Nestled in Broward County, Fort Lauderdale is a gem that blends scenic beauty with metropolitan allure. Known as the “Venice of America“, this city boasts a population of 179,447 and remains a hot spot among the top South Florida cities. Despite a slight decline in population, its cultural richness and picturesque canals make it a coveted destination for those seeking a balanced lifestyle.

street in Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale is the Venice of America

Boating and Beyond in Fort Lauderdale

If your interests lie in boating, arts, or culture, Fort Lauderdale is your ideal location. The city is synonymous with picturesque beaches and artistic expression. Stroll down Las Olas Boulevard for some retail therapy or gourmet dining. Alternatively, hop on a gondola for a romantic journey through the city’s intricate canals. Movers in Fort Lauderdale are well-versed in helping newcomers settle into this aquatic utopia, making your transition both smooth and efficient.

Canals and Costs

Fort Lauderdale offers an enviable lifestyle, but it comes at a cost. A family of four could expect to spend around $2,724 per month, exclusive of rent. Speaking of housing, the market is stable but not particularly competitive, with homes selling for a median price of $515K. A 1-bedroom apartment could set you back $2,100 monthly. However, with an average household income of $108,644, it maintains its status among the top South Florida cities. For those contemplating a move, Broward County movers offer expert services to guide you through the financial aspects and logistics of relocating.

Hollywood, FL: Where Fun Meets Lifestyle

Situated in Broward County, Hollywood FL boasts a vibrant atmosphere that harmoniously melds recreation with daily life. With a current population of 150,989, the city is experiencing slight declines but remains a compelling choice among the best South Florida cities. If you want to help the city turn things around in the sense of population numbers, movers in Hollywood FL can help you become part of this dynamic community.

beach in Hollywood
Hollywood has some of the best beaches in this part of Florida

Hollywood’s Boulevard of Dreams

When it comes to entertainment and attractions, Hollywood doesn’t disappoint. From the Hollywood Beach Theatre, situated just 0.8 miles away, to the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, there’s never a dull moment. Don’t miss the Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum or the Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts. Whether it’s arts, culture, or nature at Anne Kolb, Hollywood is a city that keeps both its residents and tourists engaged and entertained.

Life’s a Beach, but What’s the Catch?

Yes, life is a beach in Hollywood, but living here has its costs. For a family of four, expect to spend around $2,769 per month, not including rent. On the housing front, homes take approximately 63 days to sell, with a median sale price of $487K. One-bedroom apartments currently average $2,000 in rent, showing an 18% year-over-year increase. Despite the costs, Hollywood remains a top destination among South Florida cities, offering a lifestyle that many aspire to.

Coral Springs: Family-Friendly Living

Located in Broward County, Coral Springs is a haven for families seeking top-notch amenities and a community-focused lifestyle. With a 2023 population of 130,445, the city has experienced a small decline in numbers, yet it remains one of the top South Florida cities for quality of life. Offering a robust mix of parks, schools, and neighborhoods, Coral Springs movers can help you settle into this vibrant community known for its family-friendly charm and diverse offerings.

women doing yoga in one of the top south Florida cities
Enjoy diverse offerings in Coral Springs

Top-Rated Schools and Parks

One of Coral Springs’ highlights is its education and recreational facilities. High-quality schools and various athletic programs make it ideal for families with children. Additionally, the city is abundant with parks that offer a wide range of activities. The community even extends its appeal to art and culture enthusiasts, offering attractions like the Coral Springs Center for the Arts. Furthermore, you’re never far from other exciting South Florida destinations like Parkland, Coconut Creek, and Boca Raton. This connectivity adds to its allure, defying the misconception that the city is “in the middle of NOWHERE.”

Making Sense of the Dollars

Living in Coral Springs isn’t just about enjoying its amenities; it also involves understanding the costs. The average monthly expenditure for a family of four is around $2,901, excluding rent. Speaking of housing, expect a somewhat competitive market, with homes selling in about 47 days on average. The median home sale price stands at $575K, and 1-bedroom apartment rents for an average of $1,750 per month. While these figures point to a higher cost of living, the community, quality of life, and location make Coral Springs a worthwhile investment among the most popular South Florida cities.

Pompano Beach: A Hidden Gem

Pompano Beach, set within Broward County, is a vibrant city that has a lot to offer while maintaining its small-town charm. Despite a population decrease to 110,122 in 2023, it remains a must-visit spot among the top South Florida cities. With a mix of natural beauty and urban convenience, it’s an attractive option for anyone looking to relocate. Movers in Pompano Beach FL can assist you in becoming part of this bustling city known for its picturesque beaches and a wealth of aquatic activities.

beach volleyball
Marinas, coral reefs, and beaches are just some of the things that you can enjoy in Pompano Beach

Dive into Pompano Beach’s Underwater Wonders

Nestled in the heart of Florida’s Gold Coast, Pompano Beach is a paradise for divers and marine enthusiasts. The city offers an array of marinas and features an offshore coral reef teeming with life. Additionally, several wreck sites beckon the adventurous. Positioned midway between Miami and Palm Beach, it stands as a prime location for water-based activities. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a beginner, the underwater world of Pompano Beach offers something for everyone, reinforcing its reputation as one of the best South Florida cities for marine exploration.

Affordable Beach Living? Almost.

When considering the cost of living in Pompano Beach, you’ll find it to be relatively moderate. The monthly expenses for a family of four, not including rent, would be around $2,649. Homes typically receive two offers and sell in approximately 55 days. As for housing costs, the median home sale price was $359K last month, while the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment stands at $1,763. Although the city has seen some fluctuations in its housing market, its offering of beachside living at a somewhat accessible price point makes it an attractive destination among the top South Florida cities.

