How to maximize the space inside your storage unit in Florida

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Storage units are a great solution for any space-related problems. You don’t have space in your home because of too much clutter you don’t want to get rid of? Rent a storage unit. You are moving and need a place to temporarily stash your items? Storage unit. There are many scenarios in which a storage unit can come in handy. If you are moving with some moving companies in Floridasoon, you are probably considering renting a storage unit. Apart from maybe not knowing which size to get, you may also wonder how to maximize the space inside your storage unit in Florida. We will teach you how to get the most out of the square footage that you rented.

Tips on how to maximize the space inside your storage in Florida

The majority of people stack up boxes in their unit and call it a day. While proper stacking helps you utilize the space, there are certainly better ways to do it. There is also a better way to move, which is to hire some moving services Florida. To maximize the space inside your storage unit in Florida, you will have to invest some time, but it will be worth it. Some ways to do it are by:

  • Installing shelves
  • Hanging items on the ceiling
  • Using the same sized boxes
shelves with books
Walls can also be used to maximize space

Install Shelves

When you get to your storage Miami unit, you will most likely start putting items on the floor. You will soon find out that floor space runs out quickly. Shelves are a great way to utilize the walls as space as well. Apart from giving you a more organized approach, your items will also be above the ground, where they can get dirty.

Hang items

The ceiling might be the last thing you will pay attention to when looking to maximize any space. A storage unit is supposed to keep items safe, not look aesthetically pleasing, right? What prevents you from hanging items from the ceiling as well? This will be most useful in a unit with a high ceiling. S hooks and cords can be used to hang items of unusual shapes, like bikes for example. Just keep in mind that you also need to be able to access the items that are underneath, when the need arises.

Use boxes of the same size

It can be tempting to use just any box size when packing for a move with some residential movers Flroida The same applies when packing items for a storage unit. If you want to stack the boxes on top of each other, different-sized boxes won’t guarantee much stability. Same-sized boxes will give you a much more stable box tower.

carton boxes
Same sized boxes are easier to stack

Conclusion on how to maximize the space inside your storage unit in Florida

It is normal that if you invested money in hiring a storage unit, you will also want to maximize the space inside your storage unit in Florida. While it certainly can be done, you also cannot expect to fit a ridiculous amount of items in a small room, no matter what tips you use. For that reason, declutter as much as you can and get a storage unit that is the right size. Good luck!

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