3 valuable home office relocation tips to share with your friends

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We all know there’s an ongoing pandemic and the world as we know it has changed. So has the way companies are doing business. Many people started, and still are, working from home. If you are a Miami local, and you are moving, this means your home office needs to be moved to your new location as well. If you are looking for some good home office relocation tips, you’re in the right place! For professional help, check out movers Miami to take the majority of the office-moving burden off your back.

Our top 3 home office relocation tips

Firstly, let’s go over our most valuable tips for making moving a home office simpler :

  1.  Make a detailed plan of your home office relocation
  2. Try to get rid of any extra burden 
  3. Design your new office ahead of time

This article will go more into detail about these steps and how to achieve an easy, stress-free home office relocation.

man using his laptop to search for home office relocation tips
These tips will come in handy when moving your working space into a new home

Make a detailed plan for your home office relocation

Before you approach the actual moving date, make a detailed plan for your home office relocation. Plan the time you will need to pack everything, whether or not you will hire commercial movers, make checklists for what you need to pack.  A useful tip when moving your home office from or to Miami is to hire commercial movers. Professionals will handle your work equipment in just the right manner so you’ll avoid damaging your belongings or losing your data. One of the most important details when moving your home office is to not forget to backup everything on your computer, laptop, tablet, etc. That’s why planning ahead and making a perfect packing checklist so you don’t forget anything important.

Try to get rid of any extra burden

Let’s clarify what we mean by “burden”. Think of anything you have just lying around in your office that you don’t really use anymore. This could be old files, documents, books, or even furniture. 

Files, documents

When we talk about to valuable home office moving tips, this would be a perfect example of one. If you have some old files and documents which you are certain you won’t need in the future, you don’t need to drag them with you to your new office. But don’t simply throw them in the garbage, since they could have some important information written on them about your or some of your client’s company. Paper shredders can be found at affordable prices, or you can also use the following tricks:

  • soak your redundant paperwork in some water. This will turn it into mush so it will be impossible to get any information from it.
  • if you have a fireplace, burn the files and documents you no longer need.
  • If you have a woodchipper, there’s no reason why you can’t throw your paperwork in there and chop it up.


When it comes to books, on the other hand, you don’t want to throw them. It’s a shame to throw a book if someone else might enjoy it. If you have some books you don’t need anymore, consider finding them another home so you can avoid dragging them with you. You do want to avoid any extra weight when moving to avoid additional expenses. See if any of your friends would like some of your books, or try selling them online. You can also donate them to your local library, surely it will be appreciated.

a bunch of old books is not ideal when moving your home office
Important home office relocation tips- get rid of old books you don’t need anymore


Think about the furniture in your home office in Miami, do you absolutely need everything? Is there anything you’ve been wanting to replace? This is an important question, since bulky and heavy pieces of furniture can significantly increase the price of your move. Make sure to do your math ahead of time, since sometimes it is cheaper to simply buy another desk for example, than to move your old one to your new location. Take a look at moving quotes Miami for an estimate, so you can compare if it pays off to move your bulky shelf or desk to your new home office. This is a perfect opportunity for your Miami home office to get a brand new look!

Design your new office ahead of time

You got a new job in Miami and you’ll be working from home? Congratulations! Another tip for moving your home office is to think about how your office will fit into your new home. You want to have a design of your new home office before you actually move. This way, you will save valuable time. Think about the space organization in your new home, where the furniture you currently have fits. Also, think about your potential new furniture, new carpet, curtains, and your chair. If you design the look of your new office ahead of time, it will be much easier and faster to just put everything together once you are settled in your new Miami home. In case you hired commercial movers Miami your belongings will be neatly packed and easy to unpack and set everything back up.

old home office setup may differ from the setup in your new home
If you want to get a new desk for your home office, this is the perfect chance

Home office relocation tips – let’s revise

After reading our top 3 most valuable home office relocation tips, hopefully, you have a clearer idea of how to manage the move. Planning the relocation in advance and making a checklist of what and when to pack will make your life easier once the actual moving date has approached. Also, getting rid of any old files and documents will lighten your load when moving. Consider donating or giving old books to your friends. Make sure to carefully pack the books you decide to keep. Also, if you’ve had a certain desk on your wish list this is the perfect time to get it and get rid of your old one. Think about your new home office design in advance, so you can set it up once you’ve moved without wasting any time. Good luck!

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