3 unusual things to do in Miami

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The first association to Miami is usually the fact that it’s an amazing touristic destination. And it is, don’t get us wrong. But Miami is also an amazing place to live! Miami has beautiful beaches, eternal sunshine, parties, good food, etc. But that’s not all, as it can be a great permanent location. If you ask movers Miami for advice, you will be convinced that Miami is extraordinary in every way. So, sit back and enjoy this guide on some unusual things to do in Miami, and don’t forget to add them to your bucket list!

Miami – the city of sunshine and opportunities

Miami, known officially as the City of Miami is located in southeastern Florida in The United States. It’s a very large city, with a population of more than 460,000 people after the census in 2020. The metropolitan area of which Miami is a part of, Miami-Dade County, is the eighth-largest in the country.

We all know how beautiful this city is. The eternal sunshine plays a very big role in that. With warm winters and hot summers, Miami is a perfect city for beach lovers. If you’re craving to live in a place where the sun shines 365 days per year, you’re in the right place. Call residential movers Miami to get started right away.

a child playing on a beach in miami
Enjoy the fun days at the beach with your family!

There are too many beautiful beaches in Miami that people tend to forget that the city is a leader in many economic departments. Miami has the third-largest skyline in the US, with over 300 huge buildings. And in those buildings, business is booming. Miami leads in finance, arts, culture, commerce, international trade, etc. It was ranked 7th place in the United States and 31st in the world in business, human capital, dealing with politics, providing multicultural experiences, and exchanging information. When it comes to purchasing power, Miami is the 3rd richest city in the world. The Greater Downtown Miami is a place with the largest number of international banks in America. Besides banks, Miami hosts many international and national companies.

Another very important trait of this city is its diversity. It has the nickname “Capital of Latin America” for a reason. More than 70% of Miami’s residents are Hispanic. Other than that, Miami is home to the Asian and African-American population as well as many more.

If this wasn’t convincing enough for you to move to this beautiful city, we’ve got a list of some unusual things to do in Miami. Get ready to pack your bags, or even better, boxes. And you won’t even have to look too far for them with the best moving boxes Miami.

3 unusual things to do in Miami

Unusual water sports

As mentioned before, Miami has a lot of beaches. That can mean only one thing – water sports! But not just any sports… We offer a list of some activities which you can rarely find anywhere but in Miami. If this sounds interesting, make sure to call local movers Florida and start your journey today!

  • Explore the waters with your own jet ski. You can rent your own jet ski and have full control over the speed. It’s a perfect opportunity to see the Miami skyline at your own pace.
a jet ski ride as one of the unusual things to do in miami
Have some fun on a weekend afternoon on a jet ski!
  • Everglades National Park offers an airboat ride. We don’t get many opportunities to explore the wildlife in their natural habitats. Here, you can see the different animal species which occupy the swamps and maybe even meet some alligators!
  • Discover the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary. Like a true underwater museum, this sanctuary is a perfect place to feast your eyes. You can snorkel in the cleanest water and meet many tropical fish and of course, enjoy the beauty of coral reefs. Don’t forget to bring your underwater camera!
  • Flyboard to the sky. Flyboarding is as close to flying as you can get. It’s just as amazing as it sounds.
  • The most exciting boat ride. Yes, that’s right. You can experience a crazy boat ride with your friends full of adrenaline and thrills. Just look for people having the best time ever in a big yellow boat, you will know you’re in the right place.
  • Experience transparent kayaking. The Jupiter Region of Miami has some amazing scenery to offer. And there isn’t a better way to experience that than in a transparent kayak. You can enjoy a full hour of all the sea life and without getting a drop of water on yourself!
  • Have a chance to swim with turtles. Boynton Beach offers a unique opportunity to swim with loggerhead turtles, and of course, with many more animals waiting for some company!

Amazing air “sports”

If this doesn’t make you want to experience Miami for yourself, there’s more. It also has an array of different air activities. What better way to see the whole city than to be a few miles above ground?

A ride in a helicopter is one option. You can sit back, and enjoy a professional pilot taking you on a tour of Miami’s most iconic sights. From South Beach, Biscayne Bay to Downtown Miami, take in the smooth ride as you glide over the sea.

a ride in a helicopter as one of the unusual things to do in miami
Use the opportunity to see the whole of Miami from above.

On the other hand, if you want more control, you can ride a shotgun in a plane! A seaplane tour that covers all the best scenery of this amazing city. A panorama in real life!

Unusual museums

Besides water activities, planes and helicopters, there are other unusual things to do in Miami. And museums are some of them. The Museum of Contemporary Art also serves as a concert venue, as it offers free outdoor jazz concerts each last Friday of the month!

Also, if you’re a fan of Van Gogh, you will have the chance to actually step into one of his paintings! Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience is a virtual reality exhibition that offers a glimpse further into the painter’s mind.

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