Davie, FL: A Blend of Urban and Rural

Situated in Broward County, Davie, with a 2023 population of 103,553, distinguishes itself as one of the finest South Florida cities. Known for its unique blend of urban amenities and rural landscapes, it’s a city that manages to offer the best of both worlds to its residents.

street in Davie
Here, you can find a unique blend of urban amenities and rural landscapes

Davie’s Equestrian Excellence

One of Davie’s standout features is its dedication to equestrian culture. With tranquil walking and equestrian trails, this city stands as a peaceful retreat for horse enthusiasts. From riding schools to expansive pastures, Davie is an equine hub that provides unique experiences for residents and visitors alike. If you’re considering a move here, movers in Davie FL can help you transition stress-free into this equestrian-friendly community.

Suburban Comfort, City Prices

Living in Davie offers suburban comfort, but it comes with city-like prices. The average cost of living for a family of four is approximately $2,654, excluding rent. Meanwhile, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is $1,850. Homes here are somewhat competitive, receiving about four offers on average and selling in around 41 days. Despite higher living costs, the robust amenities and unique lifestyle make Davie a compelling choice for many.

Plantation: Suburban Comfort

Nestled in Broward County, Plantation is a growing community with a 2023 population of 95,054. This suburban haven boasts a mix of family-friendly amenities and a comfortable lifestyle, making it an attractive choice for those looking to settle down in a quiet yet thriving part of Florida.

house in suburbs
If you are interested in suburbs, check out Plantation

Peaceful Parks and Top-Tier Schools

Plantation stands out for its variety of recreational spaces and educational institutions. From Plantation Heritage Park to specialized festivals, outdoor enthusiasts have a lot to explore. For families, the city offers top-tier schools that contribute to a supportive educational environment. And for those who decide to move, professional movers in Plantation FL are available.

Living Costs in Green Spaces

While Plantation offers an array of green spaces and quality amenities, living here comes with its own financial considerations. The average cost of living for a family of four is around $2,671, excluding rent. The housing market is competitive, with homes receiving around two offers and selling in about 48 days. Despite a slight dip in home prices, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment stands at $2,011, reflecting the city’s desirability.

Aventura: Luxury Living

Aventura, located in Miami-Dade County, is the epitome of upscale living. Despite its declining population—currently at 37,745—the city continues to attract those who seek a life of luxury and comfort. With an average household income of $118,007, the city’s residents reflect its opulent lifestyle.

beach in Aventura
Aventura can provide you with a life of luxury and comfort

High-End Shopping and Dining

Aventura offers a variety of upscale amenities that perfectly complement its luxurious vibe. The Aventura Mall, for instance, is a shopping haven boasting high-end brands and chic eateries. Oleta River State Park and Greynolds Park offer a balance of nature and recreation. If you’re contemplating a move here, find a professional moving company in Aventura that can assist you in transitioning into this life of extravagance.

Sky-High Living Costs

Living in Aventura is not for the faint of heart when it comes to finances. The average cost of living for an individual is around $857 and jumps to $2,808 for a family of four, not including rent. The housing market has seen a decline but remains expensive, with a median home price of $445K. Rental costs are also steep, averaging $2,485 for a 1-bedroom apartment, confirming that luxury comes at a price here.

Pembroke Pines: Diverse and Dynamic

Located in Broward County, Pembroke Pines is a vibrant city with a diverse population. Although its numbers are in slight decline, currently standing at 166,255, the city offers a rich cultural milieu and numerous attractions. With an average household income of $91,907, Pembroke Pines is both diverse and dynamic.

house in Pembroke Pines
Pembroke Pines is known for its beautiful weather, thriving community, and abundant amenities

A Melting Pot of Cultures

Pembroke Pines is a cultural oasis that boasts a wealth of amenities. From the scenic C.B. Smith Park to the bustling Shops at Pembroke Gardens, this city offers a bit of everything. If you’re considering a move to this multicultural locale, local movers in Pembroke Pines can facilitate a smooth transition. Then, you will be able to properly enjoy attractions that cater to a variety of tastes and cultures.

A Wallet-Friendly Lifestyle?

The cost of living in Pembroke Pines varies depending on your lifestyle. The average cost for an individual stands at $834, and for a family of four, it is $2,523, not including rent. Housing costs have seen fluctuations, with the median home price currently at $448K. Rent for a 1-bedroom apartment averages around $1,875. While the city offers a range of amenities, it’s essential to budget carefully to enjoy all that Pembroke Pines has to offer.

Weston: The Perfect Family Haven

Situated in Broward County, Weston is a gem of a city ideal for families. Despite a slight dip in population to 66,097, the city exudes suburban charm with an average household income of $167,116, making it a high-earning community.

sunset in Weston
Suburban charm and family-friendly living – that is Weston

Safe Streets, Great Schools

The city of Weston is synonymous with family-friendly living. Attractions like Emerald Estates Park and Peace Mound Park provide ample recreational opportunities. If a move to Weston is on your horizon, local Weston movers are available to assist. Renowned for its safe streets and top-notch schools, this city sets the standard for family-oriented communities in South Florida.

Premium Living, Premium Costs

Weston offers a high quality of life but comes with a price tag to match. The average cost of living for a family of four is $2,917 without rent, and the median home sale price was $725K last month. Rent averages around $2,100 for a 1-bedroom apartment. For those who can afford it, Weston provides a premium suburban experience.

Conclusion: The Top South Florida Cities Summarized

Whether it’s the equestrian grace of Davie, the suburban comfort of Plantation, the luxury of Aventura, the cultural diversity of Pembroke Pines, or the family haven that is Weston, each of these top South Florida cities offers a unique, vibrant life for newcomers. They each provide a distinct set of amenities and lifestyle options that cater to various needs, making them standout choices for anyone considering a move to South Florida.

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